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How to Analyze People: The Complete Psychologistâ??s Guide to Speed Reading People â?? Analyze and Influence Anyone through Human Behavior Psychology, Analysis … SKILLS,DARK PSYCHOLOGY,SEDUCTION)

by Brandon Cooper


This book is a vital tool for anyone that wants to become more aware of their body language as well as learn how to read and analyze verbal and nonverbal clues of others. Have you ever wondered if your date was truly into you? Do you think your boss truly cares about your input or is he just waiting for you to leave the room? There are certain unspoken words that come to fruition throughout subtle body movements.  We are all able to observe the behavior of others, but we may not realize that each movement reveals certain aspects of human behavior. These findings are essential for interviewing people, choosing prospective romantic partners, and even detecting deceptive behavior.

In this guidebook you’ll learn:

  • How to analyze people and their body language
  • What does my behavior display
  • Clues to revealing true intentions 
  • Cues that tell it all and how context trumps words
  • Essential tools that give you an edge 
  • How to interpret verbal communication 
  • How to  destroy perception and build understanding 
  • Common patterns of interpreting behavior – legs and feet
  • How to spot a deceptive behavior and lies

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Minimalist Budget Mastery: The 9-Step No BS Guide on How to Save Money, Manage your Finances, Get Out of Debt Quick, and Organize your Life (including Budgeting Workbook)

by Devon Y. Lockhart

Are you tired of living pay check to pay check and have no idea where most of your money is going every month? Struggling to pay off your debt while every little emergency feels like a huge crisis?

This book takes a different approach from all the rest by focusing first on the cause of your financial problems and then on the solutions. We will look into minimalism as a way of life and how many of it’s characteristics can be applied to budgeting as well, with specific habits and routines you can start practising in your life to finally reach the financial freedom you always dreamed of. 

By reading the “Minimalist Budget Mastery“, you will learn:

  • proven tips and techniques on how to simplify your life and manage your money

  • all the tools you need to get and stay out of debt so that you can finally start to live the best life you can.

  • how to start your emergency fund and plan for long term wealth building

In addition, a bonus is included at the end: “Budgeting Workbook” – a complete guide to track your monthly cash flow and for immediate success.

With every minute you spend dwelling in your disappointment in life, you take a minute away from doing the necessary for living the best life you can with the money you earn. So what are you still waiting for? Download your copy and start organizing your financial situation.

Option Trading For Beginners: How To Start

by John Old

Learn how to start with less money and create a very profitable strategy for trading option!
Please, Do not Deviate from what this book told you!

Fiverr Proven Formula : If I could do this, you can too. How make money on fiverr with step by step guide.: New 2019 : smart way to make money from fiverr

by Shivam Raj



Let’s check its 2018, and things are getting easier and difficult as well to reach on Top on fiverr. So, It all depends upon how you take it & what strategy you are working on. There are hundreds of sellers who are making $1000 – $2000 Per Month even they are earning more from other websites just by selling some of their services like on shopify. I will make separate video, But in this section lets talk only fiverr. Ok so, Let’s do itâ?¦ but before we move ahead first make up your mind, Write down all your fears because it’s all mind-set game. Believe if they can, you too can. So we will do this in three steps: (Don’t ignore friend, it’s a very Important step) 1. ASK – What you want to achieve from fiverr ? Ask this question WHY ? if you can able to answer to yourself, no need to read further e.g :- for money, brand, identity, follow your dreams etc. Please feel free to fill what you love. WHY ? Get your why’s on papers, Do this exercise quickly to get clarity and clarity gives you quality life.
2. BELIEVE – Now write your Intentions. I Repeat here you don’t have to write your thoughts â?¦ only write your deepest
intention, why making money from fiverr is important to you. Stick some newspaper cutting on wallpaper to remind yourself (This step is very important if you procrastinate to do this then forgot earning anything.. ) then paste it on wall or put one copy in your wallet. -Where It is visible to your eyes ) for e.g. : I’m so happy and grateful for the fact that I’m earning $1000 monthly from fiverr easily and
continuously month after month and what you will do with that money â?¦ feel it visualise it as now you are using it.(focus on tiny details see a mental movie in your mind and see yourself what you doing with that money : ) . Let your imagination fly
3. RECEIVE: Always be in a receiving frequency (Happy ï?) .Its like when you ordered a pizza at the counter. Did you go again to book another one. No, right Similarly when you book something from universe catalog. It will come to you easiest and fastest way possible. You role is not going to know “HOW” but you gonna receives it. Let it go with happiness of getting your things and universe will show you the path don’t doubt it, On That first thought, just analyse it and trust it .but don’t over-analyse because it can lead to paralysis in thought. LOLâ?¦ so Just ACT and Enjoy your Dream life. (Action is very important)

