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Bannister’s Muster: Book One: Snap

by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

A boy with his head in the clouds. A magical ride through the sky. Can he take a trip back to medieval London and get home in time for school?

Twelve-year-old Nathan Bannister fantasizes about never having to go to class again. But his dreams never included a crazy wizard and a hot air balloon waiting inside his bedroom! Nathan is cold, scared, and still in his pajamas when the mad magician abandons him in medieval London.

Desperate to return to his Granny’s house in the modern world, Nathan falls in with a ragtag crew of street kids. As he attempts to find friends and allies, the young boy must escape a wicked Baron and rescue the girl if he wants any chance of returning home.

Can Nathan track down the loony wizard to find his way back before school, or will all his homework become ancient history?

Snap is the first book in the Bannister’s Muster middle-grade fantasy series. If you and your child like wondrous magic, awesome action, and cool medieval cities, then you’ll both love Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s brilliant adventure.

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The Ginge Club (Tales of Dimchurch Spire 1)

by George Collingwood

Alleycat knows more about magic than he was ever meant to, but you’d never guess to look at him. When the head witch steals two new-born kittens from under their mother’s nose, he’s called out of retirement to put things right. But he doesn’t know that the witch’s secret agent is living in his house, and no one’s told him that the skullion rats are swarming along the sewers and getting ready to attack him. The witches have always feared Alleycat and this could be their one and only chance to get rid of him forever; and with him out of the way they can move in and take over.

Thor the Hot Rod Dinosaur

by Adam Samples

Who’s the fastest dinosaur? Thor!

Tired of missing out on delicious snacks, Thor finds a creative fix for his problem…

If a child you know loves dinosaurs or cars (or both!), this whimsically illustrated book is sure to be a treasure.

Thor the Hot Rod Dinosaur isn’t just a fun story or immersive illustrations. It also teaches your child the value of resilience, problem solving, and forgiveness.

Give your hot-rod-loving dino maniacs this book today and watch their little faces light up!

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Ultra Top Secret Robot Dinosaur Blueprints

by David Cunliffe

Ultra Top Secret Robot Dinosaur Blueprints is a dinosaur fact and picture book for kids that adults will love too. It has real dinosaur facts combined with a fictitious theme. It profiles 25 different dinosaurs including their basic details with stunning full-page illustrations. 

It’s like “How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?” Except for way more robots, and way fewer birthdays.

It’s like Robocop took over National Geographic, and started a secret lab.

It’s like Jurassic World decided to give up on cloning dinosaurs and switched to robots. It’s that good.

This book is perfect for anyone that loves dinosaurs, robots or just cool books. It’s fun for kids to look at and learn the basics of the most common dinosaurs. And because the book is designed as a “folder of top secret documents”, it’s also great for imaginative play. Although it was created with kids in mind, adults are going to love it too.

Each dinosaur profile includes a detailed full-page image of the dinosaur, its basic facts, front view, top view, side view and size comparison for reference.

Each robot blueprint page has a sci-fi technical blueprint and robot functions for each dinosaur.


  • Beautiful Full-Page Illustrations: 25 dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and prehistoric marine reptiles are featured, including the basic facts for each one.
  • Sci-fi Robot Dinosaur Blueprints: Each spread includes a robot dinosaur blueprint complete with fictitious details.
  • Size Reference On Every Page: Each dinosaur page includes a reference silhouette of a human so you can see the size of each animal.
  • A Must Have for Every Dinosaur Lover: Perfect for kids who love looking at pictures, learning dinosaur facts or just love pretending and having fun.
  • Perfect for Kids Ages 3-11: But that doesn’t mean older kids won’t love it too.

Dinosaurs included:

  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Spinosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Allosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Diplodocus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Carnotaurus
  • Pteranodon
  • Archaeopteryx
  • Baryonyx
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Iguanodon
  • Pachycephalosaurus
  • Therizinosaurus
  • Quetzalcoatlus (pterosaur)
  • Utahraptor
  • Sarcosuchus (prehistoric crocodile)
  • Styracosaurus
  • Elasmosaurus (marine reptile)
  • Protoceratops
  • Archelon (marine reptile)
  • Tylosaurus (marine reptile)
  • Pterodactylus (pterosaur)

Perfect for ages: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and all the way up to 101.

