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Conditioning Your Muscles To Grow: Basic Training For Building Muscles The Bulletproof Way

by Fortino Wade

With the plethora of muscle-building information online and in offline magazines, you’d think there’d be enough advice to have nobody experiencing muscle gaining problems. Yet, that’s hardly the case. People experiencing lackluster progress are ubiquitous, at gyms and in online chats, banging their heads against the wall in the frustration of muscle gains so minuscule that they’re hardly worth the time and effort of trekking to the gym and going through the motions.

It’s a mini-tragedy when one considers that it doesn’t need to be that way. Results can be commensurate with efforts and natural muscle gains can come steadily and without plateaus. This should be of interest to anyone who not only doesn’t like falling short of achieving what they’ve set out to accomplish. But wasting precious time in the process. Over here in this book, we’ll cut your learning curve short with an easy to digest blueprint that you can apply right away as soon as today.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Muscle Gaining Truths That Nobody is Telling You

Chapter 2 – Simple Steps to Gaining Muscle Fast

Chapter 3 – How to Get Big Muscles

Chapter 4 – Fundamental Muscle Gain Tips for Maximum Results

Chapter 5 – The Deadliest Muscle Building Mistake Explained

Chapter 6 – Best Supplements for Muscle Gain – 4 Heavy Hitters That Deliver

Chapter 7 – Tips for a Muscle Gain Diet

Chapter 8 – Nutrition Recipes For Lean Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

Confessions of an Eco-Redneck

by Steve Chapple

Confessions of an Eco-Redneck collects the best of outdoor writer Steve Chapple’s short pieces. This is outdoor adventure writing at its best, in a league with Tim Cahill, Randy White, or PJ O’Rourke, and the essays range from fishing: for tigerfish on the Zambezi, tarpon in the Keys, trout on the Yellowstone; to hunting: the “Bambi Syndrome” (Hollywood’s bias against the sport), “Dinner Bell Grizzlies,” and stalking televisions in Montana; to the larger questions: “Now or Never for American Rivers,” and the great unasked question about the Lewis & Clark expedition: “How were the bugs??” Underneath Steve Chapple’s laugh-out loud wit there’s a serious plea to environmentalists to remember that sportsmen (the eco-rednecks of the title) are among the most passionate and effective advocates for conservation of the environment that we’ve got.

“Steve Chapple teased the first spring belly-laugh from a long brutal Montana winter. Confessions of an Eco-Redneck demonstrates good humor and the wisdom to know that the modern American conservation movement is in real danger from disengagement with the natural world.”
–Doug Peacock, author of Grizzly Years
“With wit and insight, Steve Chapple tries to reconcile the red-neck killer and the spirit of Thoreau that divides the hearts of American outdoorsmen. This book is worth reading for the chapter on TV hunting alone.”
–Phil Caputo, author of a Rumor of War
“Chapple writes from the edge–and you will never view sport or wildness the same after his shrewd takes on hunting, fly fishing,the Zambezi, Bambi, dinosaurs, ecology, marriage, grizzlies, and much “mountain mayhem.” He’s brilliant, irritating,and uncommonly wise.”
–Nick Lyons, author of A Flyfisher’s World
“This red neck is nodding her eco-head back and forth saying, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! And I’ll have whatever he’s having! Steve Chapple’s Confessions of an Eco-Redneck is great. He combines really funny stuff with the prophetic and the true, thereby insuring that every good outdoorswomen will think again. Read it.”
–Rebecca Gray, Co-founder, Gray’s Sporting Journal and Contributing Editor, Sports Afield
“Steve Chapple is the ideal paddling buddy: a keen observer, a fine storyteller, and a man who knows when to hang up his wetsuit and go find a cold beer.”
–Joe Kane, author of Running he Amazon and Savages
“Steve Chapple writes with a machine gun–no hypocrite is safe.”
–Rita Mae Brown,

Become a Better Shooter in 7 Days: 35 Shooting Drills, Games & Skills That Will Ultimately Transform You Into a Great Shooter (Hot Hand Shooting Book 2)

by Kramon Comeaux

Do you lack CONFIDENCE when you step on the court?

Does your team always come up short because of missed free throws and wide open shots?

Are you tired of sitting the bench when you know deep down in your soul that you should be on the floor? Especially when it’s crunch-time!

Do you hate seeing your child sit the bench every game? Or, is your kid asking why they only play garbage minutes?

