Free war Kindle books for 28 Nov 18

The Worst Journey In The World

by John R McKay

When George Martin joins the crew of the Royal Navy frigate, HMS Virtuous, he is keen to start his new life at sea, but after trips escorting relief cargoes to the stricken island of Malta, he soon realises that life on a warship is anything but easy.
After the invasion of the Soviet Union by German forces in 1941, George finds himself on the Virtuous’s most perilous journey yet, as it forms part of a convoy heading to Russia. Hunted by Nazi U-boats, surface ships and the Luftwaffe, the crew must endure its greatest foe – the harsh Arctic weather. With temperatures dropping to minus 30 degrees Centigrade and violent storms threatening to sink the ship, George endures the harsh reality of war, whilst at the same time pondering his uneasy relationship with the mysterious Glenda, the girl he has left behind.

The Dark Part of the Sky: A Collection of Bomber Command Ghost Stories

by Simon Hepworth

Dead men tell no talesâ?¦ until now.
Imagine setting out in a bomber, night after night, knowing that the might of the Luftwaffe is hell-bent on killing youâ?¦
â?¦parachuting from a blazing bomber into enemy territory, having just bombed a nearby cityâ?¦
â?¦deciding, day by day, which of your crews you will send out, probably to their deaths, not knowing their fate until they let you knowâ?¦
â?¦having a date with the Chop Girlâ?¦
â?¦spending the rest of time haunting your former airfield after failing to return from those ops.
What’s not to like?
In the Second World War more than sixty thousand aircrew of Bomber Command lost their lives on operations or in training. Mostly young and energetic, they died suddenly and traumatically. No spirits could have more reason to remain attached to the places where they lived the last few weeks or months of their earthly lives before they disappeared into the night.
Simon Hepworth’s latest paranormal tales put a new spin on the sightings, myths and legends of phantom airmen at old RAF stations across England.

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