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The People from Here: The History and Legacy of the Washoe

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures
*Includes contemporary accounts
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

“It is said that Col. Connor is determined to exterminate the Indians who have been killing the Emigrants on the route to the Gold Mines in Washington Territory. Small detachments have been leaving for the North for several days. If the present expedition copies the doings of the other that preceded it, it will result in catching some friendly Indians, murdering them, and letting the guilty scamps remain undisturbed in their mountain haunts.” – George A. Smith, Journal History of the LDS Church

From the “Trail of Tears” to Wounded Knee and Little Bighorn, the narrative of American history is incomplete without the inclusion of the Native Americans that lived on the continent before European settlers arrived in the 16th and 17th centuries. Since the first contact between natives and settlers, tribes like the Sioux, Cherokee, and Navajo have both fascinated and perplexed outsiders with their history, language, and culture.

The People from Here: The History and Legacy of the Washoe looks at the long history of the Native American tribe, their origins, and what happened when they came into contact with whites. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about the Washoe like never before.

Vikings in Middle East ANNO 2000s : Perspectives on the Norwegian Viking Heritage, Military and Norwegian Culture

by Omega History Series

In the fall of 2010 central components of the Norwegian self-image were shaken. The media was reporting that Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan were claiming that war is better than sex and that they screamed cries of “to Valhall” before they went into battle. These soldiers were from the Telemark Battalion, one of the premier divisions in the Norwegian Armed Forces. Military and political leaders were concerned by these references to Norse mythology and the emergence of an alleged warrior culture in parts of the Norwegian military. The media coverage of these controversial events, would last for two years. This long time period allowed for varied opinions to be expressed and many strong reactions to emerge. The media attention could be found both regionally and nationally, and throughout the wide spectrum of media channels. Contributors to this media debate would include politicians, high ranking military officials, newspaper commentators, military chaplains and the soldiers themselves.
Due to the the battle cry being used as a key signaling phrase, I will refer to this mediated debate as the “to Valhall” debate.

In this book I will be analyzing these events and want to find out what the portrayals and reactions to them show about Norwegian society and most specifically components of a conceived Norwegian cultural identity. I will not be looking at these events through a firsthand account provided by, for example, the soldiers who carried out these actions. I will instead be studying these events and the reactions to them through the mediated picture presented by the Norwegian press. This gives me with the opportunity to look at these events from a different angle and perspective. I will hopefully also be able to observe the relationship between society and the media. Specifically the role that this relationship plays in displaying, reflecting, and producing components a Norwegian cultural identity.

Nuclear Winter Feared in Wake of President Wagging the Dog: Donald Trump Suffers from Testosterone Poisoning

by Dave Masko

Nuclear Winter Feared in Wake of President Wagging the Dog, by Dave Masko. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, asserted stated: “Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds. Oppenheimer feared the subject of this special “new journalism” report that shares the saddest lines about real fear that nuclear war will shattered our world. This reporting also laments the sad truth that the Republicans in control of Congress will allow Trump to kiss humanity goodbye because the GOP refuses to stand-up or stop this Trump World War III madness, say deeply concerned seniors here along the West Coast. The view from seniors and others is “foolish Donald Trump who never served his country in a military uniform has publicly declared that America’s military strength is linked to the use of nuclear weapons right now in 2018.” In turn, Trump continues to repeat threats that spark real fear in Russia with the Kremlin warning of nuclear war with the U.S. According to April 12, 2018 reports from BBC News in London, Moscow’s 14 million residents are being told to be “prepared for nuclear war with the West,” as Moscow opens in nuclear war shelters for the first time since the end of the Cold War back in 1991. Fast forward to early 2018, and President Trump is accused of wagging the dog for possible nuclear war as one of this billionaire’s methods to distract from ongoing Russian collusion and odious sex crimes when first married to the First Lady. “What we have here with Donald Trump is text-book â??wag the dog’ meaning this crazy 71-year-old is purposely diverting attention from his daily White House chaos by wagging America’s big nuclear weapons stick in front of the Russians, the North Koreans, China and others Trump wants to outsmart,” says Justin Laury who conducted research at the Oregon State University (OSU) Radiation Center in nearby Corvallis, Oregon. Laury, 76, is now retired as a nuclear reactor systems designer for OSU but clearly understands “when all hell breaks loose during a nuclear reactor accident” or the unthinkable when Trump decides to start World War III by ordering a nuclear weapons strike. Meanwhile, the thesis or argument for this new journalism collection of essays is that Trump is suffering from “testosterone poisoning” as one logical reason for this odious old New Yorker to evoke nuclear war at every turn. According to political science experts at Reed College in southeast Portland, Oregon, Trump crazed sexual acts with “hundreds of women,” including former Playboy bunnies, porn stars and wives of his business associates is “a textbook definition of â??testosterone poisoning’ as a metaphor for Trump’s stereotypically old man super-rich male behavior.” According to these Reed College political science authorities, Trump’s testosterone poisoning is mostly based on his harmful sexual and lying behaviors associated with Trump showing off his skewed masculinity. “Testosterone poisoning (DTP) is now understood to be linked to “abusive men” at war with their testosterone hormones that are out of wax due to age, masculine aggressive behavior; while also exhibiting such odious traits as misogyny, sexual assault and constant lying dubbing it â??fake news.’ There is nothing fake about Trump being crazy enough, due to testosterone poisoning, to wage nuclear war just because he can and his inflated ego demands,” said Julie Davidson, a retired Reed College social scientist whose considered an expert on the concept of toxic masculinity. This collection of new journalism essays shares how it will go once Trump unleashes nuclear weapons, resulting in a Nuclear Winter and real-life End Times. God help us all!

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