Free horror Kindle books for 28 Nov 18

Testimony of the Damned (Emissary of the Devil Book 1)

by K.G. Reuss

I am not a good man.

Wait, that’s a lie. I’m not even a man anymore. Signing away my eternity to the Devil kind of erased what makes me human. Corrupting and collecting souls is my job now. The perks are goodâ??fun, sin, highs, sex, and climbing the demonic ranks of the lower kingdom.

Now, I’m only one soul away from becoming a crowned prince of hell. My goal for the past four centuries. The one soul I’m assigned to corrupt is Nephilim-born Maggie Westbrookâ??a shy, beautiful seventeen-year-old who has no idea who or what she is.

Easy as sin, right?

Wrong. She turns my world upside down and tears down walls I’ve been erecting for centuries, leaving me raw, exposed, and feelingâ??feeling things I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling. Ever again.

How can I get the only thing I’ve ever wanted without hurting her?

I am not a good man. It’s important that I repeat that. I am the demon Abraxas Shepherd. And this is my Testimony of the Damned.

Trigger Warning: Testimony of the Damned contains dark subject matter and may not be appropriate for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. Contains cliffhanger.

Captain Clankingsmith – War of the Wraiths (The Queens of Dragonia Book 6)

by Earl Brigham

Evil abounds in this new novel that completes a steampunk/fantasy/horror crossover trilogy, the Captain Clankingsmith books. A mechanical aereonaut and a human, who is descended from ancient kings, become involved in a war that involves dragons, dwarfs, zombies, pirates and spirit-like entities during the ultra-modern era of Queen Victoria. There are angels and mermaids, and gods of old. Valkyries and vikings get drawn into the fight, along with monsters and beastly creatures from Africa and America. Earth faces an overwhelming enemy in the thrilling climax to the Clankingsmith series. Captain Clankingsmith – War of the Wraiths slips outside the bounds of traditional genres to tell a tale of fantasy that involves the whole world.

The Dream Cycle

by H. P. Lovecraft

This volume collects the entire Dream Cycle created by H. P. Lovecraft, the master of twentieth-century horror. Howard Phillips Lovecraft forever changed the face of horror, fantasy, and science fiction with a remarkable series of stories as influential as the works of Poe, Tolkien, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Deadly Inspiration: A short horror story

by Sharon Sherry

Randy thought he’d found the perfect place to write his next vampire horror novel.
The abandoned creepy house invoked just the right amount of terror to kindle his creative spark.
But the horror fantasies he dreams up here are way more than he had ever bargained for.

You’ll love this page-turner because who doesn’t love short horror stories with a twist?

Crimson Cobra: A Grimdark Fantasy Action Adventure

by Thomas Green

Slavers attack the village.
Evelyn’s peaceful night at the local inn thus turns into a battle for survival, a battle that does not go well. Struck into chains, Evelyn is captured and dragged away with the remaining survivors of the village. Will she manage to escape or will she end up being sold into slavery? Or will she kill them all?

This novelette is a short and closed story that follows Evelyn, who’s a bit of an antihero of a female protagonist and a touch more than what meets the eye in the magic department. The genre is fantasy, in a homebrew, medieval-ish world that’s full of magic and people who aren’t shy to use it.

Dahute of Dragonia (The Queens of Dragonia Book 2)

by Earl Brigham

Dahute of Dragonia is the second volume in The Queens of Dragonia trilogy. It begins immediately with the fall of the dominance of dragons. Less of a horror story than its predecessor, Gwri of Dragonia, this is a story of wonder, yet harsh, of a girl who finds herself to be an enchanting mermaid. Gods and goddesses, elves, dragons, powerful queens, dwarfs, wizards, mermaids, the bravest of men along with a myriad of fantastic creatures abound.

Dahute is the story of Dragonia when there is not a legitimate queen wielding power, and the further demise of dragons. Unlike the first volume, the second volume is not centered the fight between dragons and other powerful creatures, but also on the men and dwarfs of Dragonia, the battle between believers and non-believers. Dahute is also a tale of love and hate, lust and compassion, honor and betrayal, and above all, how these magic creatures and mortals maintain who they are against insurmountable odds.

Dahute of Dragonia is, at its heart, a tale of friendship, family, loyalty, love lost and found, ingenuity, treachery and deceit set in a magical realm that struggles for its very survival against an unbelieving world that seeks only to destroy it.

Dahute of Dragonia begins to bridge the fantasy world of Dragonia with the world of mortal men in ancient Britain, Greater and Lesser. Dahute of Dragonia also introduces characters that weave through the last volume of the trilogy, Cinne of Dragonia, and into the Clankingsmith series, which blurs the lines between fantasy and steampunk.

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