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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WALKING: Include, a complete program to guide you

by Tony Jordann

I wrote this book in order to help people lose weight without having to spend money I also looked for an easy activity that requires very little effort to achieve proper results. I explain the best activities that allow you to lose weight, I give you my opinion on the best and to finish I have prepared a training program that will guide you to achieve your goals.

Traveling with Dogs: From the U.S.A to the U.K.

by Elizabeth Acker

Traveling With Dogs: From the USA to the UK is the first in a series by Elizabeth Acker about her journeys with her beloved dogs. In this book, her canine companion is Cody, who enters Acker’s life in a most unusual manner. Feeling like a failure after a divorce and a business foreclosure, Acker soon sets off with dogged determination to make a new life for herself and Cody. This is a warm-hearted tale that tackles topics such as hardship and work, friendship and unromantic love, as well as the challenges and joy of starting over.

Mile-High Missionary: A Jungle Pilot’s Memoir

by James Rush Manley

The jungle pilot occupies a high visibility seat. His or her spotlighted role creates the convincing illusion of connection and belonging. But the truth is, he leads a solitary life. He appears suddenly, dropping from the sky. He visits for 15 minutes, meets, greets, loads, then goes. He touches many worlds but rarely becomes part of any. His or her day passes in a separate aerial realm outsiders seldom glimpse and scarcely imagine.

Sit in the pilot’s seat as this missionary memoir flies you into the Amazon Jungle. Encounter the pilot’s view. See what he saw. Hear what he heard. Meet who he met. Feel what he felt as he wrestles with his own hopes and joys, doubts and fears.

Experience real bush aviation as this Christian pilot asks:

  • Is my airplane safe to fly?
  • Can I find one tiny scratch of an airstrip hidden in an immense jungle?
  • Do I have enough fuel on board if I have to hunt for it?
  • What if the weather changes?
  • When I get there, can I land without running off the end?
  • When I takeoff, can I clear the trees just beyond runway’s end?
  • Am I helping my passengers with their ministry?
  • Does my flying benefit the ex-headhunters I work among?
  • Who am I anyway?
  • Am I honoring Jesus?

Read how he juggled safety, service, and ministry while doing a dangerous job.

Top 5 Indian Cricket Players Autobiography: ( Sachin, Dhoni, Kohli, Rohit and Raina )

by Angelina Jolie

Top 5 Indian Cricket Players Autobiography

Indian cricket in its 86-year-old history has had numerous characters, who have had a critical effect and given the supporters some treasured recollections. A couple of them have proceeded to pen books which have given a more profound understanding into a portion of the episodes that overwhelmed their vocation.

The latest of them was Sourav Ganguly, whose book titled, ” A Century Is Not Good Enough” gave people in general more knowledge into what went behind the choices he took amid his vocation as skipper, his aftermath with Greg Chappell and his possible retirement from the amusement and afterward assuming control as the President of the Cricket Association of Bengal.

There are a few other incredible players on the Indian cricketing circuit, who have similarly intriguing stories to tell and expand upon and give their side of the accounts that have occurred in Indian cricket.

Indian Cricket Players Autobiography
Sachin Tendulkar
Rohit Sharma
Virat Kohli
Magendra Singh Dhoni
Suresh Raina

Clash of Tennis Personalities

by Svetoslav Elenkov

A fun and enlightening book, Clash of Tennis Personalities puts a spotlight on the hilarious quirks and traits of tennis players. No detail is spared. If you are a professional, an amateur, or just a tennis court lurker, chances are you will see some of yourself or your friends in the 18 characters portrayed.

Stylish pictures add to the joyous experience of flipping through the pages. Alas, descriptions are not enough, so follow your favorite muse through the Tennis Personality Invitational — see how they fare against their rivals, and how they react to winning or losing. Who says learning about the ins and outs of tennis players has to be boring?!

About the Author: Born in 1984, Svetoslav has undergone the journeys of becoming a professional tennis player and coach. His experience in the sport dates back to when he was just 5 years old. He has outlined his philosophy and knowledge of the game in titles such as Elite Tennis: A Guide.

Wasserstoffperoxid Kolloidales Silber DMSO – Geheimnisse der vergessenen Heilmittel und die Richtige Anwendung: 3 in 1 Bundle (German Edition)

by Marja Höfburg

3 in 1 Bundle Aktion

Die 3 effektivsten und geheimen wundermittel in einem Buch vereint und erklärt!