The answer to all of these questions is simple: Learn how to shoot the ball correctly and success on the court will follow.

That’s why I wrote this book: Become a Better Shooter in 7 Days. 35 Shooting Drills, Games & Skills That Will Ultimately Transform You Into a Great Shooter.

I give you the step by step illustrated blueprint to improve your jump shot.

This book is for the player who wants to get more playing time or just become better at shooting so it gives their team an opportunity to win.

This book is for the coach who wants to make practice fun again and teach players how to shoot the ball using the easiest and most efficient technique.

This book is for the parent who wants to cheer in the stands at the top of their lungs when their child sinks jump shots like a pro!

Hall of Famer Bill Walton said it best: “The jump shot is the ultimate weapon in the perfect game.” With the FIRE Method shooting technique; you can play the game with confidence knowing you can sink shots from anywhere on the court.

Shooting the ball correctly is the most essential skill in the game of basketball. But, very few players at any skill level, know how to shoot the ball correctly.

Who’s to blame for this problem?

No one really. There’s just too information out there!

One shooting coach says do this.

Another coach says don’t do that, shoot the ball like this!

Everyone is confused!

Well, that’s why I wrote this book. To help you learn the correct way. In this book, you’ll discover The FIRE Methodâ?¢ Shooting Technique.

It’s the most effective and simplest way to shoot the basketball.

Players, the FIRE Method is easy to learn and implement regardless of your age or skill level. You’ll get instant results the first time you try the FIRE Method Shooting Technique.

This technique is great for coaches. The concepts are easy to digest and teach to your players.

Parents, after applying my shooting technique; you and your child could be sinking shots in the driveway. Bonding and having a great time together!

I’ve done all the research and eliminated all of the confusion around the skill of jump shooting.

Over a period of 10 years, I’ve studied the techniques, tactics, and tips of the world’s best shooters and shooting instructors.

I eliminated what shooting techniques that didn’t work and combined what did into the FIRE Method.

As a companion to the DVD, Hot Hand Shooting–this book goes in-depth into skills, and drills needed to correct your jumper and become a better shooter in 7 days. I provide you with tips, tricks, and secrets that will elevate you above the competition.

This book is loaded with more illustrations, more drills, and more fun shooting games! These drills can be implemented into team practices also.

I go into detail about how to correct your misfires. How to develop a soft touch. What to aim at when shooting the ball.

The FIRE Method shooting technique was originally designed for young shooters, but the principles of the FIRE Method can be applied by players of any age or skill level.

Steph Curry said about the jump shot: “It gives everyone a shot really.”

I agree with him.

Regardless of your age, height, or athletic ability; the jump shot is the great equalizer.

If you master it, basketball will be much more easier and fun!

My shooting technique will give you the advantage over the competition.

So don’t wait, download Become a Better Shooter in 7 Days and discover the FIRE Method today!

You will sink shots — I Guarantee It!!

Equestrian Pedestrian: A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Breeds and Practical Horse Care Manual

by Mike Young

An excellent beginners guide to Horse Breeds and Care Maintenance.
Have you contemplated adding a horse to your family? Better still, have you wondered what that may look like? The ins and outs of everyday horse care and management? Where and how to acquire one, or if adoption is the better option? Then this short book is exactly what you need!
These 30 pages take you into the history the great horse breeds and the equipment you’ll need to care for and maintain them.
Take the time to accustom yourself with horses and discover if this might be the right path for you and your loved ones.
The responsibility is great, but the joy of horse ownership is greater.
Thank you for considering this book.

Fitness für Anfänger: Wie Sie mit einfachen �bungen stark, fit, sexy und schlank werden. (German Edition)

by Christian Kupfer

Jetzt statt 7,99�! Nur noch für kurze Zeit zum AKTIONSPREIS!

Möchten Sie gerne schnell Muskeln aufbauen?

Oder Ihren Traum vom durchtrainierten Körper endlich verwirklichen?

Möchten Sie stark, sexy, fit und schlank werden?

Dann lesen Sie dieses Buch!


Für die �bungen sind keine Geräte nötig!

Jederzeit und überall Trainieren!

Kein Fitnessstudio Notwendig!

Was Sie in diesem Buch erwartet?

Sie erfahren, wie Sie sofort starten können.

Wie Sie effektiv Muskeln aufbauen.

