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Athlete’s Bible: Strong Edition (FCA)

Athletes are conditioned to be strong both physically and mentally. The measure of great athletes shows how much faster, stronger and smarter they are than the opponent. But as Christian competitors, we have the game-changing advantage of being spiritually strong. We serve a strong God, and we are called to be like Him in every area of our lives. God calls us to be solid in our faith, to fight the good fight with perseverance, and surround ourselves with a firm support system in order to finish strong. With Jesus Christ and His Word transforming us daily, we can be STRONG 24/7!

The Athlete’s Bible: Strong Edition features the NLT translation and is created for competitors on all levels. Featuring Study Bible notes on each Bible page intentionally geared towards athletes and 232 pages of exclusive STRONG themed content provided by Fellowship of Christian Athletes, this Bible is full of amazing study tools to help equip, encourage, and empower athletes in any sport to study God’s Word. 

Exclusive Strong features include: Daily Meetings (4 sessions), Training Time 31-day devotional, Warm-up activities, Athlete studies, the More Than Winning Gospel presentation, and The Starting Line devotional. 

The Southern Reformed Theological Journal: 2019

by James Lee

A theological journal published annually covering the historical, theological, biblical, and practical studies within the Reformed theological tradition and ministry.

The Christmas Note

by Trenton Hughes

Claire and Ayden are a young married couple at the start of their Christmas season traditions. Their tale of falling in love in the wintry town of Campbell, Washington is truly magical.
In this story comes a question we have all pondered: what would you do if you only had a short amount of time left to live? Sulk and let it happen, or try to make something special of your last days? Ayden is forced with this choice while snow falls outside, carolers sing, friends exchange gifts, and the entirety of the Christmas season happens around him. While the Christmas season can be enchanting, for some it can be extremely difficult as they struggle with loss, loneliness, and even homelessness.
This is a story about choices, love, love lost, lasting relationships, goodwill, and lastly Christmas. Embark on this journey to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Minimalism: The Secret of Decluttering (Household, Efficiency, Mindfulness, Relationships)

by William Kallisto

Do you yearn for a tidier house, life or mind?

Would you love to get rid of the clutter that is all around you?

Is materialism something you now shun?

In the fairly recent past we became accustomed, especially in western countries, to having anything and everything we wanted. Consumerism went into overdrive as we had to have the newest gadgets for the home and continually shoe-horned what we bought into lives that were already bursting at the seams.

Now, there is a new trend, to become more minimalist. And in this new book, Minimalism: The Secret of Decluttering, author William Kallisto will show you the secrets to living a lifestyle that is free from clutter, with chapters that examine:

  • Why we should declutter
  • How to declutter your mind
  • The benefits it brings
  • Decluttering your home
  • Personal finance
  • Living as a minimalist family
  • How to maintain the lifestyle once you start

With many people now shunning the material world, in favor of finding happiness and contentment, it is important to look at how we can achieve this.

Decluttering is one way and with Minimalism the secrets of how to do it are now yours!

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True Hauntings Of Europe: 13 of the Most Bone Chilling Locations in Europe to NEVER Visit

by Max Mason Hunter

13 of the Most Bone Chilling Locations in Europe to NEVER Visit!

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Europe has seen more than its fair share of wars, pestilence and human misery over the centuries. Perhaps that has left an imprint on the psychic landscape because there is barely a single part of Europe that doesn’t have its ghosts and hauntings.

In some of these places, the cause of the haunting is clear: Poveglia Island in the Venice lagoon, for example, was used as a place to dump plague victims while they died before it became the lair of an evil doctor who carried out barbarous experiments on his helpless victims. It’s hardly surprising that such a place would be haunted.

The same thing applies to the battlefield at Passchendaele in Belgium, an abandoned military hospital complex in Beelitz-Heilsätten in Germany where handicapped children were murdered and a village in Spain where the echoes of bloody fighting during the civil war can still be heard. Terrible things have happened in some of these places which have left behind a legacy of paranormal activity�

But what about the faces which began appearing in the concrete floors of a perfectly ordinary family house in the town of Bélmez de la Moraleda in Spain? Or the cursed swimming pool complex in Barcelona? Or the seven foot tall, child-eating vampire with steel teeth which terrified children in Glasgow in the 1950s? These events have no obvious cause or reason, but they are none the less frightening.