The 16 Habits of Famous Minimalists: Inspiring Stories About People Throughout History Who Chose Less over More and Changed the World Forever

by Devon Y. Lockhart

Minimalism can mean a different thing to different people. Minimalism is a practice of living with less, and everyone has a definition of what less means to them and so, your method of minimalism is going to look different from others.

Minimalism can lead to more worthwhile and higher productivity, a renewed sense of mindfulness, and lets you prioritise the most important things to you, such as relationships, travelling, or saving money in a much less intrusive way. It allows you to be in full control of what you have and who to connect.

Although many people consider minimalism to be a contemporary concept, history is full with people who lived by the same principles since centuries ago, focusing on the essentials and more meaningful life.

The major decision that you need to make is to find somewhere to start. From Socrates to Bruce Lee and Steve Jobs, this book takes a peak into the lives and work of some of the most extraordinary people in history who chose to live with less and left a legacy for ages to come. Download your copy today and find out more about the lives and habits of famous minimalists.

Real Estate: 2 Manuscripts in 1 book â?? Real Estate Investing (Beginnersâ?? and Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing)

by John James

Do you want to make money by investing in real estate?
Is this idea something that you could do as a full-time job or something additional?
We can show you how!
Millions of people dream of buying, selling and renting property. It is a tried and tested way of making money that has stood the test of time and vast fortunes have been made from it.
Whether you are an absolute novice and have never bought a house before, or you have a lot more experience, this fantastic book bundle will provide you with all the advice you need. Containing two great books, Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing, and Real Estate Investing: The Advanced Guide To Real Estate Investing, you’ll discover:

â?¢How to get started
â?¢Finding the right property for you
â?¢How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls
â?¢How to attract lenders
â?¢Protecting your assets
â?¢Real estate investment trusts
â?¢And lots more…

There has never been a better time to start making money through property and this fantastic book bundle will not only get you started with your new passion, it will also move you quickly on to the next level.
Get a copy today and start your real estate adventure now!

Reluctant Consultant: Earn Money Through Consulting and Freelancing Even If Youâ??re Not Sure of Your Skills & Expertise

by Ryan McAllen

Create Success in Your Entrepreneur’s Journey This Year!

Learn Some Money Making Opportunities with Little to No Capital Required




What you’ll discover in this bundle:

$1,000 Per Month Video SEO
– The entire process of making money via video SEO laid out in a step by step manner
– How to find the best keywords to target
– How to find high paying offers
– How to find CPA offers or business clients to pay for your leads
– The 3 things to optimize on your video for faster rankings
– How to rank your video in as little as 24 hours
– How to make sure that you’ll get paid for your business leads

Fiverr Blueprint
– How to properly set up your profile
– How to create a product listing for your services
– The exact services to sell for maximum profits
– How to turn a $5 customer into a $50- $500 customer…. this is super simple!
– How to outsource the work to other people so you can relax and focus on finding more customers
– How to approach current customers and convince him to give you more clients or referrals


You can “trial and error” your way to internet business success.

Or you can learn it the smart way, which is learning from other people’s mistakes.

I urge you to choose the second method!

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Step by Step Home-Based Profits: Creating a Money Making Online Business Through AirBnb Renting and Digital Service Marketing

by Ryan Turner


Start a Business Has Never Been Easier Than Today…

But With So Many Opportunities, How Do You Avoid the DUDS from the REAL THING?

Well in this bundle, I’m going to give you 2 proven business models that anyone can start.