Die Grundlagen des Trainings.

Genaue Trainingspläne.

Welche Fehler Sie unbedingt vermeiden müssen.


Wie Sie trainieren müssen.

Wie Sie sich Ernähren müssen.

Welche Ã?bungen?

Und vieles mehr!

Für wen ist dieses Buch nicht?

Leute, die keinen Traumkörper möchten.

Leute, die keinen Muskelaufbau möchten.

Leute, die keine Disziplin haben.

Leute, die nicht erfolgreich sein möchten.

Wie Sie dieses Buch lesen können?

Mit der kostenlosen Kindle App für Eooks können Sie dieses eBook auch ohne Kindle Reader auf Ihrem Smartphone, PC oder Tablet lesen.

Scrollen Sie also jetzt nach oben und klicken auf den â??JETZT KAUFEN” Button und ich verspreche Ihnen Sie werden die erfolge haben die Sie schon immer wollten!

Tabata | Intervallfasten | Ketogene Ernährung | Ketogene Rezepte | Stoffwechsel beschleunigen: Das ultimative Buch für Muskelaufbau und Abnehmen (5in1 Buch) (Abnehmen Buch Box 2) (German Edition)

by Marcel Laurent

5 Bücher zum Preis von 1. Jetzt statt 25,99�!Nur noch für kurze Zeit zum AKTIONSPREIS.

Endlich deinen Traumkörper bekommen? Jetzt mit dem richtigen Buch.

In diesen Büchern erfährst du, wie du deinen Traumkörper inkl. Sixpack bekommst, Muskeln aufbaust und abnimmst. Mit Tabata brauchst du nur 4 Minuten pro Einheit zu trainieren. Ergänzend dazu lernst du alles über das Intervallfasten und die ketogenen Ernährung.
AuÃ?erdem wirst du lernen, wie du deinen Stoffwechsel auf Hochtouren setzt.
Willst du nur eine Abnehmmethode ausprobieren? Auch wunderbar, wir zeigen dir, wie du mit nur einer Methode innerhalb von wenigen Tagen abnimmst und noch vieles mehr!

Was wirst du in diesem Ratgeber lernen?

  • 5 Bücher zum Preis von 1
  • Traumkörper erreichen: Schlank, sportlich, gesund und Sexy
  • Mit 4 Minuten Tabata Training fit sein.
  • Alles über Intervallfasten
  • Was genau es mit dem Fasten, Stoffwechsel beschleunigen und Ketogene Ernährung auf sich hat.
  • Wie einfach es ist, um deine Stoffwechsel zu beschleunigen und mehr Fett am Bauch zu verbrennen
  • Die häufigsten Probleme inkl. Lösungsansätze
  • Wie du den Effekt der Gewichtsabnahme noch verstärken kannst
  • Wie du einen völlig neuen und fitten Körper bekommst
  • und noch vieles vieles mehr

Für wen dieses Buch nichts ist?

  • Personen, die nichts an Ihrer Situation ändern möchten
  • Personen, die keinen Traumkörper möchten
  • Personen, die lieber reden statt Erfolge zu feiern
  • Personen, die lieber Fett bleiben möchten
  • Personen, die nicht erfolgreich sein möchten

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Going Into Unchartered Waters With The Right Tools & Techniques: How To Scuba Dive Like A Pro

by Edwin Bates

Some of the most common myths include: scuba diving is too hard, there is nowhere around here to go diving, scuba equipment costs too much, or that scuba diving is too extreme or dangerous. Over here in this book, we’ll debunk some of the myths and guide you step by step to knowing where and what and how to find your scuba-diving essentials like the right instructors or types of equipment that would fully utilize your time, energy, and money.

You don’t have to live within an hour of the Florida Keys, or the Gulf of Mexico. You don’t even have to live within an hour of the Catalina Islands in California. While those places do lend themselves to the diving lifestyle, you can dive in the Great Lakes or even those lakes near your house. Scuba diving should be looked at as a relaxing and enjoyable sport that almost everyone can enjoy and it’s not as complicated or dangerous as people make it out to be. So embark on your first step of your journey by learning a little more before you jump in (literally) into the unchartered waters!

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Why You Shouldn’t Scuba Dive

Chapter 2 – Too Old To Learn Scuba Diving?

