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The Yankee Way: The Blueprint that Created America

by Troy Tyson

How did America become great? How did this country become the most successful, powerful, and prosperous nation in the history of the world? Was it because of the nation’s unprecedented founding documents? Was it due to the scores of immigrants from all over the world who brought their dreams and talents to America’s shores? Or did America become great, as some contend, through racism, theft, and genocide?

Author Troy Tyson proposes a unique argument as to the origins of American greatness: that the country’s unparalleled success is a result not of its founding documents, nor its celebrated openness to people of all backgrounds, nor of genocidal tyranny. Rather, The Yankee Way asserts that the nation’s great power and success stem primarily from the traits of a comparatively small, peculiar ethnic group from New England known as the Yankees. These traits, which include morality, industriousness, respect for law and order, commitment to education, and dedication to traditional family values, were developed first by the early Puritans of New England, then passed down to their Yankee descendants, who finally embedded them into the cultural DNA of the United States.

The Yankee Way explores, in fascinating detail, the history of the Yankees, and the process by which they created modern America and instilled within it their distinct cultural characteristics. Further, though, the book serves as a warning to Americans as to what the future might hold, as the nation rapidly moves away from this critical cultural inheritance, and leaves The Yankee Way behind.

Nullification: Reclaiming Consent of the Governed (The Wilson Files Book 2)

by Clyde Wilson

In this second installment of The Wilson Files, we collect some of Dr. Wilson’s most sagacious writings on the topic of nullification and the unenumerated rights reserved to the several sovereign States that comprise the confederation known as the United States of America.

For half a century historian Clyde Wilson has been writing about what he calls “our lost and stolen heritage of states’ rights.” As Dr. Donald Livingston, founder of the Abbeville Institute, has remarked of current devolutionary strategies, “Clyde Wilson had been plowing the ground long before any of us came to plant.”

Excerpts from Nullification: Reclaiming the Consent of the Governed:

“The cause of states’ rights is the cause of liberty; they rise or fall together. . . . We know the problems. Where should we look for solutions? . . . . Thomas Jefferson gives us the answer: our most ancient and best tradition, states’ rights: รข??the support of the State governments in all their rights, as the most competent administrations for our domestic concerns and the surest bulwarks against anti-republican tendencies’ . . . . Some of the Founders hoped that the division of legislative, executive, and judicial power in the general government would help. . . . these checks and balances do not work. They ceased to work a long time ago. There is no serious conflict of power among the federal branches. The acts of all of them are directed toward checking the people of the States. . . . States’ rights are historically sound, constitutionally sound, ethically sound, and sound from the point of view of democracy. Where they fall short is simply in the realm of political will and agenda. . . . if we are to speak of curbing the central power, the States are what we have got. They exist. They are historical, political, cultural realities, the indestructible bottom line of the American system. It would be a shame if, in this world-historical time of devolution, Americans did not look back to an ancient and honourable tradition that lies readily at hand.”

Ancient Secrets: Easter Island And Pompeii 2 Box Set

by Cheryl Leonard

The city of flourishing Pompeii was buried for posterity in a time capsule with the tragic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It is the world’s largest preserved archaeological and excavations site revealing details of its citizens, their daily lives, discoveries into their culture and the cataclysmic eruption. In Chile, the world’s most isolated island, Easter Island, is renowned for its gigantic megalithic stone statues called Moai. The Polynesian settlers developed a prosperous culture and society, which declined, and ultimately collapsed, according to many popular theories relevant to its downfall. This 2 Box Set includes my individual books, “Easter Island The Mystical “Stone Giants,” and “Pompeii Frozen In Time The Tragic Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius,” addresses these two ancient civilizations, their backgrounds, cultures, discoveries, that participate in their historical destruction.

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