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Prepping 101 The Ultimate Quick Start Crash Course: An Introduction to Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and How to Start Prepping for Beginners

by Steve Rayder

Prepping 101 The Ultimate Quick Start Crash Course – An Introduction to Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and How to Start Prepping for Beginners

Are you interested in getting started in the Survival and Disaster Preparedness world but aren’t sure where to begin? Well, in this short, information packed book Steve Rayder condenses down the things he has learned over his many years in the Prepping community to give you a fantastic quick start guide.

Your first concerns should be water, food, shelter, security and communication. All of which, Steve will be covering in this book and much more. He talks about the potential threats we face, before covering the very basics in a very simplistic way so that you can get started from day one. He also covers the benefits and drawbacks of bugging out and bugging in, so that you can make an informed decision about what the best course of action is for you and your family.

Steve also talks about home defense, everyday carry items, self-defense and grid down communications. So with all of this fantastic information condensed down into a short, easy to read book written in Steve’s distinctive style, this really is a great book to get you started in the world of Prepping.

Complete Survival Guide: Essentials You Need To Know To Survive: Shelter, Food, Traps, Survival Knots and Medicine at The Wilderness

by Benjamin Travis

Complete Survival Guide:

Essentials You Need To Know To Survive: Shelter, Food, Traps, Survival Knots and Medicine at The Wilderness


Mountain Man Skills:

Proven Lessons of Hunting, Woodworking and Trapping

The mountains are a magical kind of place and can bring out the true wild man in all of us. This book, along with teaching fundamentals of survival, focusses on three main areas of mountain man expertiseâ??hunting, woodworking, and trapping. Here you will learn how you can hunt and fish, build complex structures with your bare hands, and lay out ingenious traps. These are well thought out and proven lessons taken straight from the mountains. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get this book so you can hone those mountain man skills!


Survival Medicine:

The Guide to First Aid and Survival Medical Emergencies to Stay Alive

This very book is committed to instruct and set up those people who look to ensure the prosperity of their companions, and particularly their families. On the off chance that you can assimilate and appreciate all the data here, at that point you may have a higher survival chance amid a shutdown situation. Besides, you’ll acquire a sensible point of view of medicinal issues which you can get by without the need of current foundations, for example, healing centers.
Utilizing the book, we’re planning to give you key and significant knowledge as to touch base with alternatives that could build your odds of treating sicknesses and wounds.
Every one of the details and knowledge written in this book is fundamentally committed for use amid a dystopian situation when high-innovation instruments and gear are not any more accessible. For example, your leg got broken, it wouldn’t suggest that a brace made out of two sticks would improve the situation in an expert orthopedic treatment. Henceforth, a portion of the tips and strategies here won’t be the most strong methods for treating specific restorative issues. They generally follow with the logic that something is in reality superior to nothing by any stretch of the imagination.
Then again, on the off chance that we never confront a long haul survival setting, this very book will even now be justified regardless of your exertion and cost since it contains heaps of principal knowledge and in addition critical tips amid minor crises. The data gave in this book may be important while in a state where nobody can help you “for the interim”. Indeed, even a smidgen of restorative knowledge, you could increase some time for a harmed companion, or family, and help their recuperation.



Learn Essential Bush Craft Survival Skills

The bush can be a rough place so you need to make sure that you are prepared to handle the rigors that you may face. This book goes through every aspect of bush country and equips you with what you need to succeed.
Taking you through tried and true tutorials of such basics as how to build a campfire, how to set animal traps, and how to forage for foodâ??this book takes you through every possible aspect of bush craft.


The Knots Book:

27+ Most Practical Rope Knots

Knotting has been around for quite some time. When you hear people speak of knots in regard to their camping trips and other such excursions, there is a lot that you can learn. And with a little time and effort, the practice of knotting can quickly transform from dull and boring, to rich and rewarding. And as you read this book you will learn all about the skills and tactics that can make knot making such an enriching experience.

Douglas Lake – Sketches

by Dr. Eric M. Howe

A series of short essays about the natural environment of Douglas Lake, set within the northern woods of Michigan.

Laufen, Laufen für Anfänger, Abnehmen durch tägliches Laufen, joggen, Meditation, Motivation: Aufbruch in ein neues Leben (German Edition)

by Stefan Springfeld

Täglich laufen

Aufbruch in ein neues Leben

Laufen als Sport und Meditation zugleich!

Ein tolles Ziel!

Laufen ist der Durchbruch zum Glück!