In this book we will visit both kinds of location: those where the cause of a haunting seems clear and those where it defies any rational considerationsâ?¦

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • True Hauntings of Europe: The Mad Doctor and the Haunted Island
  • True Hauntings of Europe: The Restless Dead
  • True Hauntings of Europe: The Guardian
  • True Hauntings of Europe: The Children and the Gorbals Vampire
  • True Hauntings of Europe: District of the Dead
  • True Hauntings of Europe: School for the Doomed
  • Much, much more!

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BDSM: How To Train Your Dominant: A Submissiveâ??s Guide To Training Their Dom Without Ruining The Power Dynamic Of Their BDSM Relationship (BDSM: Kinks, … – Guides and Lifestyle Advice Book 1)

by Maxwell Diamond

A different, and important, take on the common “How to train your Submissive” BDSM books.

Are you an unsatisfied Submissive? Do you want more out of your BDSM relationship? Is your Dominant misbehaving? Do you want to enter into the realm of sexual Submission and do you want to know how to get the most out of it? You’ve come to the right place!BDSM is a common occurrence that is practiced by millions of people under different parameters. Many people are first introduced to the concept of BDSM, kinks and fetishes through films, television or social media. This often leads people to having a skewed understanding of the lifestyle, BDSM community and BDSM practices. Many people believe that BDSM is in someway perverted or outside the realms of â??normal’ adult sexual activity. This is not the case however as BDSM can take many different forms. The media often portrays BDSM practitioners as untrustworthy and abusive – this could not be further from the truth. The media portrayal of BDSM often leads people to feel ashamed which leads them to not pursue their BDSM desires. It is perfectly normal and healthy to want to be a Dominant or a Submissive within a BDSM relationship. It is commonly believed that the relationship between a Submissive and their Dominant has elements of nonconsensual action and that the Submissive will be, constantly or occasionally, forced to act out sexual scenarios and sexually behave in ways they do not desire. It is commonly believed that the Submissive has no power in the relationship and no say on how they are treated. This false idea will be challenged, explained and explored within this book. Within this book you will find a brief overview of what BDSM actually is and how you can apply it into your relationships. This book also aims to shine a light on many of the common misconceptions held about BDSM, Submissives and Dominants.

“BDSM: How To Train Your Dominant: A Submissive’s Guide To Training Their Dom Without Ruining The Power Dynamic Of Their BDSM Relationship,” by Maxwell Diamond is an essential gift for any Submissive wanting to take their BDSM relationship to the next level. This book can also give a Dominant a good understanding of a Submissive.

This book includes sections on:
– Consent
– Pain vs. Pleasure
– Submission
– Who holds the Power in a BDSM relationship
– Guidelines on keeping a BDSM relationship productive, safe and satisfying
– Much more

A perfect Christmas present for anyone into BDSM, naughty sex, kinks, fetishes and Submission.

The 38 Days of Christmas Devotional….Let the Journey Begin

by Allan Rodney Tilley

You may ask from the title, “Why 38 days of Christmas?” Shouldn’t it be the “12 days of Christmas” as we hear in our stories and song? Not really, for you see, we are starting Christmas at the start of Advent, around the first of December, and going to the first week in January, so as to experience Christmas both from the Eastern Churches’ perspective as well of those in the West. The author who having lived for years in the Far East, the Middle East, and the West is endeavoring through personal experience and insight to challenge your thinking and give a broader perspective to Christmas. It is only natural since Christ is both the “Alpha and Omega;” the First and the Last, to end the year and begin the next year, both with Christmas. Christ was at the beginning of the world and he will be there at its end as well. Therefore, through a collection of stories personifying churches from many countries and ideology, we hope to gain awareness of Christmas both past and present. So, come journey with me on the road of discovery as we again enter into the Christmas season.

Preparing for the Glory: Getting Ready for the Next Wave of Holy Spirit Outpouring

by John Arnott

A fresh move of God is on the horizon!
In the midst of fear, conflict, and unrest, a great Kingdom light is piercing through the darkness. Since the Day of Pentecost, this light of Holy Spirit outpouring has been increasing in brightness and will soon break forth in an unprecedented outpouring of supernatural glory.

