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My Two Wolves: Menage Werewolf Biker Romance

by Van Cole

The Best Way To Get Over A Man Is To Get Two Men

When Sarah-Jane leaves a broken heart and heads to a remote village, it gets off to a rocky start.

Trapped in the snow, things look bleak for the young attorney.

So bad, she even calls her unfaithful ex-boyfriend for help!

â?¦But after she meets Leo and Jackson, that will never happen again!

The three spark up a friendship – a relationship which runs three ways and swings two.

With secrets burning, they share a love so hot it threatens to start fires.

But they have a rather more frosty relationship with the law.

What is it about this pair of bikers that has people so scared?

Gradually, Sarah-Jane learns the truth. There is more to Leo and Jackson than meets the eye.

Like that when provoked they don’t always stay legal. Or human!

How will she react when she learns their secret and can they protect themselves from the threats they face?

Elder Abuse: The New Normal?: How to prevent elder abuse at care homes. A guide for clients and their relatives.

by Alex Matthews

This book will show you, step by step, how to apply current legislation in order to uncover abuse and how to disclose it correctly. It is this writer’s experience that care home residents whose relatives take an active part in their care get much better quality care than the rest. So read on and learn how to take direct action in order to stop abuse before it can even happen.
Social care in the UK reached a tipping point a long time ago so, when you enter the care system you won’t only be hit by extortionate rates, you are going to face abuse right from the beginning. This book will give you an invaluable insight into the care home world and on how to prevent becoming the victim of abuse.
Elder abuse: The new normal? is a series of short episodes showing neglect in an English nursing home. These are the stories of people who can no longer speak for themselves and invite the reader to access the world of care as it unfolds behind closed doors. The characters’ real names have been changed and the events have been slightly altered in order to create works of fiction, but the stories presented here are true in essence.

Habits: 25 small habits, to improve wealth, health and happiness

by MC Dexter

Use these 25 habits to build a life that is rich in positivity and abundance:

We are human beings and as such, we only have a limited amount of willpower. The problem is that when we are just beginning something fresh or trying to get into a routine that we are not used to, we may find ourselves running out of willpower.

Most of us want to achieve great things in life, but fail because of the lack of willpower. Willpower drains so fast due to the amount of mental energy involved to begin something new.

However, when you have a personal guide that takes you through all you need to do, step by step, and doubles as your reference source, you becomes less likely to experience the drain. You are better able to create life-changing habits that demand less energy from your brain and less effort and time to maintain.

What you will learn:

  • Expression of Gratitude
  • Meditating
  • Working out
  • Goal writting
  • Vision board gazing
  • To do list
  • Daily questionnaire etc..

    Practical Relationship Advice for Professional Women: 7 Book Series

    by Annie Easter MD

    Is your demanding career getting in the way of your love life?

    Are you ready for a long-term relationship?

    Instantly improve your chances of finding your ‘forever guy’ by reading this series now.

    Dr. Annie Easter, a.k.a. “the Dating MD”, knows what it takes for a professional woman to find her soulmate. After nine years of effort, she found love, married her dream guy, and started a family – all while managing the busy life of a medical student, resident, and family practitioner.

    With her no-nonsense advice, you can balance your dating and professional lives and find a loving, long-term partner!

    This series includes seven books:

    • Planning for Love
    • How to Meet Men
    • Online Dating Tips
    • Preparing for Dates
    • Early On Dates
    • As Things Get Serious
    • When Relationships End

    Read this series if you want to gain the tools and mindset to help you find long-term relationship happiness.

    Ã?tica del amado (Spanish Edition)

    by Esther Llull

    Simone, estudiante de ética, conoce a uno de los maestros de la Sorbona en una ciudad del Piamonte italiano. A partir de ese encuentro con el profesor y su mujer, Minerva, es invitada a su casa de verano, donde ella y otro discípulo francés se conocerán. Allí compartirán el buen vino de Barolo entre diálogos de ética, acerca del jardín de Epicuro y del estoicismo de Marco Aurelio y Epicteto. Así como volverán a la seña de los tiempos modernos con el utilitarismo inglés y el racionalismo kantiano. Entonces la comunicación entre ellos se perderá y no volverán a encontrarse hasta diez años después cuando Simone experimenta la nostalgia por aquel tiempo adolescente pasado.
    Como si fuera un momento de catharsis órfica y de purificación en un afán de conocerse a sí misma y de resolver la indecisión de su vida, ella busca la reconciliación con la esperanza de librarse de sus dolores.

    An Outline of Occult Science

    by Rudolf Steiner

    “It is not a question of merely making certain communications. Presenting them in a manner consistent with a conscientious view of the corresponding plane of life is the real challenge. This is the plane where the loftiest ambitions are often handled poorly, and where knowledge and superstition can become confused one with the other.”

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