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The Alligator Who Wanted to Be a Dog: A Children’s Picture Book on Making Friends (Wantstobe)

by Valerie Harmon

Rated a 5 STARS Reader’s Favorite and has hit #1 in Category!
Alligator’s sharp-toothed smiFamily Choice Awarles scares away all the other animals, and he wants a friend. Since dogs are friends with everyone, he asks Dog how to become a canine. Following this advice, Alligator attempts to sleep on a human bed, pant with his tongue and ride in a truck with his head in the wind (all difficult to accomplish as an alligator). This is not your typical “Be content with who you are,” but rather “Achieving difficult things transforms you into something more.” In the end (don’t spoil the surprise), Alligator becomes ALLIDOG! This is a metaphorical example of how we all change after achieving hard goals–but most of all, it makes kids laugh.

Add to your cart and teach children about hard work, perseverance and friendship in an imaginative way. Winner of a 2015 Family Choice Award, the animated enhanced version is available now.

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Little Miss Frisky A Brave Little Horse

by Linda Thomas

This is a story about a pretty paint pony named Frisky. Frisky is treated unkindly by a jealous horse named Rita. She feels hurt and unaccepted by her peers. She learns that she can overcome these feelings of inadequacy by being obedient to her owner. She also earns her friend’s respect by becoming brave.
This book helps children learn to accept criticism and cope with bullying.
This is the second book in the “Little Miss Frisky” series. The Frisky Stories can be read out of order. It will not confuse the reader. All of these stories have a self esteem theme.
This story contains adventure. Tess (a teenager) is lost during a thunder storm. Frisky and her owner must find her and bring her back home.
Since this book contains adventure and is well illustrated it will captivate the young and older readers alike!

Doli and his mother: A bedtime story

by hana mary

doli swims far away to save his mother


by Sabrina Parks

Fifi is a feisty French Bulldog who fervently tries to make a splash out of life. “Try” is a celebration of the small and mighty who are embarking on a journey to grow confident in the steps that they take.

William’s War (Earth under Siege Book 1)

by Robert McDermott

“A fast paced story set in a nightmare future with engaging characters and a storyline that pulled me in from the first page”
Pulled five hundred years into the future, fourteen-year-old Will finds himself in a world invaded by a superior race of humans. Worse still his body has changed to that of a twenty five year old. With a genetic ability to channel his soul into energy can he learn to adapt to his new body and powers before it’s too late. Only Sara a fearsome soldier has similar abilities to Will. Can Will win over Sara and are their powers going to be the turning point in the war for Earth? Shall Sara’s mysterious past come to light and do they have more in common than they realize? Find out more in Book one of the Earth under siege series.

Short Biographies: Of some popular personalities of our country (First Edition Book 1)

by Faisal Farooque

One of the most informative and a very useful book, prepared by Faisal Farooque especially for the students.
“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”

Introduction to Data Science with Python: Basics of Numpy and Pandas

by Mark Smart

This book is a guide for you on how to use Pandas and Numpy in Python programming language for data analysis. The author begins by helping you familiarize yourself with the basics of data science, Numpy and Pandas. You are guided on how to work with Numpy arrays and how to manipulate them. The various operations that you can perform on your data via the Pandas library have been discussed. You will also know how to create various data structures in Pandas for data storage.

Data from the environment is dirty. The process of cleaning such data has been discussed. This involves handling outliers, missing values etc. The author guides you on how to work with data in various types of storage formats. Examples include MS Excel, CSV files, JSON, etc. You are also guided on how to calculate various measures for your data. The process of visualizing data has been explored in detail.

About this book:

  • Getting Started with Python for Data Science
  • Working with Numpy
  • Working with Pandas
  • Cleansing Data
  • Working with CSV Data
  • Working with XLS Data
  • Data Wrangling
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Calculating Variance
  • Normal Distribution
  • Working with JSON Data
  • Data Visualization

Tags: data science with python, python, pandas programming, numpy, pandas, pandas python, pandas in python, numpy in python, numpy python, numpy pandas, data science, ms excel books, json, python for data science, pivot tables, excel pivot tables, data visualisation, data visualisation python, data visualisation for dummies, data visualisation excel, algorithms for data science.

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