Are you prepared for what God wants to release in these last days?
Preparing for the Glory is a groundbreaking new work from John and Carol Arnott that shares practical keys, gleaned from over 20 years of leading a global revival movement, that will position you to expect and experience this new move of God!
Learn how to:

  • Stay hungry for God by maintaining a passionate desire to encounter His presence, no matter how spiritually dry or distant you feel.
  • Press in for deeper experiences with the Spirit by “feeding” yourself on supernatural testimonies of God’s work.
  • Embrace the fear of the Lordâ??the key that will unlock an increase of glory manifestations, unusual miracles, and Holy Spirit fire. 

Prepare your life to be a resting place for the Holy Spirit in this historic hour of glory, presence, and miracles!
“I believe that God will use the book to ignite the hearts of countless numbers of believers.”
-BILL JOHNSON, senior leader of Bethel Church

“What John and Carol share is not revival theory, it’s revival fact. What they did to position themselves for â??more of God,’ you can do too.”
-RANDY CLARK, founder of Global Awakening

“John and Carol are the perfect people to share with us about what it looks like and what it feels like to see revivalâ??both how to prepare and how to respond.”
-Heidi Baker, founder of Iris Global

“John and Carol Arnott will go down as two of the most extraordinary servants of God in the history of the Christian church. If Jesus tarries, historians will record the phenomenon that took place in the Toronto Vineyard Fellowship in 1994 as the beginning of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that literally swept the entire globe.”
-R.T. Kendall 

The 38 Days of Christmas Devotional…Let the Journey Begin

by Allan Rodney Tilley

You may ask the question from the title, “Why 38 Days of Christmas?” I am sure you thought it should be the 12 days of Christmas from the songs and stories that are told and sung during the Christmas Season, or my have thought that even with the addition of the Advent Season, we still would only have a month of Christmas, but in reality, not so. We must understand that Christmas really takes you out of one year and into the next, for you will find that in the Western tradition we celebrate Christmas at the end of the year, however in the Eastern traditions of the church, Christmas in at the beginning of the year. The Christmas dates in December in the West and the one in January in the Eastern Church calendar actually make more sense for then Christ’s birth is the ending of it all and the beginning of everything. He is the “Alpha and the Omega,” the beginning and the end, and he asks us to join him for both celebrations. In a series of stories taken from personal experiences in the West, the Middle East, and Far East, the devotional will lead you on a journey that explores Christmas from various perspectives and will widen your horizons on the meaning of Christmas. It will help you to understand some of the nuances that make have escaped your thinking, andCh this book will enhance your walk in this journey through the Christmas season and beyond. Therefore, join me for the “38′ days of Christmas. It is a journey, a pilgrimage of the old and new, with some fresh starts and with some finishes, and with some challenges along the way. Have an eager open heart and you will find that the road to Christ, whether you start in Bethlehem with the shepherds, or you start with the Magi from the East, you will arrive in awe and with gratitude for all that Christ’s birth means to you. We are on a road for 38 days that leads to the Christ-child, and as we walk along the way, we will find that there is “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men” as we study each day a devotional that will uplift your heart and renew your spirit.

The Story of The Pentecost

by Bennie Johnson III

What is Pentecost? This is a very special time in the Bible when the disciples and other Christians received the Holy Spirit. Before I explain why and how this happened there’s a few things you need to know first.

Mail Order Bride: Finding Home

by Madison Grace

Clean and Wholesome Mail Order Bride Short Story Romance!

After a tragedy Miriam Jackson is forced to take her baby sister Mia to New York City to start their life anew. It isn’t long before Miriam’s circumstances force her to pack her things again. Heart-broken and battered, Miriam travels to a little Wyoming town. Miriam and her sister end up at Miller Ranch with a mysterious and unhappy man named Caleb Miller. Caleb gives Miriam a three-month trial period in which to prove herself or pack her bags. Can Caleb exorcise the demons that haunt him? And will Miriam and Mia once again find themselves without a home?

Buy today and find out!

This book includes additional Mail Order Bride Romance Short-Stories!

Join these Inspirational women on their journey of adventure and romance. Will these women make a bold and exciting new life for themselves in the Wild West? Will they find their dream Cowboys? Or will circumstances prove to make things more difficult than expected?

Amazon Number 1 Seller “A Mother’s Will”!

Before the death of her little girl and before the disillusionment of her marriage, Sarah Drake was a happy girl. Now Sarah is shattered and has little hope, but she must pull herself together. Sarah is forced to make decisions she never imagined she would have to make.

