Free parenting and families Kindle books for 26 Nov 18

Anger Management Workbook For Men

by Control Anger

A book for men to plan effective anger management for any situation a man may come across. This will allow men to take clear action in reducing the anger in their lives by preparing themselves to identify what causes their anger and which specific techniques can manage it.

Men Lost Online: Fathers Feel Fractured as Male Role Models

by Dave Masko

Men Lost Online, by Dave Masko. At a time when fully wired males desire “hacks” or ideas on how to “act” as men in a time of information technology (IT) overload, IT is good to know some men admit they are also “lost and lonely online.” Meanwhile, its vital males and those who are fathers admit: “I tried to be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right, but I wasn’t. I’m sorry. I’m not perfect.” While relating specific things Charles remembers about his father Tom, he reminds his son Tony (pictured here whale watching at Depoe Bay), that “father are not perfectâ?¦ in fact, we are flawed just like everybody else, but we are expected to be role models and perfect because we gave you your name.” A man named Charles then shares with this reporter (*who is also a father of 40 plus years and a grandfather of nearly a dozen more) that: “Fathers need to be great teachers today without technology or the Internet. They need to show their humanity and love.” Charles then explains: “I have found the best I can do is to give them lots of confidence and how to love. In fact, I think that saying â??I love you’ to a child is needed daily no matter how bent your own relationship with your father was and is when talking hurt feelings. Look, everyone has hurt feelings when it comes to a father’s shortcomings; I’m just one father asking children and women to give us a break because we are very confused about our fatherhood roles in this day and age.” For instance, Charles thinks most fathers underestimate the power of simply saying “I love you.” Yet, this father and grandfather says his greatest achievements as a “Dad,” was to tell his two sons and three daughters “that I loved them and their mother with all my heart and soul. It costs nothing, but it is the human and father thing to do.” This special “new journalism” Kindle e-book features like stories in essays that explore the Who, What, What, When, Where, Why and How of being male in a time of digital technology overload. “I was thinking about my father’s family motto that â??love always creates more love,’ when peering down at a family of whales feeding and caring for one another. I appreciate what my father told you, but wish I was that open with my two boys,” added Charles during a recent face-to-face human conversation. ” I’m afraid my job as a computer programmer keeps me so busy that I sometimes forget my most important role in this life; just being a father like my gold standard father,” explained Tony with a deep sense of chagrin about the father he has become. “You see we’ve had a death in the family that has shaken our family to its roots. My father did not tell you, but his father just passed, and that death has become a sort of challenge that tells me not to waste time with my computing job when it counts on days like these when I can spend real quality time with my father as we love each other as we should. We are paying it forward to grandpa who will not share Father’s Day with us.”

Rebuilding Your Love Relationship: Breakup Divorce Recovery Story

by Mr Pirate

Mr Pirate met Ms Turkey at a property management seminar. They discovered that they have many things in common between the two of them. The casual meeting grew into a blossoming love relationship .

Ms Turkey was separated from her husband for almost two years and she is to file a divorce proceeding pretty soon. Once the divorce is effected , she would be free to marry again.

At this juncture she has only Mr Pirate as her only boyfriend. Mr Pirate is a widower whose wife passed away three and a half years earlier. He has not come near any woman till he met Ms Turkey.

However , the love affair between Ms Turkey and Mr Pirate was disrupted by one Mr Suitor in their fourth months of courtship. Ms Turkey had known Mr Suitor before she even got married. Mr Suitor missed a chance to marry her then as he was not prepared to do so financially.

He is now making a comeback as his only son has just graduated and would be starting his own business soon away from his father. Mr Suitor would be very lonely without him around.

Ms Turkey eventually fell for him and that complicated the intimate love relationship . Now there is a third party in an otherwise blossoming relationship between Ms Turkey and Mr Pirate.

The story is told by the Author , Mr Pirate.

Quench The Conflict Fire Off Your Family And Relationships: Restore Your Lost Treasure

by Njikang Mebinaji

This book uncovers the veritable nature of internal conflicts in families and relationships. It also exposes what conflict does to families and relationships and proposes solutions for a complete eradication of the internal conflicts that have destroyed, and continue to destroy, countless number of families and relationships all over the world.One of the reasons our society is in a rapid decline in terms of social order and morality is due to the issue of internal conflicts in families and relationships. Conflict does not just end within the confines of a family or relationship; conflict gets spilled over to the people, places, and things that come into contact with the conflicted person making the outcome of the relationship between the conflicted person and the said people, places, and things worse than expected.One of the reasons why there is a geometrical increase in conflicts in families and relationships today is due to the fact that a very large proportion of the world’s over seven billion people are conflict-illiterate. Conflict prevention or resolution does not answer to an individual’s fame, wealth, achievements, race, wealth, status or sex. It answers to one thing: In-depth knowledge of what conflict really is. It is this knowledge we attempt to bring to you in this book so that you can be able to quench the fire of conflict off your family and relationships. You cannot read this book and your relationships remain the same. Something must surely change.

MY SON What every Child With Autism wants you to know: Autism

by Silvana Armentano

MY SON, what every child with autism wants you to know. This book was born with the idea of â??â??helping parents and families get up and understand that having a child with a Medical condition is not bad to die no matter what the health situation is. Turning the pain into a gift and seeing the smile of many children and families is the purpose of this book full of love, passion, compassion, patience, experiences, laughter, tears, experiences and professionalism. I even thought that God was not fair and He had forgotten about me and my family and I asked myself Why me? I enter into the darkest depression and the feeling of guiltiness chased me day and night. I was able to get up and help my prince overcome autism. I was passionate about his progress, his unique personality, his unparalleled smile, his love without words. My vision changed, instead of seeing what was missing I learned to reinforce what he had, see his abilities instead of his limitations. I learned that my life was not the same without my little angel David. He taught us true love, without words or looks, gave a special meaning to my life and
changed the whole family. It is the biggest and beautiful present that God could have given us. I was chosen among many women as the best and only qualified for this possible mission and be the mother of a champion. I was selected from specialized squad of great challenges and my beloved son gave me the opportunity to grow and to love unconditionally. I have more than 35 years of experience teaching music to children, two university degrees, one in music and one in theology, 12 books written, productions musical, TV radio programs, I have traveled almost all the continents of the world and taken my musical message to all nations. I am a woman of faith, successful and hardworking. Autism changed my life and my priorities and for nothing and nobody in the world I changed professional success and all the money around the world for my family and my faith in God. My family is my priority and my son my mission. I want to extend my helping hand so that through this book you receive answers and solutions to problems tools and faith. I want you to also see your champion coming to his purpose in life and that you are special.

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