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After the Days of Infamy

by A.G. Kimbrough

December 7, 1941
Captain Minoru Genda smiled as the last plane landed on the Kaga. Both attacks had succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, and the second wave, had not lost a single plane. The losses on the initial attack were much less than projected.
As the four carriers started turning, he saw the smoke rising over the burning ships and oil storage tanks. Even from 50 miles away, and at an 8,000 foot altitude, he could see that the smoke column height was way above his vantage point on the carrier bridge.
After a stop a 1000 miles West of Portland Oregon for their support ships, to resupply fuel, armaments, and replacement planes, the carrier airship fleet will bring destruction to the American West Coast before the end of the week.

This book departs from reality with the 1932 discovery of helium on the island of Hokido. A secret agreement between Japan and Germany results in a technology exchange that enables Japan to develop a fleet of huge airship aircraft carriers.
The two attacks on December Seventh are made by over 300 planes from a fleet of four airship carriers. By the end of that week, a series of devastating strikes up and down the West Coast leave the aircraft, shipbuilding, and marine industries in ruins.
This story does not include steam punk, fantasy, time travel, magic, elves or faeries. It does include some adult content, as well as fictional actions by the USS Fletcher and the USS Iowa. The deviations from historic technologies are based on what could have been accomplished with the availability of helium and a push in that direction

THE VENGEANCE TREE (A Commander Roy Thriller Book 1)

by Rob J. Pearce

Will the reputations of the US Army and the CIA be destroyed buy a forty-six-year-old conspiracy?

When the killing begins, no one makes any connections until a prominent US Senator is assassinated.

The case is red flagged. The Department of Defense immediately takes over.
Warrant Officer Hill from the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is tasked with investigating the murder.

Secretary of Defense Johnson assigns his chief aide, Commander Roy, to oversee the investigation and to keep the results out of the media spotlight until the DoD can release any new information in a controlled way.

The Senator had been involved in a Special Ops campaign in Vietnam when he lost control of his platoon. Innocent villagers were killed. The hounds are now sniffing and looking for dirt.

The historical documents were obviously hiding something. According to US reports, five villagers were killed. The Vietnamese version of the incident insisted that 85 villagers – old men, women and children – were massacred in cold blood.

What really happened 45 years ago in Vietnam? Who killed 85 innocent people and WHY? As new information is discovered, the investigative team is horrified by their findings. They are incensed by the coverup and by the fact that the conspiracy has been ongoing to this very day.

Every member of the investigating team wants retribution and payback for the innocent lives that were taken. They need to serve on the side of justice. They are determined to stop whoever is still involved in a massive, illegal and immoral operation.

Commander Roy, Secretary Johnson, Warrant Officer Hill and their Vietnamese counterparts, risk their careers, their reputations and their very lives to solve a 45 year-old mystery. They will not stop until they end the ongoing conspiracy. These good men step over the edge and into the abyss of vengeance.

The book is set in modern days, but the narrated history fills the book with drama and suspense.

The Vengeance Tree is the first book in the exciting new Commander Roy military thriller series. It is filled with surprising plot twists, non-stop action and compelling characters driven by a strong ethical and moral compass. If you like action packed assassination and intrigue stories with a military genre, you will be sure to love this new action drama.

Readers of suspense novels by

Brad Thor, Lee Child, Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy, Stephen Hunter and Wilbur Smith

will love the intoxicating drama in this series. They will appreciate Commander Roy and Matt Fraser who provide similar thrills as characters such as Jack Ryan Jr. and Jack Reacher.

Buy The Vengeance Tree and start reading this exciting new series today!

Oh-Three-Thirty-One (Oh-Three Series Book 2)

by Christopher Bast

0331 is the United States Marine Corps designation for machine gunners, Marines who provide fire support by heavy and medium weapon platforms. Lance Corporals Stecker and Rodriguez work cohesively to bring their medium machinegun against the Taliban. However, Stecker’s uncontrollable anger crashes head first into Rodriguez’s quiet patience and now the two must find a means to settle their differences while the war in Afghanistan rages.

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