Those decisions bring her to Noah Moore and his ranch in Hunters Hot Springs. Sarah doesn’t understand Noah and doesn’t know if he will grow to love her, but there is a little girl that reminds her of her own baby. Just when Sarah begins to regain some hope and peace, a new threat comes into her lifeâ??one that threatens to break apart everything she has come to care for. Will Noah and Sarah find a way to protect their little family, or will Sarah’s life be shattered once again?

Out of the Ashes (Out of Africa Book 1)

by Michele Pollock Dalton

John Brandt is a man on the edge of professional burnout and personal self-destruction. Can the sweet innocence of the new neighbor help Johnny find the peace he has been seeking so desperately?

Fragile Catherine Kavanagh is grieving and alone with nothing but faith and determination to sustain her. Will the boyish charm of the neighborhood Cassanova be able to break through the fear and heartache that clouds Catherine’s future?

EXCERPT: Catherine stroked his head while he cried and her tears dropped like rain into his hair. She should have never let him get so close. Now he would have to pay the price for her selfishness. “I am sorry, Love. So sorry,” she said, tenderly through her tears. “I should have been more careful with your heart.”~ CATHERINE KAVANAGH

(Regular Print Paperbacak also available)

Awaken Your Psychic Abilities: Receiving Intuitive Messages & Signs From Your Inner Being

by Elisaveta Grimm

Every person has some form of innate psychic power ability. Some people have a higher level of psychic abilities than others. Before one can tap and awaken your psychic power, you will have believed that there exists something not seen by the naked eye.
How do you know there is such a thing as psychic powers ability? Modern television and movies would lead you to expect a person with psychic powers to be able to do amazing feats at a moment’s notice. Are you one of those that doubt the existence of psychic power? If you are, it would do you a lot good to give it a benefit a try. Your ability to unlock your own psychic power can give you a fulfilled life. This easy to digest summary book will reveal the secrets to unlock your potential psychic power.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Psychic Power Ability – How Do You Know?

Chapter 2 – Top 5 Myths About Them

Chapter 3 – Secrets to Unlock Your Psychic Power

Chapter 4 – Develop Your Psychic Powers

Chapter 5 – What Are the Different Types of Psychic Powers

Chapter 6 – Psychic Training Obstacles

Chapter 7 – How to Use Psychic Power Tests to Verify Your Abilities

Chapter 8 – Embrace Your Gifted Talent

Her Moment with the King: (A Clean and Fresh Holiday Reunion Romance) (Mature Romance)

by Christine Farmer

Matt was the one man Georgia could not forget even though she made sure she would never see him again after their scandalous night together eight years ago.

So, when he walks into the Niagara-on-the-Lake bistro one snowy holiday evening, she is horrified and looks for the first place to hide.

Matt is still the devastatingly handsome, suave and sophisticated man her heart remembers and trusted so dearly years ago. Only this time she finds out he’s a king in his own country; a detail that went unmentioned during their brief time together.

Now, Georgia has a secret of her own. Their beautiful moment together produced this new king an heir!

The Wedding- The New Rulebook Christian Suspense Series – Book 3 (The New Rulebook Christian Mystery)

by Joy Ohagwu

Finding her life and wedding at risk, was only the beginning.


“This wedding will never be forgotten.”

Ruby Masters’ wedding day finally arrived, but an uninvited VIP guest crashes the wedding, asking for urgent helpâ??and a ruthless enemy targets her and her fiancé Robert.

Robert Towers counted the days until todayâ??when the love of his life will finally be his. But when anomalies occur before the wedding, he wondered  if his  assumption of their final safety from the reach of the evil masterminds was an illusion or a divine guarantee, even as shocking secrets unfolded. 

Will their hopes for a happily-ever-after become reality? Or will their enemies prevail?

THE WEDDING is Book Three in The New Rulebook Christian Romantic Suspense series. Readers have said that if you love Christian Fiction, THE WEDDING will have you turning the pages! Enjoy your copy of THE WEDDING now.

If you have not read book 1- RED- start by searching for this ASIN- B076BXZL96

Ebook categories: 

-Christian Fiction
-Christian Suspense Novels
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The Wedding has:

“Twists and turns, heart stopping suspense…”

“I started this book on a week night. Oops! I could not put it down until I came to the end!”