Wer durch diesen hindurchschlüpft, wird tolle Glücksmomente erleben,- wird ein ganz anderes Lebensgefühl bekommen�

willst Du auch endlich dein Leben verändern?
einfach ein anderes Lebensgefühl bekommen.
willst Du auch endlich deinen inneren Schweinehund überwinden lernen?

Achtung, völlig neu überarbeiteter und erweiterter Inhalt!!!

Dieses Buch gibt dir Antworten auf folgende Fragen:

  • Laufreflex
  • Grenzpuls
  • Lauftechnik
  • Lauftechnik-Ã?bungen
  • Laufschuhe
  • Gefühle beim Laufen
  • Berglaufen
  • Meditation
  • und vieles mehr!

hol Dir jetzt dieses Buch für ein neues Leben!

das tägliche Laufen kann wirklich dein leben verändern!

jetzt übrigens endlich auch als Taschenbuch verfügbar!!

Lese auf deinem PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet oder Kindle Gerät.
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100% â??Geld Zurück” Garantie:
Wenn Du mit dieser Investition nicht zufrieden bist, dann kannst Du dieses Buch innerhalb von 7 Tagen an Amazon zurückgeben und erhältst dein Geld zurück.

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Judo Champion: For Judo Coaches, Judo Parents, and Judo Players

by Rhadi Ferguson

The goal and desire to become an Olympian, a National Champion, a Youth Olympian, a Junior World Champion, a Senior World Champion, s State Champion or to just achieve your black belt in the sport of judo requires a few things. One, it requires that you have goals, and not just any goals, but the right set of goals. It also requires that you have desire. So many parents, coaches, students and clients that I’ve have over the years had the right amount of desire but just did not know how to harness that desire and which goals and milestones to pursue at the right time. Becoming a champion is just like making a cake. A little too much or one thing, or too much or another, or a missing ingredient can throw off the entire desired outcome.

And while this book is about becoming a champion, it’s not just about medals. Medals are nice, but they don’t make you a champion — medals make you a medalist. How you govern yourself and the they way you go about your career and life as a martial artist is what will make you a champion.

This book is to give you, the reader, an opportunity for success in the sport without having to bump your head against the wall. This guide was made to provide you with direction, focus, goals and an behavioral diet for success in the sport of judo. This book was written in an easy to read and easy to digest format so that coaches, parents, players and enthusiasts may enjoy it and glean a great deal of edification from it. Please enjoy, The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Judo Champion.

Dry River: Flyfishing Tales

by Paul Hogan

A collection of eight essays by an engaging storyteller covering such diverse topics as fishing, wildlife, art, evolutionary history, the places in New Zealand and Europe he has visited and the characters he meets along the way.

Fly fishing has an extraordinary appeal that almost warrants being described as an obsession for many people. This can be difficult to grasp for those who have not themselves been bitten by the bug. Paul Hogan is one such obsessive but this book is not intended to be of interest exclusively by others with the same outlook. It is instead intended for readers who may not be fly fishermen but who have broad general interests and who might be curious to know what all the fuss is about.

The book is an eBook version of the hardback edition of Dry River published in 2015 and is illustrated with a series of watercolour paintings both by the author and by the acclaimed artist and writer James Prosek. The hardback version is also available on Amazon through the publisher Coch-y-Bonddu Books.

The author has a keen eye for the nuances of his subjects and writes in a style that is at once humorous, philosophical and perceptive and, as a biology teacher, he has an informed eye for his natural surroundings and makes interesting and relevant observations on the fish, the waters, and wildlife.

About the Author:
An enthusiastic blogger (, many of Paul’s articles have been published in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine and he was featured on Spanish National Television fly fishing on his local Andalucían rivers.

The Ultimate Judo Success Secret

by Rhadi Ferguson

FINALLY! A Book that explains the keys to winning and being successful in the sport without all of the extra BS! The Ultimate Judo Success Secret addresses the major problems and issues at play when it comes to being successful at the sport and martial art of Judo. So many people focus on perfect technique, more randori, strength & conditioning, nagekomi, newaza, and many other things that really are not the keys when it comes to unlocking your success in Judo. Harvard professor and Yale-trained psychologist, Herbert Kelman, wrote the seminal research on social conformity. And in his research he explains what he calls normative conformity where a person fits in with the group in order to be accepted. This principle of conformity has assassinated more successful judo careers than any type of injury you can imagine. Such thinking, has caused you to act like the wrong group of judoka. Think about it. It is those who are in the minority who we should emulate, not those in the majority, we should conform to. Conformity is why most judo players never reach success in their sport.

