Free war Kindle books for 27 Nov 18

Enormous :World War Three: For The Nation,Family And Survival

by Ray Marcel

After the Japanese general got assassinated by he US military,an EMP nuclear bomb is dropped into The United States Of America by the Japanese to avenge their general.War is declared on the Japanese by the United Nations.Japan join forces with China and Germany to form The New World Power(N.E.P.O).
Giant machines with the ability to destroy in a seconds are sent to fight alongside the N.E.P.O in the USA and the world as a whole.Their main Objective is to achieve world power through conquest.
The Connor Family being the only survivors of the nuclear bomb in their town,set on a new journey to find other survivors.They soon discover a new set of survivors who labelled themselves as the Resistance whose sole name was to escape joining the US army and fight the N.E.P.O who has invaded their country on their own.
The US military soon captures the Resistance Force.
Jack Connor and his two sons escapes and find their selves drawn between two battles.They end up on a N.E.P.O camp and discovers the horrors therein.On a mission to save the hostages in there, they bring upon themselves nothing they have ever experienced before.
Grab A copy and experience nothing you have ever read before.

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