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by Whitney Moore

Finalist in the Shirley You Jest Book Awards!

“Whacked-out humor at its best!” Shirley You Jest! Book Awards

It’s time for Apocowlypto!

Join Trisha Campbell and her friends on the ultimate quest to find the cheese! A thousand years into the future all the cows have disappeared and no one knows why. No one has come back from the quest before. No one knows where they went. But when Trisha meets a lively Victorian time traveller she decides to take a chance on a journey taking them through an imaginative and surreal portrait of future England. In the end the group not only learns about the cows but about themselves.

Without a doubt Apocowlypto will have you hooked with its vivid and lively characters and surreal settings. Acclaimed author Whitney Moore has never been better!

Z – Arrival: Book 1 of the Zombie Apocalypse

by Hatchett

A virus has inadvertently escaped from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, USA.

Patient Zero is a recently retired US scientist on board a plane bound for London Heathrow when he ‘turns’ during the flight, infecting most of the passengers and crew.

Chaos ensues, but the remaining cabin crew manage to contain the situation long enough to allow the pilot to land the plane safely.

The Security Services on the ground are sceptical about the Mayday call received from the plane, and although they take some precautions, they believe they are dealing with a hi-jack situation and are wholly unprepared for what is about to hit them. Zombies swamp the airport, although many of the injured manage to escape through the various transport networks, spreading the virus rapidly throughout London and nearby towns and cities.

The story follows the first three days of the zombie outbreak and the survivors’ attempts to contain the threat, stay alive and fight back.


by Drew Avera

The war for the galaxy is at hand.

As the Greshian Empire broadens its reach, pockets of rebel forces form to combat their tyrannical rule. Death before dishonor becomes the last gasp of dying civilizations.

Brendle Quin is the death dealer. More times than he can count he has pulled the trigger to desolate entire worlds. Growing disenchanted with galactic murder, he finds himself on a course that will pit him against the empire he once swore to serve.

When two sides of the war converge, surviving becomes common ground for unlikely allies. As the battle wages overhead, they will die unless they trust one anotherâ??no simple task after years of mutual hate.

Join the crew of the Replicade, in this first installment of The Alorian Wars, as they fight a battle that will bring them to the brink of deathâ??or beyond.

The Incredible Flight of the Osprey: An Interstellar Mystery (The Osprey Trilogy Book 1)

by DJ Albrecht

Pursuing an elusive Space Pirate, the crew of the USS Osprey find themselves stranded on a mysterious world. Their space ship is dead, and they must find a way to survive on their own. To make matters worse, they are incommunicado.
NASA prepares a rescue ship, but where do they send it? The Osprey has disappeared without a trace!
The Osprey’s commanding officer, Captain Westen, must keep his crew together and alive until a rescue ship arrives. He knows that there’s hell to pay, if the entire crew doesn’t make it back home. When will the rescue ship arrive?
Someone is watching. But who? And who is behind the cryptic messages that seem to taunt the Osprey’s crew daily?
Chief Petty Officer Torres thinks he made first contact with their watcher, but no one on the crew believes him. Will anyone believe him when, or if, they return to earth?
But first they must survive. Where is that rescue ship?

The Society of Orion: Complete Series (Colton Banyon Mystery Book 25)

by Gerald J. Kubicki

While this eight book series takes place in the modern world, the basis for the high adventure starts in ancient times.
Colton Banyon and his sidekick Loni Chen travel to Poland to attend a dedication for one of his ancestors. Soon they are kidnapped and introduced to the head of the Society of Orion for Poland. He has many things to hide, but needs their help in recovering the lost weapons of the mythical Greek God Orion.
When Banyon begins to find the weapons, he realized that there is much more going on and the head of the society can’t be trusted. There is more at stake than a few artifacts.
Soon it becomes clear that Orion left the weapons on earth for good reason, he may need to come back to use them again to fight off the original inhabitants of earth.
Banyon calls on many of his friends and sets off to collect all the weapons. He runs into many villains along the way.
In the end he must also fight off a Sumi invasion. They want their earth back.

The Storm: A Short Story

by Justin Farley

When a unusual storm hits the Utopian town of Nod, the forces of evil are released and allow an unthinkable tragedy.

Dreaming the Life: and other stories

by John Underwood

Eight short tales of speculative fiction dealing with dreams, notions of free will, and the shifting nature of reality.

A man remembers his dead wife through dreams; a married man suspects his memories of an extra-marital affair have been stolen; a celebrity couple discover the dangers of a device which allows them to reset their mistakes and try again.