Lernen Sie die ultimativen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, um in kürzester Zeit Ihre Krankheiten und beschwerden zu 100% zu Heilen! Erhalten Sie die besten Wasserstoffperoxid Haushalt Hacks welche Sie Schritt für Schritt anwenden können.

Das Multitalent für Haushalt, Garten, Hygiene, Schönheit und mehr!

Wasserstoffperoxid für den Haushalt, Garten, Medizin, Hygiene, Schönheit, usw. nutzen können. Sie lernen effektive Techniken und Tipps damit Sie dieses Mittel am besten anwenden können. Au�erdem erzählen wir Ihnen einiges über Wasserstoffperoxid, das Sie wahrscheinlich nicht wussten. Auf jeden Fall lohnt es sich, diese Dinge zu wissen!

Kolloidales Silber

Die Wahrheit über Kolloidales Silber und deren unglaubliche Wirkung. Schritt für Schritt die richtige Anwendung und die besten Rezepte.

Haben Sie sich schon mal gefragt, was Kolloidales Silber genau ist und welche heilenden Fähigkeiten es besitzt?

Die Wahrheit ist: Sogar die alten Chinesen verwendeten Silber, um Infektionskrankheiten zu heilen, indem sie es in die Haut einrieben, daran saugten oder es sogar aufschlugen und es mit Wasser oder anderen Flüssigkeiten zu sich nahmen.

DMSO – Das neue Wundermittel aus der Natur

Trotz hervorragender Erfolge immer wieder unterschätzt und verbannt: DMSO

Trotz oder gerade wegen des groÃ?en Erfolges wurde DMSO vom Markt genommen.
Die Pharmaindustrie, die eine bedeutende Macht auf die Wirtschaft und Politik hat, sah DMSO mit seiner herausragenden Wirkungsweise wohl als eine zu groÃ?e Konkurrenz zu deren chemisch hergestellten Arzneimitteln und Medikamenten.

Was Sie in diesem Buch lernen:

Was Sie in diesem Buch lernen:

  • Was Wasserstoffperoxid ist
  • Ob es gefährlich ist und ob es Nebenwirkungen geben kann
  • Woher es kommt und die allgemeine Geschichte vom Wasserstoffperoxid
  • Verschiedene Anwendungsmöglichkeiten
  • Wo Sie Wasserstoffperoxid finden und kaufen können
  • Die Erfolge mit Kolloidalem Silber
  • Woher kommt es und wie ist die Geschichte
  • Welche Funktionen hat Kolloidales Silber
  • Die verschiedenen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten
  • Wo können Sie es Kaufen
  • Wie Sie es selber herstellen
  • Die Besten Rezepte für Sie
  • Der vergleich mit Kolloidalem Gold in der Wirkung
  • Was ist DMSO?
  • Welche positiven, heilenden Effekte hat DMSO?
  • Wie wendet man DMSO richtig an?
  • Die empfohlene Dosis beträgt?
  • Was musst du beim äuÃ?erlichen Auftragen von DMSO beachten?
  • Hat DMSO auch Nebenwirkungen?
  • Welche Erfahrungen wurden in der Praxis mit DSMO gemacht?
  • Weitere Erfolgsgeschichten mit DMSO-Behandlungen
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    by Luis Adriano

    NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR 31st October 2015:
    It is now two years since I finished PENALTIES. Although I am pleased with the reviews and delighted with the ratings, I now look back and and see many parts I would change.
    I did research mental health issues ahead of writing the novel but having spent much more time since looking into this in more detail, there are elements where I think the narrative lacks the necessary empathy.

    I would like to acknowledge the great work that MIND and Rethink Mental Illness do in trying to end the stigma of mental illness and encouraging dialogue of mental health issues. I would like to particularly draw attention to this advice they give for writers of soaps and drama:

    This has been extremely useful as I now focus on writing for film but intend to include mental health issues in the stories I am creating.

    Below, is the original preview I wrote for PENALTIES.
    Thank you,
    Luis Adriano.

    PENALTIES – a football based psychological thriller.

    Get into the minds of a team of professional footballers, immediately before, during and after a vital penalty shootout.

    A disturbing insight into mental illness and the implications of what can happen when this goes untreated.

    Part whodunit, part modern social commentary, PENALTIES will have you on the edge of your seat from kick off. A rare piece of football fiction dealing with harsh reality rather than the typical Roy of the Rovers storylines usually served up.

    Caution: although suitable for most teenage, young adult and adult readers, some people may be offended by the themes and language used to convey this unique story. If in doubt, please check the sample before buying..

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