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Frecuencia de Amor (Spanish Edition)


Muy tenaz es el corazón, capaz de albergar tantos sentimientos; alegría, tristeza, dolor y encanto; es dueño de los celos, el odio y el amor; su característica le hace emanar un atractivo perfume que motiva y enciende la pasión. Puede ser movido por un simple deseo, lo desconocido o la piedad y es el mejor caudillo en tiempos de soledad. Su cualidad le convierte en la inspiración de las más nobles acciones y las decisiones de ganar o perder por amor.
Este núcleo intrínseco del hombre, puede quebrar al ser más fuerte y abatir el espíritu más altivo; se viste de aparente humildad en la hora de conquista; de valor en los tiempos de travesías amargas cuando pasa por el valle de la conflagración contra la esencia del amor y en momentos donde la batalla arrecia al son del oponente.
Este libro es un pasaje donde se muestran diferentes estados por el que transita el amor, donde el mismo se personifica a gritos, cantos y lamentos; clamores y peticiones; sueños e ilusiones; demasiado para ser soportado por un corazón humano.

“No desnudes tu corazón ante todos los amores, ni lo cubras más de lo que fuere debido”


Snowy Peaks- The New Rulebook Christian Suspense Series- Book 2 (The New Rulebook Christian Mystery)

by Joy Ohagwu

Will you risk your life, wedding, & fiancé to save an unknown town?


Grab your copy and find out why thousands can’t put it down.

Orphaned, and previously framed for murder, bride-to-be Ruby “Red” Masters is glad to be living a normal life again. She busily prepares for her upcoming wedding to the love of her life, Sergeant Robert Towers. Until she receives an SOS message from the mayor of Snowy Peaksâ??a besieged town. Ruby and Robert must face the possibility of having their lives interruptedâ??yet againâ??by the evil mastermind, Pete Zendel.

No outsider cared about Snowy Peaksâ??until Pete Zendel, bought it through an online auction from prison, seizing the opportunity of an annual honorary auction.
Now forcibly detained in his home and desperate, the town’s mayor risks his life to send a covert message to the only person whom the world knows to have defeated Pete Zendelâ??the one who put him in prison in the first placeâ??Ruby Masters. She was their last hope.

Will Robert be able to protect Ruby, without stopping her from answering an urgent call for help? What will happen to Snowy Peaks, and will they live long enough to make it to their wedding? Be among the first to find out.

SNOWY PEAKS is Book Two of The New Rulebook Seriesâ??A 9-book Bestselling Contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense Series. Thousands have enjoyed this exciting series full of twists and unexpected turns. Start now.

Read  RED (Book 1) here : 

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Readers have said that if you like Christian Romantic Suspense, Mystery and thriller novels, then SNOWY PEAKS will keep you turning the pages!

Ebook Categories: 
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My Signature Yoga Pose: A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Yoga For You

by Emma Beck

The word yoga is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline from the Sanskrit word “yuj” (to yoke or bind). A male practitioner is called a yogi, a female practitioner, a yogini. Yoga is generally understood as a process of unification. This unification is multifaceted. In one dimension, it is a unification of the various systems that exist within the human being including the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual systems.

We will be giving you a rundown of several mainstream practices of yoga which are derived from the tradition of yogic spirituality. These traditions of yoga are as young as 500 years and as old as several thousand. While there are many modern practices of yoga which have been defined by various teachers, the systems we will be discussing are traditional systems which have been in existence throughout many generations.

Find out what your signature yoga pose is with a clearer idea of the various different kinds there are in this world. Fall in love with the yoga and with yourself simultaneously as you come to discover parts of yourself within a deeper practice.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Exploring the Different Types of Yoga

Chapter 2 – Which Type of Yoga is Right For Me?

Chapter 3 – Yoga Is Not Just Fitness

Chapter 4 – Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Chapter 5 – Improve Your Stamina On the Mat and Between the Sheets

Chapter 6 – Yoga for Beginners

Chapter 7 – Best Tips to Staying Safe and Preventing an Injury in Your Yoga Class

Chapter 8 – Yoga Essentials: A Checklist

Reiki: An Introduction to Reiki

by Liz Hoskin

Learn this simple technique to tap into your potential and experience self-healing. Reiki is a hands-on system that balances all energies in the mind and body, and requires nothing more than an open mind. With the ancient art of Reiki you can;

Ease pain
Heal illness
Restore your sense of well-being
Rediscover emotional calm

Simple exercise help you put your newly acquired knowledge into practice.