Chapter 3 – Scuba Diving Safety – A Guide on Safe Scuba Practices

Chapter 4 – Cost of Scuba Diving – What Are the Expected Costs to Start Scuba?

Chapter 5 – Essential Information To Know About Scuba Diving For Beginners

Chapter 6 – Scuba Diving: 5 Things To Expect On Your Diving Adventure

Chapter 7 – Scuba Diving Vacations – A Great Reason to Expand Your Diving Horizons

Chapter 8 – Scuba Diving Certification – What to Expect During Your Scuba Diving Certification Training

The ANTI-GENDER Proof: Mathematical Proof Against one of the most Stupid and Dangerous Ideologies, disguising itself as â??Scienceâ??

by Norbert Schwarzer

Gender is one of the most dangerous and stupid ideologies. There is no need to speculate about the parasitic, financial or pedophilic reasons which would explain how something so necrotic could arise inside our societies. After all, parasites always find ways to make others work for them and be it with the most useless, sometimes even lethal, if not to say genocidal nonsense there could be.
Here, however, we are not going to attack the Gender ideology by the statistic fact that women, if being left alone and free, prefer women’s activities. We are not going to work out the tremendous physical, chemical and biological differences between a X chromosome and a Y chromosome.
No, we will simply show that universe, obviously, had very good reasons for the introduction of ONLY 2 sexes. Along the way we will find that this has to do with Fermat’s last theorem and we will present an approach for a new and much shorter proof of the latter. At the end, in a small satire, we will think about Fermat’s verdict about the parasitic Genderixe. After all, he was a medieval judge.

Gender ist eine der gefährlichsten und dümmsten Ideologien überhaupt. �ber die pädophilen und parasitär-monetären Gründe, wie etwas derartig Widernatürliches überhaupt evolvieren konnte, muss man nicht spekulieren. Parasiten finden immer Wege andere für sich schuften zu lassen und sei es noch für den grö�ten Blödsinn, den sie der Gesellschaft als angeblich wertvoll verkaufen.
Hier werden wir uns jedoch nicht mit der unsinnigen Genderlehre auseinandersetzen indem wir diese blo�stellen, zum Beispiel weil Frauen, wenn in Ruhe gelassen, eben doch lieber typische Frauentätigkeiten ausüben oder indem wir zeigen, dass ein X Chromosom eben doch etwas ganz anderes ist als ein Y Chromosom.
Nein, wir werden einfach zeigen, dass das Universum offenbar gute Gründe gehabt hat die Zahl der Geschlechter auf 2 zu begrenzen. Dass wir dabei auf den letzten Satz von Fermat kommen und diesen neu beweisen müssen erscheint dann schon fast als Beiwerk. In einer kleinen Satire überlegen wir am Schluss, wie wohl Fermat selbst (er war schlie�lich ein mittelalterlicher Richter) über unsere Genderixe geurteilt hätte.

RV Guide to Camping in Arizona State Parks: Your Complete RV Camping Guide Including Fellow Camper Tips, Campsite Details, Maps and More (Know Your Campground Book 1)

by Jacquelyn Brochman

Struggling to gather all the info you need to camp in Arizona? Discover the best all-in-one resource for your upcoming trip.

Tired of hunting through books and websites for your next journey through the great outdoors? Author Jackie Brochman has been a devoted camper for decades. After taking frequent outings in her own travel trailer, she’s collected everything you need to make the most of your next RV adventure.

RV Guide to Camping in Arizona State Parks is an all-in-one book for finding details about local campgrounds. With campsite details, photos, services info, and fun activities for the whole family, Brochman’s guide is the complete package. Laid out in an easy-to-follow format, this quick reference guide gives you everything you need to plan a stress-free RV vacation.

In RV Guide to Camping in Arizona State Parks, you’ll discover:
– Complete details for each location to make sure each site fits your rig size and camping needs
– Which amenities each parks provides to give you the experience you desire
– The activities available in and around the parks to make the most of your excursion
– Locations of grocery stores, gas station, repair shops and other services to simplify your journey
– Addresses, phone numbers, GPS coordinates, links to campground maps, and much, much more!

RV Guide to Camping in Arizona State Parks is your perfect go-to guide for your upcoming trip. If you like RV camping, useful insider tips, and Arizona’s natural beauty, then you’ll love Jackie Brochman’s information-packed handbook.

Buy the RV Guide to discover the ultimate resource for your next adventure today!