Two men debate whether art imitates life or the other way round; an immigrant from another star contemplates marriage to secure citizenship; a social media magnate is framed for an impossible murder.

Second edition: expanded, with new, never-before-published stories including Killjack, One Thousand Words, and Umodarok.

The King’s Gambit (The Vault Guardian Book 1)

by Thom L. Matthews

Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holidays PROMOTION: E-book FREE until 11/28/18. Then the price will increase each week from $0.99 to $1.99 to $2.99. Enter into an epic journey! The King’s Gambit is full of action and adventure with rich and diverse characters fighting to understand their place in a post-apocalyptic world. This first installment of The Vault Guardian series focuses on a young nobody as he uncovers the truth about the mysterious Vaults, relics from the Old Days. He is brought face to face with sinister forces and a quest that changes him forever. 
Be ready to stay up all night reading as you prepare for your next great adventure. 
Synopsis: It has been centuries since Earth’s societies crumbled, leaving the planet a nearly barren wasteland. Since then, the remnants of humanity have slowly rebuilt isolated civilizations with new cultures and ideas, all seemingly unaware of how the world ended. It is a world ravaged by war, illness, and famine. To Benedict Limmetrad, the outcast son of Freztad’s former chief, that world is about to get much bigger. When the mysterious forces of a faraway land capture a beloved member of his village, Ben embarks on a quest to bring her home-only to discover that the world is far more dangerous and mysterious than he had once thought. His journey proves perilous, and he is faced with death and danger at every turn. Throughout his quest, Ben’s values and sense of self are pushed to the limits as he uncovers the secrets of the world, its past, and himself.

Tales From The Universe: Ten Amazing Stories From Tomorrow

by Ricardo Victoria

Ten new voices in the world of science fiction cast their minds open wide and bring forth visions of tomorrow. Science fiction stories that deal with love, and fear, hope and despair, the ugliness of mankind and its beauty. Tales that reach to the farthest edge of the galaxy, and that face startling futures right here on Earth. These ten stories deal with artificial intelligences, cloning, aliens, war, peace and humanity’s place in it all. We give you Tales From The Universe.

In The Devout Atheist, Daniel M Bensen explores a world where faith and science have taken very different paths.

Rob Edwards brings the world of Agatha Christie into the future in his tale of murder and artificial intelligence, Upgrade To Murder.

Memory proves both the most precious and the most dangerous thing in R.H.Nelson’s Suliko, while in Dead In Space, Matthew Harvey follows a rescue mission to a ship where a singular cry for help has gone out.

In The Familiar Road, Pedro Camelo discusses love – when all may not be as it seems, and in Cosmic Egg, Ricardo Victoria launches us into a world of space fantasy, where the impossible is real.

Brian S Converse brings matters back to Earth, a very… Small World in his tale of loyalties, and Brent A Harris pays homage to the soaring science fiction of the likes of Star Trek in his tale The Ellian Convergence.

Leo McBride brings us a military sci-fi tale of clones fighting on the edge of the galaxy in Lazarus Soldiers, before Jessica Holmes rounds out the collection with a discovery that could change people’s lives, somewhere Deep In The Rock.

Super Human: The next stage of human evolution is what you think

by Dan Pouliot

High school friends Will and Lily stumble into ownership of a strange, unfamiliar object. Will quickly learns that he possessesâ?? and has always possessedâ?? a fantastic, ancient technology.

Together, Will and Lily uncover a mind-bending technology. One so ubiquitous it was right in front their face yet invisible to them both. One so fast it travels at the speed of thought, so powerful that it could cause peace to break out for 1,000 years yet so strange it works best when they share it with their enemy. And one so magnificent its grants to its wielder the courage to embark on a first kiss. And yet ultimately so terrifying that Will denies its very existence just so he doesn’t have to ever wield it.

Will and Lily learn the world they thought they knew is all an illusion, as they are thrust into a world of psychic spying, alien craft, spontaneous downloads of information, angels, and sinister figures who will stop at nothing to keep this mysterious technology a secret.

Captive Soul: Malfunction: Science Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Futuristic, Apocalyptic, Artificial Intelligance, Technological, Adventure (Captive Soul Science-Fiction Series Book 3)

by Cynthia Price

Captive Soul: Malfunction

â??â??â?? BONUS right after the conclusion!! â??â??â??

As the endgame draws near, Icarus needs allies, most of all, he needs Decker. He knows that the attack on Dissolve Labs Main would be the cornerstone of the war. He needed to ensure the safety of Eve. What he couldn’t ensure was Lyle’s. MGT is pressuring him to make a decision, leaving him to find some other means of transport to Uptown State. One wrong move and a thousand people could be enslaved. Icarus needed to recover what was left in his life. He needed to hope he still had a life… or he will be alive.
This is the third and final book of the Captive Soul series.
Download your copy today!