HEROBRINE Episode 17: Minecraft Wither (Herobrine Comic Book Series)

by M.E. Martin

When Herobrine and his friends Jack and Aella go to town they find the village deserted.

Most of the villagers have disappeared into a mysterious nether portal that appeared outside their village overnight.

As always, Herobrine, Jack and Aella are eager to investigate.

They step into the strange portal and find themselves instantly transported to the Nether where they’re trapped on a fiery island in an ocean of lava.

But there are more horrors to come when they’re confronted by a group of fiery demon skeletons and discover that they are to be the next victims of the Minecraft Witherâ?¦

The Big Trampoline (Little Mice, Big Adventures Book 1)

by Debora Khan

Two little mouse sisters discover a big trampoline on their yard. They have fun but run into a big problem that a neighboring bluebird helps them out of.

BEARst Friends Forever: The heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship between a little boy and a bear. The book that teaches what it means to be real friends.

by Agnes Green

Cute story in verse with great and very important message!

In a house near a forest
That was dark as it was deep,
Lay a boy whose name was Clarence,
Who just couldn’t get to sleep….

A special birthday surprise turns into a long-lasting and treasured bond between a boy and his beary best friend. 

Tossing and turning and dreaming of birthday presents, little Clarence unexpectedly finds the cutest, cuddliest present right on his own doorstep. His mom and dad are just as surprised and wonder how the fluffy gift arrived at their door. But Clarence is already determined that his unexpected present and new beary best friend–no matter what it is–is exactly what he wants for his birthday. 

Watercolor illustrations that are beautifully hand-drawn show Clarence as he goes on a sweet and touching journey of love, heartbreak, sacrifices, and happiness. 

Follow Clarence and his startling birthday discovery that turns into instant love and long-lasting friendship.

A New Sleigh for Santa (Sammy the Bird Book)

by V Moua

Children’s Book: A New Sleigh for Santa
Bedtime Stories for Kids

Christmas is the season of giving and Sammy would love to give Santa a new sleigh. But this little bird will need your help. Will you and Sammy build and deliver a new sleigh in time to the North Pole? Read the book to find out!

About Sammy the Bird books:

This is an illustrated children’s book series about Sammy, a little bird who has a BIG personality. As you read the books, you will discover that this little red bird is constantly curious, always looking for new adventures and he is very creative with his imagination. Did I forget to mention he is also quite the character! There are over 70+ books in this series and counting. I created Sammy based on the personalities and characteristics of my own children. That may explain why many kids can relate to this little bird and why Sammy is quite popular among children and early readers. As an author, I have enjoyed reading all the positive reviews and comments coming from children, parents, grandparents and teachers about how this red bird has impacted their life and helped children to enjoy reading. As a reader, you can look forward to many more adventures with this silly and fun-loving red bird!
-V. Moua

About the book: A New Sleigh for Santa

This is a read aloud kids book. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children.

This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren.

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Trouble at Christmas (The Claussens Book 1)

by JM Turner

Mason doesn’t want to visit his grandparents this Christmas. His Grandad never shows his face until Boxing Day and his Nanny says it’s because he’s too tired, but Mason is convinced it’s because he doesn’t like him.
But his Grandad has a secret – and secrets have a way of being discovered, especially when there is one careless elf and a whole lot more who are too sick to work…

Bunny Bath

by Heather Herzog

Join the bunny fun as 7 little bunnies get ready for bed. Watch them create counting chaos as they hop in the tub one by one.
Bunny Bath’s whimsical rhymes and vivid illustrations bring life to a counting book that is fun for kids of all ages.

No Prep No Prop Children’s Sermons: for teaching children about Jesus in a hurried world

by Heather Hagler

No Prep No Prop Children’s Sermons is a book designed for pastors, laity, and church staff facing a time crunch. Perhaps a trusted volunteer calls in sick or a schedule change leaves the children’s sermon preparation to the last minute. But it doesn’t have to be an emergency, it can be for any given Sunday too!

