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Infiltrator: A George Mitchell World War II Book

by Bryan D. Wolf

World War Two comes to home shores.

Book two of the George Mitchell series sees our hero at home, battling against the forces of Germany and its sympathisers.

He must stop them taking British technology and using it against the allies.

Will he find out who’s invovled and stop them in time?

Find out now, get Infiltrator today.

Note; This book is written in British English

The Boys of Seelow: The Hitler Youth

by Joel Connealy

“The year is 1939 and the lives of seven friends growing up in Seelow Germany are about to change dramatically. Adolf Hitler, leader of Germany, has promised to resurrect the Fatherland and provide work for every willing German. The talk around the dinner table every night is filled with hope about the glorious age promised for their homeland.

Through the eyes of Blaz Senft, The Boys of Seelow chronicles the lives of seven German boys as they progress through the Hitler Youth program and into the German military. As the war turns against the Reich, they find themselves in a battle for their lives, their friendship, and their country’s destiny while the enemy draws ever closer to Germany’s borders.”

Code Name Mélisse (Secret Warfare & Counter-terrorism Operations Book 41)

by George M James

This is a special book to me because for the first time in the GMJ Series I explain more about my late wife. From this book, I added something in every GMJ Novel, intentionally right at the end, a dedication: “I wrote this book for you, my wife. Actually, all of them with their hidden codes and your â??M’ on all the covers between my own initials. I had to keep busy or go insane after the machines were switched off – my final act of love to release you to the care of God, our Father. I started writing the GMJ Series. Three weeks, Honey, that is how long a GMJ Novel takes no matter how long or short. Just more than two weeks to write, a few days to rehearse, and then the editor gets them to make them readable, enjoyable. Real authors say that it cannot be done, it is impossible to write that fast. What do they know? We did so, 41 times in a row now and another three under my real name in between. When will it come to an end, I am asked. How long is a rope, I reply with a shrug, I never wanted to be an author or a widower. Truth to be told, Melissa, I don’t know the answer except to say that not one book was worth your life. I would give all I have to be with you again, even give up writing but what is required is my life. I see the irony, Sweetie, the price cannot be negotiated but you are not laughing with me when I say such things, you look angry, and so, I keep on writing.” GMJ to his late wife on finalising Code Name Mélisse.”
In Code Name Mélisse, we carry on testing a new concept in counter-terrorism, the use of large military gliders to silently approach a terrorist nest. The glider concept must be demonstrated operationally and is. I show you how a joint force of current Special Forces members and spies from different nations work together. I also went out of my way to show the planning behind a raid. The shooting part is the boring part to me, it is getting to that point and the lads and lasses home again that interested me more during my own time in the shadows. That is where the military art lays, not the shooting. I further wanted to highlight how vulnerable US Military personnel and or CIA operatives are in this theatre. They can be taken out without difficulty and the time is rapidly approaching that that too will come. Thus, in this book, a CIA Predator drone is attacked and a Jesuit priest, working for the CIA, behind the attack on Angelique Dawson in Code Name GSSP-40 confronted. His birth right as an American will not save him and that is perhaps the lesson in this book to take with you, don’t ever think that your US passport or UK will protect you. See this book as a warning, not anti-American, it is blunt reality facing those that are here without an invitation. Then, the first fifty pages are about the 2018 Putin new generation weapon disclosures and the Skripal poisoning incident.
Description: South African spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson and her team are combining with Mossad, DGSE (French spies) and MI6 teams to prove that a large military glider can be used effectively in counter-terrorism operations. They must attack a recently discovered terrorist compound in Malawi, snatch a terrorist leader and do so at night, withdrawing across Lake Malawi to Mozambique before sunrise. Angelique is as usual not explaining much to her future husband and former Police Special Forces Company Commander, Geoffrey Foxtrot, the narrator, trying to keep her safe. There are other shenanigans ongoing, the destruction of a CIA operated Predator drone as well as ambushing a rogue element inside the CIA that tried to murder Angelique the previous week during Code Name GSSP-40. Worryingly, she does not have the usual towing aircraft for the military glider and is forced to use an ageing Super Frelon helicopter, never used before in this role. Such complications will not stop Angelique Dawson, a superb combat pilot, she will do what is necessary no matter what. Code Name Mélisse is the 41st book of the GMJ Series.

They Sang Louder: A Holocaust Story

by Richard Griffin

Cold and cramped, Arno found himself riding in a closed boxcar on one of Himmler’s death trains. He hadn’t thought beyond the killing part of his plan. He deviated only slightly. His inexperience in trying to help a friend was a subversive act. Perhaps, if he had left the country sooner he would be on a different train. Now, there would be no way to help his father. In the camps he and his father would experience firsthand the insanity of the new German State which would devour even its own citizens to achieve its goals.
Arno was only ten years old living in Nuremberg when Hitler came to power. Though his family was Lutheran, he learned quickly about anti-Semitism growing up in the heart of Nazism. He witnessed the rallies, deportations, the Kristallnacht pogrom and Himmler’s death trains. When his father was sentenced to Dachau by a revenge seeking Nazi blockleiter, Arno planned his revenge. He joined the Hitler Youth and later the SD, the intelligence arm of the SS. There Arno’s subversive activities would cause him to be imprisoned in Buchenwald, where his own life would hang in the balance between the brutality of the SS and Allied air raids.
This is a tale of life, death, love and survival in a nation gone mad focused on two things; power and the annihilation of an entire race of people. We know from film, photographs and documents that Nazi concentration camps were horrible, cruel and inhuman. Those images and accounts, however, are oftentimes void of the individual brutality and utter lack of sensitivity to human suffering that occurred beyond the range of cameras. They Sang Louder reveals in story form some of those incidents we don’t hear about, as viewed and experienced through the eyes a young boy and his family. These were German citizens dangerously struggling to live normal lives in a country they loved, yet secretly opposed to Hitler and his Nazi regime.

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