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The Trials of the Core (Guardian of the Core Book 1)

by Michael Thies

As Edwyrd Eska approaches his two-hundredth year as Guardian of the Core, he must find an apprentice to train under him. His title and role compel him to safeguard and govern his universe, Gladonus, as each Guardian before him has done and those after him shall continue to do until relieved of such duties by will of the Ancients. Prince Hydro Paen, Eirek Mourse, and Zain Berreseâ??amongst other contestantsâ??receive invitations to compete in a quest of Trials intended to determine who will become Eska’s apprentice. An old adage goes: “The toughest trials test you truest” – and these events challenge their fortitude through tenuous partnerships, intellectual rivalries, and battles of weapons’ mastery. Along the way, each contestant must attempt to overcome personal demons that haunt them. In this tale of ideal dreams and lucid aspirations, these competitors find theirs threatened by deceit, betrayal, sabotageâ??and even fleshâ??as all become vital to successâ?¦

Meg Mitchell & The Secret of the Journal (The Legend of the Lightkeepers Book 1)

by Kimberly McNeil

Stories never end. They just get bigger.

You only have to turn the page.

Meg Mitchell lives in a castle, but she’s no wilting princess. Raised in an alien world by adoptive parents, she spends her time fighting Centaurs, training as an Andai warrior, and chilling in her favorite willow tree.

But when Meg uncovers her birth father’s journal, she discovers a cousin she didn’t know existed. Meg and her little brother and sister travel through an interdimensional rip to San Francisco to search for their cousin, setting off a chain of events no one could have foreseen.

When her sister is kidnapped, Meg enlists the help of teenage detective Barb Taylor and her genius little brother Jim. Following clues dropped by a mysterious benefactor, they embark on a cross-country adventure to rescue her sister and find Meg’s cousin.

Family is everything to Meg, but not all is as it seems. In her quest to reunite her family, she may lose more than she ever imagined.

The Children of Malakh

by J.T. Seevers

Erkki Lahja, a kind hearted boy from a crumbling family in a crumbling neighborhood, tries his best just to move through life and protect his friends in the bright summer of 1975. He also seems to be the only one oblivious to the fantastic chain of events that unfold miraculously around him. A chain that wraps around him tighter and tighter pulling him deeper into the world of mobsters, dirty cops, and madmen.
Erkki’s social worker is convinced he’s schizophrenic, his new foster guardian has come to believe he’s a prophet, the man who calls himself the law wants his head on a pike, and poor troubled Erkki just wants to go home and be left alone.
Unfortunately for Erkki, that’s never going to happen as he has a decision to make which may very well mean the salvation or condemnation of all mankind. A decision of which forces beyond earth will stop at nothing to influence. An answer to a question which is far and away beyond little Erkki’s ability to understand, but one which only he can resolve in the end.
The Children of Malakh is a story about innocents and bravery in the face of utter evil, the relationship of two boys who’s “unbreakable” bond is continuously put to the test, and a very special child with a very special heritage who guards a powerful secret deep within his luminous soul.

Black Wolf (Black Wolf Series Book 1)

by J. E. Martin

Fifteen years ago, Grace witnessed a shocking event that changed her life forever. Ripped from her home and stripped of her memories, she has forged a new life and left the forgotten past behind.

Then, a deadly attack drops Grace into a universe of magic where men turn to wolves and vampires are all too real. The encounter puts her face to face with Lathan Black – a man she believed existed only in her dreams.

When a plot to overthrown Lathan’s pack is uncovered, and Grace finds herself at the center, she chooses to enter his world and stand by his side. But falling in love with Lathan is the easy part. Joining his pack means Grace must fulfill an extraordinary destiny she has never prepared for.

Will she have the strength and courage to accept her fate and fight for true love?

Dive into this electrifying world of magic today!

The Black Wolf Series features strong female leads, hot men with occasional alpha tendencies, a warm and loving pack environment, LGBTQ characters, steamy hot sex scenes, and a humorous tone.

Books One through Four available now!

El Secreto de la Guardiana (Spanish Edition)

by Mónica Prádanos

«La historia engancha desde la primera hasta la última página..»


«¿Que si me ha gustado? ¡¡ME HA ENCANTADO!!, si bien la historia tiene mucha información referente al nombre de los lugares o de las criaturas que hay involucradas, está narrada de manera muy interesante, cada capítulo está lleno de acción, para aquellos que son fans del romance, pues déjenme les digo que también encontraran un poco de eso entre Lianne y Eleth»



SINOPSIS: Extrañas catástrofes naturales amenazan la vida de quienes Lianne juró proteger. Tras ellas se esconde una venganza planeada durante largo tiempo, herencia de los recuerdos de una época convulsa. Junto a su compañero Eleth, la joven Guardiana buscará la solución, pero cada vez le resulta más complicado ocultarle su secreto. Porque Lianne no es una hechicera común, es un vínculo o, como se los llama desde aquella época de traiciones y violencia, una controlamentes. Ahora que el pasado vuelve a estar muy presente, el descubrimiento de ese secreto podría conllevar su destrucción. Y quizá, también, la salvación de otros como ella.

