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Doorway To My Soul

by Jen L. Joyal

Within our soul there are many rooms. In them contains memories, experiences, imagination, and dreams. Not all are meant to be shared while others need to be. All of them makes us who we are and what we have become during the travels of life. These rooms become unlocked in this collection of poems. Some are merely from the imagination, while others have come from the heart. All are the reflections of the journey within.

Orchids and Neurons: Molecular Poetry

by Ellyn Peirson

We live on a planet that is a thin place – a place where time and light continually intersect. And yet we are taught to experience life as thick. When we move intentionally through the thickness that surrounds us and perceive Light, we can begin to punch peep-holes into and through Time.

I, as poet, live a solitary 4-P journey with the partners of Prose, Poetry, Photography and Prayer. In my journey of Time and Light, I’ve learned that I can free myself from the ballast of ordinary Time and soar in the Light. This is Time Travel for me. The most redemptive partner of my four is poetry. The process seizes me, and I become consumed by the emerging poem until it is complete. Poetry and prayer are closely related, at times with a loss of boundaries. I have written poetry since I was an eight year old girl on the Canadian prairies. I simply cannot imagine life without poetry.

Orchids and Neurons is an exploration of poetry as molecular and metaphysical, as highly musically-patterned and ontological. The poet is a simply a medium used in a complex process.

In this recent body of work, may you discern my process and see yours.

Dying Runs in My Family (Ten Poems for Under a Buck Book 2)

by Guy Conner

“Dying Runs in My Family” is a small book of ten poems. Each poem addresses, in some way, the theme of death. You can read these poems aloud, and enjoy their particular music, or you can contemplate them in silence. Either way, it’ll cost you less than a buck.

From the Author:
When I was young, I had a flippant attitude towards death in public (several poems in the present volume reflect that flippancy). In private, and in my dreams, I was deeply afraid of dying. I still remember the dream (a nightmare, really) I had in my early twenties: I dreamt of walking down a long, very dark hallway toward a distant door. At the bottom of the door, there was a streak of light that seemed to beckon me onward. When I got to the door, and opened it, I was overwhelmed by incredible brightness and exhilaration. Then I woke up, trembling and sweating.

As I have grown older, (I don’t like to say “grown old”, because there is a large part of me that feels forever young), I have come to accept the inevitability of the dying process. I do not like it, but I accept it. At the same time, there is still a young boy inside me, calling out:

“Oh, God, that people have to die!
“It sickens me; I want to cry….”

Torn straitjackets

by Alan Dirac

Scraps of dreams, associative series during strong experiences – this is the basis of his modern poetry. It is the rhythm that matters and a kind of instant movie.
Prejudice, gender inequality, and violence, lack of mutual understanding – these are the main topics veiled in the book.
The book will be interesting for connoisseurs of modern English poetry.

Mindful Musings of a Middle Aged Bearded Man

by Andrew Hawkins

A collection of positive poems and quotations with a pinch of philosophy, written over the past few years. Contemplating life, self awareness, the Universe, and our place in it. Touching on nature, consciousness, spirituality, our dreams and beyond.

Besos Para Elena (Spanish Edition)

by Timothious Smith

Esta es una serie de poemas que he escrito solo para Elena. El más querido de mi corazón. Espero que disfruten de estos ya que he puesto mucho de mí mismo y emoción en cada uno.

Twirling In The Flames: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

by Tinu Bello

Twirling in the Flames is a collection of poetry and prose about individuals living through the human experiences of love, discomfort and tragedy. The collection takes an unapologetic look at the reality that the human condition is nothing if not an emotional journey, and explores the power of love, and what it does to those who stumble into its grip.

The pieces in this literary debut are choreographed to share the profundity of everyone’s dance through the fire that life invariably puts in our paths, and to remind us all that we are more fireproof than we think.

Poemas (Spanish Edition)

by M. A. Bassili

Algunos poemas mezclados con canciones de cuando Bassili componía, hacen que este libro tenga un ritmo diferente al de otras ediciones anteriores.
En un futuro todas las canciones se publicarán aparte o en conjunto con los poemas, pero diferenciadas. Hay un trabajo de recopilación previo que llevará un tiempo, pero que tendrá su recompensa.

Un Beso de Manzana (Spanish Edition)

by John M3 Frame

‘Un beso de Manzana’ es una colección de poesía y prosa sobre supervivencia, el amor, el desamor, experiencias de vida, pérdidas, y triunfos. Está dividido en tres capítulos y cada capítulo cumple una función diferente; trata un sentimiento diferente; cura un mal de amores diferente. ‘Un beso de Manzanal’ lleva a los lectores por un camino de los momentos felices, amargos, sabios de la vida y encuentra dulzura, sabiduría, alegría en ellos porque hay felicidad en todas partes si estás dispuesto a buscarla.

Los poemas varían, existen unos cuantos cortos, otros más bien son algo extensos, pero predominan los poemas cortos. Además están acompañados por algunos dibujos que dan más énfasis al poema. Es muy fácil de leer, de esos libros que te lees en una tarde o para salir de una resaca; es una buena opción para comenzar a leer poesía. Una buena opción para amar la poesía.
Logra meterse debajo de tu piel y te transmite muchísimas sensaciones: amor, dolor, rabia, pasión, seguridad, etc.
Es un libro que te hace sentir bien, es capaz de sanar heridas y enseñar muchas cosas.

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Twenty-Eight Poems: From the Aether

by J.W. Koch

A book of collected poetry spanning roughly ten years, sifted and strained, to represent a shifting perspective that has always endeavored to understand and explore the beauty and significance of being, in all its terrible splendor. The road may be winding, but the journey is worth the peril and sorrow it may entail. Enjoy these 28 colorful, diverse pieces of poetry: a glance into the mind of a complicated and conflicted young man, trying to make sense of himself and his world.

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