What you’ll get in this bundle:

– How to get started with your new passive income business
– How to create a profile that builds trust an authority
– How to properly price your listings
– How to create a listing that makes your potential renters into guaranteed “booked customer”
– How to navigate some legal issues so you don’t get sued!
– Top tips for running a part-time AirBnB empire
– All the resources you need to get more traffic to your listing

– How to find services to resell
– The exact services to sell (my suggestions)
– How to create a product listing that sells your services fast
– How to confirm service profitability in 5 minutes or less
– How to upsell customers so you can earn 5x more
– How to drive traffic to your listing for free
– Examples of listings that are killing it right now. Copy these listings and watch your conversion increase!


Download your copy and apply the lessons today!

3D Metal Printing: Technology Briefing for Managers

by Renée Lau

This book seeks to analyse the 3D Metal Printing technology – its implication on various manufacturing industries, and its future trends. By taking a general manager’s view of this technology and systems used in business operations by a number of top global brands, this book seeks to present the current applications and our expectations of this exciting technology.

The authors examine the opportunities and challenges we are now facing when applying 3D Metal Printing technology for manufacturing processes. They analyse the impact on different industries and list out pros and cons of using this new technology.

The authors are students of the HKU MBA programme and the book is an assignment for the Information and Operations Management class – PMBA6042 B taught by Professors Dr. Eric Park and Dr. Anhishek Kathuria.

Productivity Master: A Practical Guide To Become Extremely Productive And Achieve Your Goals (Time management, achieve goals, Productivity Techniques, Success)

by David Smith

Use These Powerful Productivity Secrets To Immediately Become Successful And Achieve Your Goals Today!

Today only, get this ebook for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Do you feel like a day should last more than 24 hours?
Do you feel like another year goes by and you still didn’t achieve your goals?

The difference between successful people and those who are not usually comes down to productivity. The more productive you are, the more likely that you will achieve true success. It really is as simple as that.
However, to be truly productive, you have to keep doing what you need to do even when you would rather sleep or unwind with Netflix on your laptop screen. At times, you will be so worn out that buckling down and getting the requisite work done will feel almost like an injustice to yourself. Every minute you spend trying to do something will seem drawn out and unending. But if you can keep your head down and plow through anyway, you will have succeeded at being productiveâ?¦ for productivity extends far beyond putting in the work when you are in the mood: you have to sweat it out even when you genuinely do not feel like it.

You’re about to discover how to become successful and extremely productive, and finally achieve your goals.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Productivity
  • Productivity mindset
  • How to become extremley productive
  • Hot to deal with challenges that may come up
  • Bonus tips to increase productivity
  • Much, much

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Amazon FBA: Reselling Strategies For More Income On FBA (amazon fba, fulfillment by amazon, reslling)

by Argena Olivis

It’s Time To Take Your Amazon FBA Business To The Next Level!

Are you tired of doing countless hours of scanning in stores just to have your item sent into Amazon and the price gets driven down by new inexperienced sellers?

Then it’s time to take control of your business by using more advanced strategies like the ones in this book.

Learn today what so many other sellers have heard about, but most are too lazy or too afraid to be bothered with.

Using methods such as multipacks, bundles, wholesale, private labeling, and online arbitrage will set you apart from the many sellers on Amazon.

Imagine being in a place in your business where you don’t have to worry about new sellers driving down price of your items. Where you have put in the leg work and created something worthwhile. This book is for those internet marketers who want to build a real business. One with less risk and more reward.

The strategies in this book are the type that will help you to go full time and quit your job.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your income with Amazon FBA, this book is for you.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, this book is not for you.

You will discover the following advanced strategies…

  • Multipack Creation
  • Bundle Creation
  • Wholesale Strategies
  • Online Arbitrage
  • Private Labeling
  • Tips To Increase Sales
  • Create Irresistible Product Listings
  • Build a Brand
  • Much, much more!

Don’t keep doing what you’re doing and expecting different results. Scroll Up and Download Amazon FBA Reselling Strategies Today!