If Only We Knew: How to Stop Being Religious, Know God and Secure Your Eternity in Heaven


â??So simple, yet so profound, If Only We Knew is a go-to book for anyone who wants to know about Christian faith and the life beyond. An easy read with lots of insights into what it really means to follow Jesus and find meaning and perspective for our existence.’
Rajesh Mathew, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Kochi

“Such a great exposition of the simplicity and purity of the Word of God, the obedience of which will surely save you. Highly recommended for those interested in spending eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ! The reader-friendly style of writing will persuade you to continue reading to the end about the Greatest Person who walked the earth to give you the greatest gift of eternal life.”
K M Jose, Pastor, Jesus Family Community Church, Kochi

If Only We Knew focuses the reader’s attention on the essentials of life and eternity in a fresh and engaging way.

It is incisive while using a light touch.

This book is an inspirational read for those who sense there is more to life, faith and the future. It is for everyone fed up with meaningless rituals and comatose religion.

It answers questions the reader may have about:
* God – the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
* The purpose of our existence
* How to start over by being born again
* Baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit
* Securing our eternal destiny. And much more…

If Only We Knew is an invitation to know. To come alive and live forever.

Thirteen: A Psychic Surveys Companion Novel (Book Two)

by Shani Struthers

Although Thirteen feeds into the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, and is the story of sub-character, Ness, it can also be read as a STANDALONE

What happened all those years ago, in the dark? 

In 1977, Minch Point Lighthouse on Skye’s most westerly tip was suddenly abandoned by the keeper and his family – no reason ever found. In the decade that followed, it became a haunt for teenagers on the hunt for thrills. Playing Thirteen Ghost Stories, they’d light thirteen candles, blowing one out after every story told until only the darkness remained.

In 1987, following her success working on a case with Sussex Police, twenty-five year old psychic, Ness Patterson, is asked to investigate recent happenings at the lighthouse. Local teen, Ally Dunn, has suffered a breakdown following time spent there and is refusing to speak to anyone. Arriving at her destination on a stormy night, Ness gets a terrifying insight into what the girl experienced.

The case growing ever more sinister, Ness realises: some games should never be played. 

Discover the Psychic Surveys series today:
Psychic Surveys Book One: The Haunting of Highdown Hall 
Psychic Surveys Book Two: Rise to Me 
Psychic Surveys Book Three: 44 Gilmore Street 
Psychic Surveys Book Four: Old Cross Cottage Psychic Surveys Book Five: DUE SPRING 2018

Psychic Surveys Companion Novels 
Eve: A Christmas Ghost StoryBlakemort Thirteen

*Only EVE,  Blakemort and Thirteen are standalone stories. The main PSYCHIC SURVEYS books are all follow-ons and there will be six in total.*

Called Accordingly: How to walk as Daughters of the King

by Tameka Williams

In, Called Accordingly, Tameka Williams invites women to truly walk in the love and power that God has ordained women to walk in. Called Accordingly, will challenge you to consider with an open heart all that God truly has designed for you, while equipping you with powerful prayers and daily confessions to shake up the mundane in your life, and to stir the gifts up within you. Women have the power to transform this world, to lead, to teach, to empower, to equip others and to build with the fire of God. With passionate examples and convicting prayers you will be drawn to walk in the posture of a daughter of a King with joy and resilience.

Yoga: An Introduction to Yoga

by Lois Hewitt

Yoga is a time-honoured system of balancing mind, body and spirit. Originally part of the mystical wisdom of Indian philosophy, Western cultures have mostly emphasized its physical practices. These are, however, only one aspect of the integrated way of life which yoga provides.

This introduction explains:

– ways to use yoga thought and action in daily life
– simple methods for relaxing and meditating
– how to take charge of your own health and energy
– how yoga postures fit into the total yoga system
– the secrets of personal peace and stability Lois Hewitt is an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher. She is also a journalist specializing in health, fitness and alternative medicine.

Lois takes an active interest in studying spiritual and mystical traditions worldwide.

The Story of Angels of the Bible

by Bennie Johnson III

Today we are going to talk about angels. Where have you heard of angels before? 
What do you think they look like?
Hopefully by the end of this book you will know more about angels and why they are here to help us.

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