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MILKSHAKES ON THE FIRM!!!: A Business Comedy Novel (The Audit Firm Book 1)

by N.Earl Davidson

EMERGENCY! Everything is going wrong from start to finish in this world of “Super 5 accounting firms” where titles matter more than real names. Staff 2 is frantically getting ready for the most important meeting of his career! Less than an hour before the Audit Planning Event (APE) starts, Staff 2 is surprised by over 50 comments from Senior Manager (SM) who finally reviewed the agenda and presentation slides earlier that morning. Manager and the rest of the team are on their way while Partner is late as always.

After a very dysfunctional Audit Planning Event (APE), the Barney & Olsen (BO) team is introduced to the client. The Semi-Urban Communities (SUC) finance team is a motley crew of highly incompetent accountants who can’t decide whom they hate more – Staff 2 and the rest of the auditors or their legal department.

Join Staff 2, Manager, and the rest of the team as they experience fresh BO, audit overages, bad sushi and more downstairs in the “Audit Cave”. When an unlikely character joins the team and Staff 2 makes a hilarious mistake, the team is fortuitously given the approval to go buy MILKSHAKES ON THE FIRM!!! whenever they discover an accounting error at SUC. With the way things are going, Partner should have simply offered to buy an ice cream shop.

MILKSHAKES ON THE FIRM!!! is quickly becoming a rallying cry for anyone having a rough time in the corporate world. Laugh out loud over and over again as you fly through this entertaining and easy read!

“Get yourself MILKSHAKES ON THE FIRM!!! today!” – N. Earl

Corrupt Carols

by Patch Jingle

A fun collection of Grinchworthy parodies of many popular Christmas carols. Contains adult themes.

The Book of Eddy

by James Burke

The Orange Julius Ceasar is trying to destroy the world. Eddy, a self-proclaimed messiah, to the rescue.

Christmas Mall Follies

by Pat Hester

Long Lines! Huge Crowds! Bad Service! They can all be yours. In a desperate search for “The Christmas Spirit”, Patrick agrees to spend the day doing one of his least favorite activities: shopping at the local mall. There, he will attempt to find the best that this holiday season has to offer including peace, love, and good cheer. Unfortunately, he must first endure a bizarre series of incidents involving walruses, fish sticks, and music made in the 80’s. Is he strong enough to survive this challenge? Will he find what he is looking for? And more importantly, will he ever find his car?

Guerra De Gigantes (Spanish Edition)

by Daniel Estefan Berrio

Después de naufragar, cuatro individuos llegan a una isla donde las personas son diminutas, y donde ellos son gigantes para los isleños. Debido a que las personitas de la isla son ingenuas, y los atiende de maravilla, Lopo, el gigante más grande, convence a sus amigos de quedarse para gobernar y regir sobre la isla. Pero las cosas se complican por las manipulaciones de Lopo, y su sed de poder, desatando conflictos entre los gigantes y las personitas, ocasionando que la paz y la harmonía que había en lugar desaparezca. Una lucha por el poder se desata, y solo los más astutos ganaran la guerra.

The Earth Crisis: The Demise of Earth and Inter-Planetary Migration to �sfaïre

by S Ramesh

“The estimated figure was off by more than fifty percent?!” InŪra was incredulous. “How is that even possible?”

“InŪra, dear colleague, these are the same people who denied the existence of climate change even as sea levels were rising and polar icecaps were melting before their very own eyes. Suffice it to say, empirical analysis is not their strongest suit.” ThÄ?mmus supplied unhelpfully.

It’s 2163, and a climate ravaged Earth is in grave peril. Faced with the prospect of extinction, desperate humans seek refuge in Ã?sfaïre, a distant exoplanet in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ã?sfaïre is host to an advanced humanoid civilization which prides itself on its treatment of all things living and sentient. The prospect of millions of ‘primitive’ alien refugees pouring into their society, however, divides the planet and its inhabitants.

A short satirical story, the book chronicles the response of �sfaïre to the issue of mass migration from Earth.

GET-THIS 1/2010/2 Domestic Goddess-Not Cookbook Series: Real people. Real food. Real stories. 2018 edition.

by Beba Papakyriakou

What this book is not: It isn’t a traditional cookbook. What you will not find in this book: Recipes for any of the meals and desserts on the cover. Those were made by professional chefs in fantastic establishments, and have been consumed by countless people, myself included, all of whom paid top Dollar for the pleasure. What you will find in this book: The story behind whatever’s on each page; a list of ingredients; a “method”; and a couple of interesting web sites. Oh, and some cookery terms. I am a writer, not a cook – are these the hands of a cook? I am good at a few things. Cooking, baking, and other things of a domestic nature are not my strong points but I am brave, creative, and reasonably competent. But I don’t really cook. Or bake. Or blanch – what’s that anyway? “Make white” or “anything goes” as in carte blanche? I come from a line of great cooks, and have had several good cooks in my midst who feed me and others, so why, pray, do I need to jump on this particular bandwagon.I know which things I’m good at, hence this book. “It’s not about the recipes; it’s about the stories”. Trust me, I’m a writer.

Dad Jokes: The Terribly Good Dad jokes book| Fatherâ??s Day gift, Dads Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift For Dads

by Share The Love Gifts

Why did the golfer patch his pants?

a.Because he got a hole in 1.

Everyone loves cheesy, badly timed dad jokes because they are told by your dad, and you only get one dad, right? So, help your dad improve his collection of jokes that make will you cringe and laugh at the same time.

This joke book for dads will make a great gift, as the giver can write who it’s from on the cover, so dad will think of you while telling his cheesy jokes.

An awesome Father’s Day Gift, birthday Gift for dads, or Christmas gift for Dads.

The Cynic Issue 1: Taboo Toilet Paper

by Jeff Swenson

The Cynic comic strip series is back in issue 1 with toilet paper so taboo everyone is willing to scheme to get it! Find out why as Kevin faces off with his roommate Scott and his guinea pig Doyle. Two more stories included with a returning frenemy and a visit to an anime convention where the buxom Heather enters a living doll contest while Kevin sweats in the worst costume ever.

Two Moms, Three Glasses of Wine, and a Movie:

by Sarah Bradley

Two fabulous moms, (Sarah J. Bradley and Linda Schmalz), both of whom love movies, writing, and wine (not always in that order) have combined their passions to create the “Two Moms, Three Glasses of Wine…and a Movie” film review series! In this first volume, “Our Favorite Films,” we explore 125 films that we think are exceptional and that you must see! Unlike any movie review book you’ve read before, the “Two Moms…” series is a unique (we rate movies with wine glasses!), humorous, and informative film reference guide, one that any movie fan will want to add to their shelves.

Freethunk: Cartoons for Atheists, Agnostics, and Other Unbelievers

by Jeff Swenson

Revised and expanded, the blasphemous cartoons of Freethunk! Freethinking humor skewering religion, blind faith, pseudoscience and just plain stupidity. Perfect entertainment for those sick of religion being shoved down their throats from friends and relatives, government, and the churches which can never quite agree on what they believe. If believers have a sense of humor may they read Freethunk with a chuckle and a raised eyebrow.

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