Adéntrate en un mundo donde la magia fluye por doquier y descubre junto a sus personajes que hechos que sucedieron muchos años atrás no desaparecen del todo. Las ruinas, el odio y la desconfianza continúan presentes y pueden estallar en cualquier momento.



LA AUTORA: Mónica Prádanos nació en Palencia el año 1990. Empezó a escribir durante su infancia, pero no fue hasta la terminación de sus estudios de magisterio que se dedicó a la escritura de forma más constante. Desde entonces ha pasado por varios cursos de escritura creativa y ha publicado sus relatos «La maldición de Eslianer» y «Solo mi padre me quiere» en la III y IV antologías de relato fantástico de la Editorial Fantasía.

Además de escribir, publica en su web tanto algunos de sus textos como reseñas de los libros que lee, biografías de autores y otros artículos de información variada. También ha empezado un canal de YouTube donde, además de opiniones y experiencias, aporta consejos para escritores noveles. Ha participado en varios programas de literatura de radios locales y actualmente forma parte del grupo de escritura Esprosados, de Palencia.

Aunque su formato preferido es el de novela, también cultiva el relato, microrrelato y nanorrelato. Escribe tanto para adultos como para jóvenes y niños. Se dedica sobre todo a las historias de fantasía y ciencia ficción, siendo también de su interés la literatura histórica y la narrativa. Además, tiene especial predilección por la cultura japonesa. Entre sus referentes literarios se encuentran Tolkien, Michael Ende, Laura Gallego, Ursula K. Le Guin, R. A. Salvatore y J. K. Rowling.


DIRE : BORN (The Dire Saga Book 1)

by Andrew Seiple

No memory, no resources, no secret lair, and no time to find her feet; this is the story of a self-made villain, and her fall into strife. Fleeing from unknown enemies and an early death, she emerges into a city gone dark in the aftermath of a complete systems failure. Hounded by heroes, menaced by gangs, and helped by the most unlikely of allies, she claws her way up from weakness to strength and works to build a better future for those who deserve it.

To survive, she’ll need strength to stand toe-to-toe against secretly supernatural foes, compassion to work with the dregs and outcasts of a broken society, and cunning to outwit intelligences beyond human ken.

The challenge is great… but she is Dire.

And Icon City will never be the same again.

This is the first novel from the “Tales from the Teslaverse” project.

The Glass Vampire

by David Page

June 12th, 2012: A government agency known as “The Department” announces the existence of vampires to the world while simultaneously stripping them of their preternatural abilities. Left at the mercy of humanity, they swiftly become third class citizens with limited rights and no recourse.

Until that fateful day, Richard Colchester had enjoyed 1000 years of vampiric immortality and unrivaled power. Now, after languishing for four years in a government internment camp, he is free again but the world he knew is gone. Forced to rely on the good will of an angry population, he leads a pathetic existence living in a small apartment and working any jobs he can find. But if his long life has taught him anything, it is that nothing ever stays the same.

And with his freedom comes the chance to reclaim what he has scarified. At the center of this search lies the secret of how he lost his humanity and to whomâ?¦

Annabelle the Apprentice

by MK O

Annabelle’s only goal in life is to become a witch. When her Master feels she is not progressing, he sets her a simple task to prove she is worth training. The task proves to be less than simple. Thieves, the dead, a witch, maybe even a dragon, these are some of the things that Annabelle finds in her path. Read along if this intrigues you. Besides where else are you going to read about a gun toting, knife wielding, 14 year old (probably) witch (apprentice).

Shadow World Trilogy Boxed Set: Uniquely Unwelcome, Blood Burdens, Sacrifice: A New Dawn

by Brandy Nacole

I must dare to be different in a world where I’m unwelcome in order to save the one person left in my life, my half-sister Addie.
This deluxe boxed set contains the complete Bestselling Shadow World Trilogy (Uniquely Unwelcome, Blood Burdens, and Sacrifice: A New Dawn).
Enjoy the thrill as power is pushed to its limit, hearts are broken, and some pay the ultimate price as Racquel fights an ancient evil that is determined to make the Earth bleed, and Racquel with it.

Cold Run (The Rick Keller Project Book 1)

by Rachel Brune

It is amazing how quickly a phone call can interrupt your life, even when you’re a werewolf. Rick Keller hangs up from the unwanted call, but the shadowy organization he once belonged to doesn’t take such an answer lightly. Waking up collared and caged by MONIKER is a quick way to learn retirement isn’t always permanent. Death will be if he doesn’t accept their assignment.