1000 Games, One Goalie but One thousand stories (One Thousand Games)

by George Tavares

The true an not so true stories of Adult Hockey and why we still play the game.

Wie mache ich meinen K̦rper unschlagbar: Muskelaufbau? Beschleunigen РKnochendichte? Erh̦hen РDas Gehirn? Optimieren РFett? Verbrennen (German Edition)

by Michael Iatroudakis

Wie mache ich meinen Körper unschlagbar? Stärker, schneller, besser …

Muskelaufbau? Beschleunigen РKnochendichte? Erh̦hen РDas Gehirn? Optimieren РFett? Verbrennen

Wir haben keine andere Wahl, als die Verantwortung für unsere Gesundheit selbst zu übernehmen.

Denn die Verantwortung für die eigene Gesundheit gehört zu einer bewussten Lebensführung dazu. Das hei�t auch: Unsere eigene Gesundheit liegt nicht in der Verantwortung anderer Personen (z. B. �rzten) und Institutionen (z. B. Krankenhäusern). Diese sind nicht für unsere Gesundheit verantwortlich, sondern diese liegt ganz alleine bei uns.

Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich, dass es Menschen gibt, die ihr Auto besser pflegen als ihren eigenen Körper. Ein Auto kann man jederzeit ersetzen, seinen eigenen Körper nicht.

Erfahren Sie in diesem eBook:

Mit welchem Trainingsprinzip Daniel Craig für James Bond in kurzer Zeit Muskeln aufbauen konnte.

Wie Sie mit einfachen Mitteln (+ Trainingsplan), Ihr Herz in einen Hochleistungsmotor verwandeln.

Wie Sie spielend Ihre Knochen stärken können und das gleiche Training nutzen können, was die NASA für ihre Astronauten verwendet.

Fakt ist, dass in unserem Körper unzählige ungenutzte Reserven brachliegen. Muskeln, Herz, Lunge, Gehirn; jeder Mensch hat in den verschiedenen Leistungsbereichen noch eine Menge Luft nach oben. Wie man sie gezielt nutzt, ist Thema diese eBooks.

Ich zeige Ihnen, wie Sie Ihr Herz, Ihre Muskeln, Ihre Lunge, Ihr Gehirn und Ihre Knochen gezielt und mit einfachsten Mitteln stärken – und wie Sie weitaus leistungsfähiger werden können als Sie es aktuell der Fall sind.

Hierbei werden jene MaÃ?nahmen und Techniken angewandt, die funktionieren, einfach gehalten und vor allem effizient sind.

AuÃ?erdem erfahren Sie:

Was â??Ashtanga-Yoga” mit Ihrer Lungenfunktion zu tun hat und wie einfache Ã?bungen Ihre Lungenkapazität erhöht.

Warum Computerspiele besser sind als ihr Ruf, und wie Sie davon spielend profitieren können.

Warum die beste Strategie gegen Stress, sich dem Stress bewusst auszusetzen ist, und wie Sie das im Alltag umsetzen können.

Und vieles mehr …

Jetzt das eBook lesen und LEBEN verändern.

PLUS 4 Bonus-Kapitel:

Bonus-Kapitel 1: Das Hurricane-Training

Bonus-Kapitel 2: So erhöhen Sie Ihr Reaktionsvermögen

Bonus-Kapitel: 3: Wie erhöhe ich meine Schmerzempfindlichkeit

Bonus-Kapitel 4: Die unschlagbare Ernährung

Inklusive zahlreiche Trainingspläne ….

Gesundheit ist JETZT!

The Prepper’s Guide to Self Defense in the Real World: Defend Yourself & Your Family When SHTF and Thugs Roam the Streets

by Chris Stone

Are you ready to defend yourself and your family after society collapses and dangerous thugs roam the streets looking for their next victim?

Read this practical self defense guide and discover…

* Simple tricks and tips you can quickly learn in order to be better prepared should a crazed hoodlum try to attack you.

* Self defense manoeuvres that can be learnt quickly and if used appropriately can prove extremely effective in disabling an aggressor.

* The weak spot on the side of the head that if you hit it will cause intense pain immediately and give you enough time to make a hasty getaway.

* How to utilize your surroundings to cause pain and disable an attacker.

* The strange way to knock an attacker off his tracks without even laying a hand on him.

…and many more powerful self defense tricks that anyone can use!

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