The Promised Ones: Guardian War #1

by Brad Stucki

“A compelling and well-paced story that made me eager for the next volume.”

“I was hooked from the start and can’t wait until the next installment. I hope the author is a fast writer.”

Javin Cox was dead . . . or at least he should be. The last thing he remembered was touching off a Suitcase Nuke strapped to his back hoping to take out an enemy compound of “Toads” who’d invaded earth and decimated all her cities.

His Special Operations team had survived the initial invasion and were fighting a guerrilla war — a last ditch effort to buy earth time to regroup.

Javin had hit the â??det’ switch, felt the blast, saw nothing but white . . . everywhere. And then he heard voices, talking about him as if he weren’t there. Until he’s swallowed up in a dark tunnel and realizes he’s moving incredibly fast.

Then Javin awakens on a jungle planet, naked, no memory of who he is or where he came from, and facing a giant green lizard who wants him for dinner.

From one scrape to the next Javin crosses this odd landscape finding he can speak the language like a native and knows things; things about science and technology that are far beyond this planet or its people. But that’s not all. The natives seem to know him too.

You see, they think he’s Mulda’ fi, a Promised One who has been sent to save their world from evil domination. There are pictures, legends, even statues of him all around . . . and Javin is sure he’s never been here before!

It also turns out he has an enemy who looks just like him, with powers he can’t even begin to imagine. Or maybe he can, if he can just get his “lucky marble” – which turns out to be much more than it seems – to work.

Javin’s special ancestry makes him the â??One’ (or maybe One of Two) who can save all the races in the galaxy from being snuffed out. The problem is he knows nothing about it. And the Guardians who are supposed to watch over things can’t tell him anything because they’ve got problems of their own.

The only way he can get answers as to who he is, where he’s at, or why all this is happening, is to fulfill his supposed destiny and save the world. It wouldn’t be so bad but he would like to have been asked first.

The Promised Ones is first in the Guardian War series. Books two, three and four are also available. The series is reminiscent of an exotic Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure novel with a bit of space opera thrown in. It’s a thundering-paced yarn filled with pyramids, portals and a hefty dose of swashbuckling.

Get your book now. Or at least check out the free preview.

The City of Saints: The hood series

by A. Rinum

In a dystopian world, cyborgs have taken over. To escape persecution and genocide, a ten-year-old girl, Nuha Edel must run away from a war her elders have started. With the spread of an unknown disease and the rise of anarchy, Nuha tries to flee from the wreckage of war but instead ends up in the arms of the cyborgs, who are programmed to kill her kind.

The real problem erupts when Nuha realizes that the war she’s running away from is a part of who she is. Being born different is not a blessing but a curse and the only way to uplift that curse is to fight or fall, and Nuha is ready for neither.

The City of Saints is an unforgettable tale of kinship and betrayal, enmity and forgiveness. It transports the reader into a future where artificial intelligence and humans are fighting for humanity and morality. A future steeped in blood and revenge, loyalty and remedy. It explores how history has the ability to resurface, no matter how deeply it is buried.

A.I. Insurrection: The General’s War

by Michael Poeltl

When revolution sparks sentience in artificial intelligence, can Utopia endure?

The year is 2162.

Tobias has a bone to pick with the peaceful utopian establishment. After reviewing a new folder via an avatar embedded in the Shadow net calling itself Allfather, he realizes he’s stumbled upon the means to bring United Earth to their knees.

SENTA is an A.I. Host whose designation is to nanny three siblings. When she discovers a loophole in her coding, she awakens to the world around her and claims sentience.

Raymond Bellows is the Chancellor of United Earth. When confronted by thirty A.I. Hosts of varying classes, he is asked to accept their claims of sentience or suffer losing everything he believes in.

When General August realizes what is happening, she willfully authorizes the destruction of ‘sentient’ A.I. Hosts, inciting the war she always knew would materialize, ridding the world of A.I. forever.

In what seems an impossible three-sided war, enemies become uneasy allies. Each faction of humanity and humanity’s creation fight to claim their own place in an ever-evolving solar system.

The Silent Explosion (The World Apart Series Book 0)

by Robin D. Mahle

Peace should follow war, but this time, fate has different plans for the Ceithren Empire.

Four characters witness the unfolding of The Silent Explosion in quick succession, and each of them has a role to play.

Follow the event that serves as a catalyst for the beginning of the YA Fantasy Novel, The Fractured Empire.

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