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Awakenings The Wrath Saga

by S.I. Hayes

One vampire’s obsession may spell the undoing of them all.

New Orleans is a place full of culture, history, and a literary atmosphere, which draws people from around the world. Cynthia O’Connor is one of these people.

A student by day and a vampire movie buff by night, she never suspected that in the dark of the theater among the dusty curtains was the very thing she salivated over, that as she dreamed of vampires, a vampire dreamed of her.

Ripped from the protective covers of her bed, Cynthia is awakened in another world, a world where the monsters are real, and a threat waits around every corner. For a blood feud long thought ended is about to begin again, and the clan Wrath is all that stands between the dangers of the night and a war that could rip the fabric of human reality asunder.

Gemelos (Sangre Cruzada nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Jessica Machado

Cuando las fronteras entre amar y desear se vuelven borrosas el caos es el invitado de honor. Cora y Adam no pueden dejar de romperse el corazón, pero no pueden alejarse por mucho tiempo, sin sentir que van a perder la razón. Sus diferencias de edades y sus explosivas personalidades los mantienen entre la espada y la pared. Darle rienda suelta a sus corazones puede ser tanto una bendición como una maldición.
Ambos deben luchar contra sus propios demonios, y contra su ávido deseo de consumir la sangre el uno del otro.

From Beyond (The Necromancer Book 3)

by Janet E Capstick

The Necromancer is the last in trilogy FROM BEYOND and follows the unnerving events surrounding the medium Jasmin Hanson as she uses her gift to help a young Doctor fulfil his fathers wishes from beyond the grave. Loyalty, Lust, fear and violent death combine as she matches her powers against those more potent than her own.
Jasmin is in hospital having suffered a breakdown under pressure from an angry spirit and is assumed to be Schizophrenic. when young Psychiatrist Doctor Ptolemy Keppel takes her as his first patient she is startled to discover his dead father wants her help. Jasmin hates being incarcerated and decides to accept contact with the late Richard Keppel who was an Egyptologist and soon discovers his determination to see his son Ptolemy retrieve ancient artefacts he himself died to claim.
So begins the Necromancing between the enigmatic medium and deceased Egyptologist in a bid to secure the glory of discovering the priceless treasure for the young doctor. Jasmin begins to enjoy her part and when the intrepid Gabriel Sweptmore is engaged to assist the doctor she soon becomes obsessed with her desire for him. Before long Gabriel is mesmerised with Jasmin and cannot resist but be enslaved by her sexual prowess. Meanwhile, Gemma Pickering has tired of the attentions of Brian Marchington and once introduced to Ptolemy falls hopelessly in love with him. ~Tragedy follows their plans as Jasmin together with help from the spirit world ruthlessly and violently removes any who dare to stand in their way.
The determined group set off for Egypt in a daring expedition to succeed where those before them have failed and died in their efforts.

Dead Christmas: Tis the season to be zombie

by Robert Bennett

The group of carol singers walked down the cold street rubbing their gloved hands, and laughing and joking. There were six kids’ three boys and three girls, and two adults who were teachers at their school. The night was getting colder and the group blew out steam from their mouths as they walked.
Each member held a song book but they mainly sang jingle bells and little donkey they knew them two off by heart. It had been a good night so far and they had done a lot of door to door singing, and even sang in an old people’s home.
One of the teachers was feeling apprehensive he saw dark shadows in alley ways, and heard screams in the distance, the dead were walking the streets of England he had heard it on the news. He was a tall thin man and towered over the rest of the group. He looked at the other teacher a small older woman and smiled.
Little Greg kicked the girl up the arse in front of him, not hard he only done it for fun. The girl turned and gave him a hard stare and he shrugged his little shoulders, and smiled at her.
They came to a large house and the lead teacher opened the gate and they all walked up the pathway to the front door. Some of the decorations in the main window looked lopsided, and a string of lights was broken as if something had fallen onto them.
The tall teacher rang the bell and stood with the others “Okay jingle bells again,” he said to them all as they waited for the front door to open. He noticed that the door knocker was in the shape of some kind of demon and it seemed to growl at the group. There was a fumbling from inside as if the person couldn’t get the door open. Then the door latch caught and the door started to swing open.
“Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, over the fields we go laughing all the way, oh jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.”


