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ENGLISH: TRAVEL PHRASES FOR TURKISH SPEAKERS.: The most useful 1.000 phrases you´ll need when traveling in the world

by Sarah Retter

Are you an Turkish speaking traveler? If you are, this book is the solution for your communication problems when you travel through English speaking countries or any other place in the world where English is spoken.

Use this book to travel with ease and elegance getting what you need when you need it, anywhere in the world

You´ll be able to locate access the phrase you need by using a clickable table of contents that will take you to the problem you are tying to solve:

Bank, Bar, Boutique, Bus travel, Business meetings, Café, Car accidents, Car rental, Car travel, Children, Cinema, Communication, Consulate, Customs, Directions, Discomfort, Embassy, Gas station, Hairdresser, Health, Hotel, Luggage, Metro travel, Money, Passport, Personal accidents, Personal information, Phone, Plane and airport, Professions, Restaurant, Supermarket, Taxi, Theatre, Time and date, Train travel, Visa, Weather:

Otherwise, you may also find the phrase you need by searching the keyword in the “search and find” tab of your mobile device.

When you find the phrase you need you can show it in you mobile device to the person and solve the problem right away!

Download your copy today and travel with ease and elegance!

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Three Hudson Valley and Catskills Classics: Green Enchantments, A Hudson Valley High and A Hudson Valley Writer’s Guide

by Michael Boyajian

Three Hudson Valley and Catskills classics. A collection of Catskills essays with a regional guide, the author and his wife’s memoir of their first year in the Hudson Valley and finally a guide to the region specifically for writers.

Minicoy Island: Beaches, Culture and People of Minicoy, Lakshadweep Islands

by Nrupal Das

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do – Mark Twain”. This is my travelogue about Minicoy Island, one of the most beautiful Islands of the world. For 16 years I have traveled to many cities in India, Europe and South East Asia but there was one place which just did not fade away from my memory. It refused to go away into the stack of my vacations and forced me to write this book. This is the most memorable trip of my 16 years of travel.

This book tells you my personal story of the natural beauty, culture and people of Minicoy. Not many venture to Lakshadweep Islands, India. After reading this book you cannot hold yourself back from imagining, planning and visiting Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep. Read this book to know about one of the most beautiful Islands of the world. Yes it is in India. It is Minicoy. About the AuthorNrupal Das is a technology entrepreneur, traveler and author. He was one of the finalist of Amazon KDP Wordsworthy Short Story Contest 2018. 

Paranormal Drivers

by Stephen Keck

A.J. O’Conner and J.J. O’Conner just graduated from Ohio University. Intrigued by the hauntings at Ohio University, they go on a round country trip in search of the most haunted road in each of the 48 contiguous states. Not convinced that they will find much of anything, they find out that they bit off more than they can chew when they realize that these stories, myths, and legends behind each of these roads are anything but mythical. Their objective is to venture down the most haunted road in each state. Their goal is simple, survive.

Southern Ghosts: Battlefields, Boats & Burial Grounds

by Sherri Granato

Discover malevolent ghosts on the South’s most haunted river boat. Experience unexplained accidents, apparitions & vanishing hitchhikers on Alabama’s haunted Interstate 65…and explore one of the bloodiest battlefields that nearly changed the course of the Civil War. Ghosts, apparitions, and paranormal activity have become a normal way of life at the battlefield.

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