Free fiction Kindle books for 27 Nov 18


by Rogue Chastity

Think you can handle some of the most naughty, forbidden and taboo stories ever collected!?

Crack open this 80 story bundle and experience all those hot fantasies that keep you up at night… Fully explicit — every juicy detail and debauched moan!


by Lexi Lusts

Tantalizing tales of feminine pleasures…

From first times to group action encounters, all 20 of these stories are sure to satisfy!

Back To Life 1&2: Love After Heartbreak

by Shantae’

Contains Book 1&2!!
Real love was all they ever wanted. A man who would protect and not hurt them. Someone loyal who would always put them first. In Giannis and Rio, cousins Dakota and Breelyn have found that and so much more. Through them, the ladies have discovered that not all men are the same and that when you least expect it the love of the right one can resuscitate a deceased heart, giving it new life. Sadly, just as their lives seem to be moving in the right direction, tragedy strikes and for one of the women the happily ever after that they’ve always dreamed of is snatched away without warning. A life now hanging in the balance.
A known enemy has hit his family where it hurts, leaving Rah wondering if his heart can survive such a devastating blow? A pain so excruciating that it’s making it hard for him and those around him to believe and keep the faith? He’s realizing that having the woman he truly loves by his side is what he needs to make it through this tough time. Has his realization come too little too late? After being rejected for so long his secret lover has cut all ties with him but Rah will stop at nothing to make her his again.
In this revealing finale, new couples are introduced, mystery lovers go public, shady business associates are exposed, and most importantly, obstacles will be overcome. The crew is bringing more drama, spilling unbelievable secrets, and settling old scores. With hate coming from every direction, they are even more determined to fight through and hold on to love like never beforeâ?¦

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