The singing stopped dead as the door opened wide and about four zombies rushed at them! It was almost comical as the first zombie sort of looked at them tilted its head to one side, and then attacked them. The small children were no match, and the zombies over powered them. They screamed as they were grabbed, and some fell to the ground.
The tall teacher turned and was going to make a run for it; he started to sprint for the garden gate, and stopped there in front him were another group of zombies! They blocked the path and he turned back around.
The small older teacher was on the ground and screaming as a zombie bent over to her, and put its finger into her eye socket. The zombie pulled out her eye ball, and put it into its mouth like a sweet and started to chew. One small girl was screaming as a zombie started to bite her legs blood pooled around the small girl.
The zombies were too strong in numbers and the male teacher sobbed as he saw all of his carol singers being eaten. He turned and saw the other group of zombies bearing down on him. He just stood there and began to cry like a little girl.
Raymond saw a little girl coming towards him wearing a skirt she was walking funny like she had a bad leg. She came closer, and he saw that her legs had been bitten down to strips of flesh. She reached for him her face pure white like a death mask. He ran passed her and didn’t look back at least the infected were slow.
He saw a man fighting with a woman inside a small jewellery shop. The man was cursing and trying to keep the woman from biting him. Raymond moved on at speed. He needed to rest and saw a small sweet shop it looked abandoned.

Highway 96â??d: Weird Short Stories

by Theodore Moracht

Highway 96’d: Weird Horror

Marty’s Non-Stop Art Mart
Marty really wants Mandy, but she’s only interested in the artistic, since she’s in university. Marty brainstorms ideas and puts on a performance show that is so senseless it just has to be a metaphor or something like that.

Getting Highway 96’d
Andy Mandy, a cross-dressing truck driver, is delivering a load to Argyle City on Highway 96 when he gets lost on the cursed highway. Some say Highway 96 is the spine of a demon. Some say the highway is paved over the bodies of the dead and sacrificed and they are not happy. Andy Mandy wonders if the locals drugged his food. In any case, Andy Mandy is about to find out that there is only one exit from Highway 96.

The Job (Old Joe Does Only Man’s Work)
Old Joe hears of an employer coming to town and goes for an interview, but the job has miracles attached and Old Joe doesn’t work for nothing.

Burned Out in the Wasteland
Jake Oil is a burned out musician, who had a one-hit wonder back in the early 90s, and has now been comfortably forgotten. The only escape from the wasteland is to get wasted over and over again.

Mr. Flummox and the Whipped Cream of Tomorrow
Set in Virginia City, Nevada, 1880. James is on the trail when he comes across two lovely ladies in distress. Lucky for James, he quickly learns they aren’t as ladylike as they look. The threesome travel on toward San Francisco whoring and thieving, but it’s when they’re caught that the real fun begins.

The Swallowing of Mr. Flummox
Grass Valley, California, 1880 Bucktooth, a bounty hunter who brings his prey in only dead, is in pursuit of the Fearsome Queersome Threesome through the Sierra Nevada until he becomes an unusual lab experiment.

Dead End Highway Party Poetry
Susan arranges a threesome with two guys and then decides to have this little gang-bang on Highway 96. Little do they know that on Highway 96, only Highway 96 does the screwing.

The Girl in the Forest

by Bridgid Dean

After dropping out of college, Jolie tries to settle into a new town and leave her mother’s death behind her. But between her reoccurring nightmares about the cottage in the woods and the shadowy activities of her strange new friends, what’s settling in is a sense that something-or someone-is not what it seems. Greta goes by a fake name and is running from someone; Jamie is trying to keep clear of his own old, insidious habits. As their pasts creep into the present and Jolie’s nightmares begin to tiptoe into the waking world a strange force pulls at all of them. In the woods, something dark is calling…

Charon’s Bane

by Connor Euan Fenton

When there isn’t much left to live for, death can be the greatest release. But what if dying isn’t as easy as it seems? – Trent Wildfire, son to the late curator of Bronzewood’s once thriving art museum, has watched as his life alongside his grief-stricken, alcoholic father has been reduced to a daily struggle to find happiness. When a disheartening series of events thrust him into darkness, he finds himself at the forgotten museum bidding farewell to his mother and hoping for her forgiveness. However, when he is interrupted by an old enemy, things turn violent. As Trent nears his dying breath, he is rescued by a mysterious group who have taken refuge in the abandoned structure. He discovers that the group has been communicating with the dead and after Trent flees in terror, he is sought out by their leader. They explain that Charon, Ferryman of the Styx, has been fiendishly denying countless souls’ access to the afterlife for millennia and that it is their duty to enable their passage. With nothing left to lose, Trent agrees to become a Child of the Styx and serve alongside them. The group works tirelessly to combat the greatest injustice mortals have ever faced. As hope emerges that their efforts may be boiling to a dramatic victory and an unlikely romance begins to flourish, a long kept secret threatens to destroy everything the group has ever worked for and risks tearing the very fabric of reality apart.


by Siaosi Tusitala

The “Ancient Aliens” have finally arrived! Instead of terror and fear, they initially bring a long silence, while mankind adjusts to the new realities.

They separate Waring combatants in conflicts throughout the world. They feed the hungry and starving. They seed all of the arid, fallow ground throughout the Earth. Food abounds throughout the world.

