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by William Obonyo

Consumerism has led to over-consumption. This has led to sky-rocketing levels of debt as people seek for ways and means to satisfy their human wants. Christians are not an exception to this. This short eBook seeks to explore how Christians can rid themselves of debt. Is debt a good thing? Is it possible to live a life free of debt? Pore into the book and discover how.

നിയമവിരുദ്ധമായ ബന്ധ�്�ൾ: ല���ി� മാത്ര� �രു ��വിത� �ല്ല

by karthikeyan k

നിയമവിരുദ്ധമായ ബന്ധ� �ു�ു�ബത്തിന്റ� സന്ത�ഷ� �വർ ��യ്യുന്നു .. നിയമവിരുദ്ധമായ ബന്ധ�്�ൾ�്�് യഥാർത്ഥ �ാരണ� പണമാണ് .. മണി �ണ് � പ്രശ്നത്തിന്റ� പ്രധാന �ാരണ�. ��വിത� മറ്റുള്ളവരുമായി താരതമ്യ� ��യ്യുന്നു.
നിയമവിരുദ്ധമായ ബന്ധു�്�ളു�� പുസ്ത��്�ളു� നിയമവിരുദ്ധമായ ബന്ധ�്�ള��്�ുറി�്�ുള്ള വസ്തുത�ളു� വിശദ��രി�്�ുന്നു

How to protect your newborn baby’s feet: Steps for parents to care for your infant & toddler’s growing feet (Raising Babies Book 2)

by aidie London Seffie Wells

Learn the importance of your baby’s feet to their overall development in the early years. Simple steps to support newborn, infant and toddler feet as they grow. Discover how your child’s feet grow, what they need to develop, how to keep them safe and why they should be warm. Learn about swaddling in relation to baby’s feet, the shoes toddlers need when learning to walk and how soft, knitted booties can help your baby while they’re young. With extra insights & tips for parents.

Trying To Fit In: The Life of Jamie Oâ??Sullivan

by JB May

Jamie O’Sullivan is trying hard to be normal but each day is a struggle. He feels he’s a burden to his adoptive family, the kids at his new school give him a hard time because of who his dad is and he wishes that his dad would just forget about him. But despite all this he’s making his mark upon the world.

Third book in the series. Sequel to On the Street and Road to Recovery. Next book: Finding Home

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