Keller and his new team follow a group of human traffickers on a thin trail across the globe. Their only hope is in a man who hasn’t had much practice being a werewolf in a really long time, a sadistic agent who loves making dog jokes, and a beautiful operative who is better with guns than relationships.
If being forced back into service wasn’t bad enough, he quickly discovers they have many new experiments to try out on their pet wolf. Even worse, MONIKER now isn’t the only one who knows his secret.

Hopefully an old dog can learn some new tricks, especially if he wants to stay alive.

Recommended for mature audiences 18+

Silver’s Bane (Living Dead Book 1)

by Ashli and Trisha Edwards

Four-hundred-year-old vampire, Juliana Bristow, had living, while actually being dead, all figured out. That is, until he came along.

In this epic supernatural series, Jules the vampire meets Luca the werewolf and her whole world is turned upside-down. In this Romeo and Juliet romance, a centuries-old feud separates the species. However, despite the odds being against them, a real love is born. Is new love strong enough to defeat prejudice and hate? Or will her coven and his pack tear them apart?

The multi-perspective design and unique ensemble of diverse characters offers a look at the real-world issues of prejudice and the power of love in an exciting, supernatural setting! The twists and turns create a fast-paced romantic adventure that just might be hard to put down.

If you love vampires, werewolves, and witches that are grounded by real-world issues and emotions, this series is for you!

Delve into this supernatural Romeo and Juliet today!

AGELESS: (The Eerie Chronicles, Book 1)

by S. Ghali

A beautiful lie is better than living with an awful truthâ?¦

Evelyn Whitmore, nearly seventeen-year-old, always knew that her extraordinary abilities of creating life from her skin and much more, will also be her undoing.

But still, she lived the illusion of an ordinary life in Cleaven Hill, England, where she could love her family, enjoy her powers in the confined space of her attic, stop her best friend April from getting into trouble and be secretly in love with the beautiful Connor Bright for the rest of her life.

Until a deadly curse had decided otherwise. Unknowingly, Evelyn is the last of a long lineage of female Whitmores who mysteriously die on their seventeenth birthdays.

When death comes knocking for her, she miraculously survives her fate and breaks the curse, but she also discovers that cheating Death comes with a terrible priceâ?¦

Content Advisory: This dark fantasy novel contains elements of horror genre, violence and cutting

Anna Darling

by Angela Hall-Averre

It happened several years ago now. My name is Anna Hall and I am the High Priestess of the Briar Glen Covenant of Earth Magic. We are white witches and I’m going to tell you a story. It will make you question your reality and the appearance of things and people around you. I was shocked when an angel and a demon appeared and shook our small community to its core. It was at the end of September and all through October that the town came alive, alive with spirits from the underworld. And my coven sent the demons back to Hell. That is, all except for one.

Lexia (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 1)

by Rachel M Raithby

Drawn into a world she thought impossible, Lexia’s innocent night of partying leaves her dazed, confused and asking questions she’s not sure she wishes to know the answers to.
Attacked by vampires, Lexia’s ability to defend herself triggers events she can’t escape. Before long, she struggles to keep up a façade around her friends and family.
Then, there is Lincoln. Finding herself irresistibly drawn to him, Lexia senses he desires something more dangerous than a simple romance. Lincoln has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever.

A story of love, loss, and, betrayal, Lexia and Lincoln’s lives will never be the same again.

***NOTE this book has undergone a re-edit and NEW COVER***

*This book contains some harsh language and sex scenes*

The Wizard Merlin

by Emrys Apollo

A young mage and a band of knights journey across the land to certain death, meeting a mysterious stranger, Lance, along the way.  As Merlin fights to protect his friends and fulfill his destiny as the destroyer of darkness, he struggles with his growing feeling for Lance, and finds himself torn between duty and his feelings.  But when a mysterious power grows inside of Lance, the pair find themselves forced together just to survive. 

Can Merlin ascend to wizardhood, or will his lifelong quest come to a dark end?

Magically Bound: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Hunted Witch Agency Book 1)

by Rachel Medhurst

Witch, Warlock, Whateverâ?¦

My name’s Devon Jinx, and, yes, I’m half warlock, half witch. But I couldn’t care less about which kind of magic is better. All I want to do is keep my head down and get on with my new job as an investigator at the Hunted Witch Agency.

A recent, shall we say, mistake, has put me in place to inherit the leadership of the warlocks. Which means only one thing. I have a choice to make: Leave behind my life of witchery to become a warlock, or lose my warlock magic forever.

Complicating my choice is the fact that someone is trying to destroy the warlock coven. If I don’t stop them, the warlocks will be annihilated. The task seems impossible until Gerard Freshwater, a distractingly handsome witch, explodes into my life. He’s determined to make me see that being a witch isn’t just the best option, but the only option.

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