This book, The Ultimate Judo Success Secret, will not only hand you the keys to unlock the unbridled potential in your judo carrier no matter if you are a coach, athlete or parent. This book will provide you with the information that you need to be successful in judo and to be honest with you, most champions know this secret but they just do not share it with you.

Accurate Thinking For Coaches And Grapplers: Accurate Thinking: The Insiders’ Secrets To Increased Productivity On and Off The Mat

by Rhadi Ferguson

Accurate Thinking For Coaches and Grapplers is a book that will allow you to align your personal behaviors on and off the mat with your thoughts about success. As competitors and coaches we understand that the currencies for success on the mat which are accepted in order to achieve a spot on the medal stand are sweat, blood, tears, sacrifice and repetition. And with this in mind we also know that the one thing that is a huge hurdle to many people making this payment for success is their belief in what they are doing and their accurate assessment in what they are doing. Iron sharpens iron and athletes are sharpened by other athletes, competition and coaches. And coaches are sharpened by other coaches, athletes, parents and mentors. And parents are sharpened by the child rearing process. And all individuals must have someone or something that makes them sharp and keeps them sharp. However, most people do not want to be openly, clearly and freely critiqued with the honesty that it takes to be the best nor are most willing to look at their current situation accurately and honestly in terms of why success is not within their grasp or reach.

In Accurate Thinking for Coaches and Grapplers, what you have is an opportunity to sharpen yourself. You have an opportunity to look inside of the mind of a 2004 Olympian, a 4-Time National Judo Champion, a NCAA Division 1 Wrestler, a veteran of the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships, a World Championship Coach for Team USA at the 2009 Grappling World Champions, a silver medalist at the Mundials (Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships), a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and former strength and conditioning coach for BJJ Phenoms Keenan Cornelius and JT Torres.

This book is a great chance to better yourself and a moment to invest in a cognitive sharpening stone which you may utilize to rub against your current thought processes that will sharpen you and allow you to become a better coach, parent and/or athlete. Accurate Thinking does not have all the answers, but it does have some and some very good question that you will ask yourself upon it’s completion. Please take your time and enjoy… ACCURATE THINKING: FOR COACHES AND GRAPPLERS.

The Gold Medal Strategies of Emotional Regulation And Behavioral Excellence: How Elite Athletes Beat Performance Anxiety and Nervousness

by Rhadi Ferguson

This book matters because at the top level of sport, winners win because they refuse to lose. More often than not, you have to agree to lose before you lose. Before you slow down in a race, you have to make a conscious effort to decrease your stride frequency and lessen your gait. The champions are the ones that can push through the hurt, through the pain, through the minor inconveniences and circumstances that are presented, and find a way to win. The champions find a way to love the pain instead of hating it.

It is my desire in this particular text to share with you what I have learned over the years as an elite athlete, as a three-sport Division 1 collegiate athlete, a 4-Time National Judo Champion, a Brazilian jiujutsu world championship medalist, a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, a world class submission wrestler and a 2004 Olympian. Being focused and being attentive during competition and training sessions is extremely hard to do. If it were easy, coaches, trainers and sports psychologists wouldn’t spend so much time on getting athletes to “focus.”

I know for a fact that during the day, I had a lot of things going on in my mind when I was competing. I was thinking about my wife, training, paying bills, making sure my dietary needs were being met, among other day-to-day worries. When itâ?²s time for training, sometimes I found it very difficult to get into the zone: that place where youâ?²re moving fast, but everything else is moving slow. Logically I knew if I donâ?²t train in that zone during practice then I wouldnâ?²t be able to find it during competition.

In life there are very few times when things comes down to a one-time, hit or miss experience. As simple as I am going to make this sound, it is the truth. The key, for athletic success, is to put all of your intensity, all of your focus, and all of your attention on the “hit” part of the equation and do not even mentally entertain the “miss” part.

Let’s just admit it. Weâ?²ve all watched Olympians in awe and respect.

We try to picture and fathom the hours of training that these elite athletes must have endured to achieve the skill level required to put on such great performances. We also wonder how focused these athletes must be to compete with little to no outward anxiety. Most of us would find the extreme performance pressure of high-level competition completely debilitating. (And just so that you are awareâ?¦ this pressure has ruined many-a-people. Being one of the best in the world is not only about your talent. It’s also about your ability to performâ?¦. under an extreme amount of pressureâ?¦ OFTEN.)

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