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U-Who!: The Game & Outrageous Hosting Playbook That Enlightens Parties and Transforms Lives (Winter Edition)

by Ronda LaRue

“U-Who!” The Gift Book
That Transforms Parties & People

Spiritual teacher/author Ronda LaRue, Founder of CENTER FOR SOULARTS RETREATS in Ojai, California, brings you an impish training manual and personal depth process in this: part parody, part spiritual teaching, part laugh out loud psychological commentary all wrapped in a meaningful Holiday dinner party game.

In this special Holiday Hosting Playbook, Ronda lays out a creative dinner party game challenge for bringing rich and transparent sharing to a Holiday gathering of friends, book clubs, and family.

This witty and entertaining 50+ page Party Game Hosting Playbook, teases and tempts the reader with spiritual reflections about life and true connection; social irony and responsibility; and the meaning of friendship — where hosting the party game, becomes the Holiday enlightenment.

What began as gift of gratitude to SoulArts retreat clients, supporters and practitioners of SoulArts Meditative Awareness Practice (Soul-MAP)tm became a travelogue into the inspired heart, OCD mind, fiery soul, and utterly unique teachings of holistic consciousness master teacher/healer, Ronda LaRue.

With chapters like: “How to sneak up on your guests and get them to do something “for their own good”; “A party that’s got legs”, “Introverts and the new politics of (dinner) party”, Ronda LaRue’s humor and depth of spiritual life wisdom blend into a playful romp with your Holiday and party guests this season!

Included are Game Hosting Instruction and Play Sheets. Great Christmas Holiday Gift Idea for the Spiritually Playful!

CENTER FOR SOULARTS ~ Personal Guided Retreats for Self-Healing Breakthrough & Awakening to Your Soul’s Path of Truth
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Bourse Apprenez à profiter des plus grands gagnants du marché boursier (French Edition)

by Thomas Durand

BOURSEApprenez une stratégie de trading puissante en seulement 15 minutes.Ensuite, utilisez-le pour gagner de l’argent pour le reste de votre vie.Un Roquette de Marché est un stock qui a un très fort momentum sur une courte période de temps.Les Roquettes de Marchés est le chemin le plus court vers la richesse sur le marché boursier. Et pourtant, beaucoup de traders et d’investisseurs l’échappent. Ou les échange d’une mauvaise manière et se font anéantir.Avez-vous déjà souhaité pouvoir trouver le prochain Tesla ou Apple?Avez-vous déjà été sur la touche et regardé une action bouger avec un fort momentum? Vous avez été paralysé pendant plusieurs jours, craignant d’acheter. Et puis vous avez finalement acheté l’action, seulement pour le regarder chuter plus bas.Je faisais cela aussi jusqu’à ce que je sache exactement quand acheter et vendre ces actions.Ne soyez pas le gogo que Wall Street laisse en tenant le sac.Et arrêtez de jouer avec votre argent durement gagné.Il est temps d’apprendre une stratégie éprouvée qui simplifie les investissements.Dans ce livre, vous apprendrez:Comment repérer une action sur le point d’exploser plus hautTrucs d’initiés utilisés par les traders professionnelsQu’est-ce qui rend une action magique (ou pas!)Pourquoi c’est parfois une bonne idée d’acheter une action que tout le monde détesteComment protéger votre argent en période de récessionRejoignez les milliers de commerçants intelligents qui ont appris à négocier facilement des roquettes de marchés.

Composition & Artistic Considerations (Finely Focused Photography Books Book 8)

by Al Judge

This is the eighth book of the Finely Focused Photography Books Series by Al Judge.

Finely Focused Photography Books is a new series of books from Al Judge for people who prefer to study photography one topic at a time

Each Book of the Series draws upon Al’s longer and more comprehensive books for content. Like all of Al Judge’s books these books contain numerous photos and illustrations to help facilitate clear and concise communication.

Composition and Artistic Considerations will painlessly provide help and insight into the more artistic aspects of photography.
Why are some photos so captivating while others are stale and boring even if the subject is identical?
Regardless of your reasons for taking photos, you will gain insight into the rules of composition and how to create better images.
Photography doesn’t have to be intimidating. The underlying principles are surprisingly simple but rarely presented in layman’s terms. Like any other area of specialization, photography has its own language. Fortunately, you only need to understand a few terms and concepts to get started.
This Photographic Guide will take the mystery out of composition and the artistic aspects of photography.
Although this book provides a fast-track approach to achieving photographic competence it does not rely on previous knowledge.
This book will:

  • Save you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Help you take better pictures and know why they are better.

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