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Abduction of a Highland Rose: Historical Scottish Romance Novel

by Fiona Faris

There’s a price for capturing a Highlander’s heart

Maidens are mysteriously disappearing from the Kellie Castle.

Freya, the laird’s daughter, tries to solve the mystery but she ends up a prisoner herself.

Her only hope is to seduce her guard, Andrew of the Murray Clan, into releasing her.

But the Highlander is a man of honor and driven by duty to his people.

And things get complicated when the prisoner has feelings for her guard…

How can Freya embrace her love for the Highlander, when she has to return to her people and leave him behind?

What shall Andrew do when he starts to question his own war chief’s motives and falls for this Highland Rose?

*The Abduction of a Highland Rose is a Historical Scottish romance novel of more than 80,000 words (around 440 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Previous Time

by GG Shalton

Accidents can change lives forever.

A young woman in the early 19th century didn’t have many choices in life. Especially, if they were working to help their newly impoverish family. Marriage options were limited without a dowry or reputable family name. Leah Johnson may be beautiful, but hardly noticeable until an accidental encounter changes her destiny and those around her. Unbeknownst to her, a secret will shatter her illusion and take a twist that will take her across the world.

The Duke of Wollaston has inherited a fortune and a top title in London society. He is the talk of the town and engaged to an earl’s daughter securing the bloodlines of his future heirs. His life is planned out and looks perfect until a chance encounter shakes his world and changes his life. He carries a secret, a burden that he hides from others and could cost him his new found happiness. Can he change his destiny before it’s too late?

Hilina Pali: Hilo Bay Mystery

by J.L. Oakley

On the seventy-seventh anniversary of the death of a local man serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps on the Big Island, retired school teacher, Auntie Bee Takahashi, receives a mysterious envelope. Items in it point to an old injustice with tragic consequences. With the help of her great niece, ace TV crime reporter Tawnie Takahashi, and a local historian, she races to discover the source of the photos and articles and prevent another tragedy from happening at Hilina Pali.
A variant of this story was previously published as a Kindle Worlds novella

Through Arid Places

by Tim Rayner

Sister Agathe Deladier has selflessly sought to serve others all her life, yet she has been caught up in two of history’s most appalling atrocities. As a young nun she witnessed the virtual extermination of an entire village during the Second World War. Later she was again forced to fight for her own survival, this time in the Rwandan genocide, an event with horrific parallels to Nazi brutality.
Having come close to death, she tries to make sense of the evil events which play out before her. In doing so she has a profound impact on those with whom she comes into contact, notably Otto Bauer, a disillusioned Nazi soldier.
When all hope seems lost it is still possible for the most despised to be redeemed. Father Dominic Leseuer has abused young boys for years and stolen from his parishoners, yet, in an act of supreme courage, he is able to rediscover his former upright and idealistic self.
However, others find that revenge is the only antidate to brutality. Samuel Karamira, trying to cope with the death of his son, can only find satisfaction through the pursuit of his tormentor. In doing so he perpetuates the very hatred that has wrecked his life and those of thousands of others.
In exploring the reactions of those caught up in these most visceral experiences, Though Arid Places glimpses the cosmic spiritual struggle being played out on earth and, in a surprising twist, reveals the motivation of Agathe Deladier in trying to make good come out of the most unspeakable evil.

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