Finally their leader is identified and introduced to a more pliable, accepting mankind. He speaks as an absentee parent, lamenting his absence and expresses all that he longs to achieve. Culminating in the onset of cohabitation and creation of hybrid children, more marvelous than could be imagined.

There are those that still doubt and fear deception even after and with all the acts of benevolence and well being achieved, that Thrisc brings to mankind.

I’ll preface with the fact that I’m neither Theologian nor Archaeologist; Quite simply a fallible and common man. Throughout the “Old Testament” there is prolific evidence of contention between the Lord God and these entities “Ufologists” choose to identify as “Ancient Aliens” or E.T.’s. Might they be from somewhere much closer than outer space?

Mankind, lead to a fair degree by “ufology”, has come to the conclusion that we suffer the most phenomenal case of amnesia imaginable.

On a recent episode of Ancient Aliens; “The Wisdom Keepers” (Airing June 24, 2016), interviews with an aboriginal elder and historian, Kevin Gavi Duncan, explaining their original “sky god” having come from and named ” The Morning Star”. I would draw attention to **Isaiah 14:12 “Star of the Morning” (KJV) and “Day Star, son of Dawn” (Gideon’s). *Perhaps a trail of crumbs to be followed?

All of this presentation is possibly a warning, solace and advice; but nothing more?

For those so inclined:
Genesis 6:2 – 6
**Numbers 13:33
**Numbers 21:14 – 35
Numbers 22;1 – 12
Numbers 33:55/56
** Exodus 20:25/26
Exodus 34:12 – 15
Deuteronomy (All)
Ezra 9:2 – 9;14 and 10:44
Luke 10
2nd Peter 2:4
Revelations 12 (All)
*As well as “Biblical Research” (In defense of “Thrisc”), which explains further!

My contentions and challenges don’t necessarily challenge “Ufologist” research and discoveries. Rather; their identification of what “Ancient Aliens”/”E.T.’s might truly be.

To attempt to revive our amnesia without including all of Historical, Biblical Fact is utter folly! Not simply the passages that support their theories and assumptions. ALL that are

Fa’afiti Lavi;
Siaosi Tusitala

Boston Patriot Mermaid, 1768 – 1773: Historical Horror (Mermaid Chronicles Book 1)

by Paulo da Silva

Boston, 1768.

Three mermaids hang from the gallows at the Boston Neck, effectively bringing an end to all smuggling in Boston.

Heather Benson, ex-mermaid, owner of the Great Anchor inn, waits for her love Pedro to arrive from Brazil with a ship laden with gold for John Hancock and the Sons of Liberty.

But Hancock is on trial for smuggling, and the mermaids are gone from the harbor since the hangings. If Pedro’s ship gets caught with that contraband, he’ll stand trial along with Hancock.

The Magic of Mermaids is the Magic of Mesmerism and Memory. It is up to Heather alone to help Pedro bring that gold ashore…but there is a Mermaid Hunter in town, a man wielding the Power of Living Mermaid Teeth…

Heather makes it to the wharf…and feels the Dark Magic of those Living Teeth wobble her knees. She clutches Paul Revere’s arm and says urgently, “Mr. Revere, get…me…onto that…ship.”


  • Historical Horror 
  • Alternative History 
  • Dark Fantasy 


Aslyum (Box Set) : Four tales of supernatural suspense

by Akira Hawthorne

In a small town, rumors will always abound, especially when it concerns the state mental hospital.

Centuries ago the government decided it would be a clever idea to buy a large parcel of land in a sleepy little New England town. A small out of the way place where they could set up a hospital and “tend” to its inmates, where any and all means were used to bring its inmates “in-line.”

Thus, the asylum was born.

Join us as we delve into the twisted stories of the hospitals inhabitants- some that want to be told, and some that are best forgot. Just remember, nothing can be done to another lifeform without leaving its karmic toll.

The Forbidden Fruit

by Stephen Cyr

Arthur Jenkins had searched his whole life for the most sacred of all relics, the Holy Grail. On a regular work day, just like so many that have come before, he stumbles upon it on eBay. The Grail is just a point and click away but will he be able to prove he is worthy of the hallowed artifact?

Stephen Cyr is a writer of horror, suspense, and whatever else comes to mind. He grew up in a late 1980’s suburban wasteland on the east coast where the homes all looked the same and the only real monsters hid in the woods. School rarely inspired but the library and used bookstore were never far away. He was introduced to reading at an early age and fell in love with the art of imagination. He moved quickly from fantasy and science fiction to horror before he was 10 years old. His first story was about his friends and the evil that haunted their unassuming town in the 8th grade and he has been writing ever since. Now he lives in Las Vegas, where he was able to escape those monsters in the woods, with his wife and family.

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