“I highly recommend this book to all churches and to anyone who interacts with children in any way. This book presents innovative and simple ways to explain the Message of Christ to kids as well as adults! Heather and Ken weave in spot-on theological and insightful truth from Scripture in ways that children and all of us can put into practice in our daily lives. Keep this book in a easy-to-find place in order to refer to it often as your life impacts children for God’s glory.”
Dr. Brent Van Hook
Lead Pastor
Wichita First Church of the Nazarene

Koala’s Christmas

by Sabrina Parks

Joey gives Christmas presents from the heart that are edible too! A heartwarming story set in the warm country of Australia. Joey gives Christmas gifts for the first time – too young to go shopping for Christmas (not that Koala’s can) but not too young to make a gift! Koala’s Chrismas is a relatable read for young ones getting ready to give presents for the first time.

Spine Chillers: The Scarecrow

by Nancy Gray

Eleven-year-old Sophie arrives at her Aunt and Uncle’s farm to horrible news: her cousin, Hunt, has gone missing! When Sophie starts searching for clues to where her cousin went, strange things start to happen. THE SCARECROW wanders around the cornfields at night and murders of crows lash out at other animals for no reason at all. An ancient spirit wants revenge! Sophie will have to be both brave and clever in order to save her cousin…and herself!

The Canvas War (Andrew and the Quest of Orion’s Belt Book 2)

by Ivory Autumn

Speaking the Truth has a Price!

Hello there.
This is Gogindy again.
I knew it, you’re excited to read about me as I am to write about me! Chuckles. I’m glad.
I guess I should mention, that besides this story being about ME, this book also contains the further chronicles of Andrew and his friends in which there is twice as much happening as in the first book. “What kinds things?” You ask. Well, there’s a nasty evil wind, and a Ragweed that is very ugly, mean, and altogether
horrible. There’s lies, heaps of lies in his book, swarms of them swirling round and round, congesting Danspire’s air so much so that it blocks out the sun. In such a city, Andrew soon finds out that speaking the truth has a price. Then there’s a terrible battle, and we all die.
The end.
What a pretty little story. Ha. Snickers.
Well, some of us die, I think.
You better read on just to be sure I got the details right. So go ahead, crack open this book. I’m sure you will find
something interesting, and if you don’t, you can always skip the boring parts and read about me, because I’m always interesting.
And that’s the truth.
Your humble servant,
Twisker of the Dandelion Den

Adela’s Curse (The Faeries of Myrnius Book 1)

by Claire M. Banschbach

A curse. A murderous scheme. A choice.

A witch and her master capture a young faery and command her to kill their enemy. Adela has no choice but to obey. If she does not, they will force the location of her people’s mountain home from her and kill her. To make matters even worse, the person she is to kill is only a man struggling to save his dying land and mend a broken heart.

Count Stefan is a man simply trying to forget the woman he loves and save a land crippled by drought. When a mysterious woman arrives at his castle claiming to be a seamstress, he knows she is more than she seems.

Adela enlists the help of Damian, another faery, to try and delay the inevitable. He insists she has a choice. But with the witch controlling her every move, does she?

Planets, Space and Our Solar System (Amazing Pictures and Fun Facts for Kids) Book

by Ethan Thomas

Amazon Best Seller

Written and published by Ethan Thomas, “Planets! A Kids Book About Planets and Our Solar System” is a nonfiction book that is packed with beautiful, full-color pictures. Each picture has been optimized to look amazing on the Kindle, iPad, PC, or any other tablet style device.

In addition to the stunning, full size pictures, the content has been organized into small blocks of content that makes it much easier to read. As such, this book is a great learning tool for children of all ages.

Currently set at a low promotional price, “Planets! A Kids Book About Planets and Our Solar System” is exclusively available on Amazon and can be instantly downloaded and read by children that have already learned to read by themselves and by parents looking for a great introduction to the planets in our solar system that they can read to younger kids!

Eva of Wych Elm Tree Experimental Farm: Part One: Summer

by Alydia Rackham

England, June, 1910. Young Eva Wright has spent the last year as a housemaid at Ganbury Hall, and has only just returned to her family farm for a week’s holiday. But when she arrives, she finds that her mother has let out her grandparents’ house, the fields and the sheep to two eccentric young men from London who want to perform agricultural “experiments.” In light of her mother’s strained and solitary situation, and her fear of losing Wych Elm Farm forever, will Eva still decide to return to her position at Ganbury Hall? Or will she remain, and embark on this risky venture with her mother and these two charming strangers?

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