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by Levi freud


history written by their own historians, prophets, and leaders. That’s completely baloney . It exposes What they really believe, and the massive hypocrisy found in most every Mormon, everywhere. This book is one in a series, It talks about Mormon wacky ways of avoiding tough questions about their doctrine, beliefs, and history written here. You will find yourself laughing out loud more than once.

9 – 5 is for Dummies: How to quit your hell job

by Helen Creole

Are you sick and tired of your job? Or worse yet – are you frustrated that you’ve been caught up in the rat race without any escape route in sight? There is hope! In this book you will find ways to escape being an employee stuck in a deadbeat job and how to start living the life of your dreams. You will learn:

-What you need to consider before quitting your job
-How to resign from your job
-What to do after quitting your day job
-Getting to your dream lifestyle

There’s no reason for you to keep working until you drop down dead. Be smart and leave your job while you still can and live according to your rules.

Running a Side-Hustle: How to Run a Part-Time Work-at-Home Business Through Affiliate Marketing, Supplement Selling & Ecommerce Dropshipping

by Marc Al Vincent

Here’s How You Can Earn Money Online and Work at Home…

Learn how to create a new source of income through your own side-hustle.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

– Why you should target international affiliate niches and products
– How to rank your affiliate website in 2 weeks or less
– How to choose a product that will convert into actual sales
– The best countries and languages to target for your first few affiliate websites
– How to create a WordPress website from start to finish
– How to write a product review from start to finish
– How to properly outsource the translation of your product review

– Why your objections are just excuses in disguise!
– How to get started with the supplement business with a bootstrap budget
– The exact process on how to make money in the supplement business from start to finish
– How to target a market that is already making a lot of money
– How to find the best products to sell
– How to set up your campaign for maximum profits
– How to write product sales letter that converts viewers into buyers
– How to analyze your results so you can grow your business even more!

– The exact guideline to use in choosing a product
– The only product source you need to get started in your business
– How to create a shopify store from start to finish
– How to create your own product listing
– How to set up your payment option
– How to test the marketing via Facebook Ads
– How to expand your store to 5 figures…fast!
– What is the “7 Step to Liberation” and how will this save you time, money and heartaches along the way!

Today is the best day to start your own business.

I’m giving you an opportunity to change your life today!

What are you going to do about it?

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Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Money Online With Other People’s Products

by Argena Olivis

Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

You’re about to discover how to make money online selling other people’s products. This book goes into how to create an automated system that will allow you to sell to your audience in a way that builds trust and relationships.

You’ll discover the different platforms where you can make the most affiliate income. Learn how to use honest strategies that will allow you to provide value to your audience.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win business if you do it honestly and market quality products. This is not a get rich quick tactic, but a business that can be lucrative and scalable if you work hard at it.

We go into how to create the right product for your target market and niche. Plus, what type of affiliate programs to become a part of.

Choosing the right affiliate program is key to your success because you want to make sure you’re getting rewarded fairly for the amount of work you’re going to put in.

Learn to set up your automated system with these step by step instructions on what to do and how.

Email marketing will play a huge role in your affiliate business, learn how to build relationships through auto-responders so you can sell to your audience again and again.

Learn when to email your subscribers and how often.

Discover how to up-sell using different affiliate products that your audience will be thankful you recommended to them.

If you want to go into affiliate marketing wanting to provide value to your audience and provide them with high-quality content while recommending products then this book is for you.

If you’re willing to work hard and truly treat this as a business, you can create another income stream that you can eventually make full-time income with.

Keep in mind that you have to be willing to take action and follow instructions.

If you’re looking to get rich quick and trying to make a quick buck online using sleazy tactics, this book isn’t for you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to choose the right product to promote
  • How to set up an automated system
  • Selling to your email list
  • Up-selling higher priced products
  • Affiliate conversion tips
  • The truth about affiliate marketing
  • What platforms to advertise on
  • Selling on social media
  • Much, much more!

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

“I’ve been doing online entrepreneurial work for quite awhile now and have gone back and forth about whether or not to do affiliate marketing.

Honestly, it’d be pretty dumb of me not to, but I just felt overwhelmed at the thought of it. Where to start? What all do I have to do? Is it complicated?

This book does a great job of explaining the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and making it a breeze. I am now confident in what to do and I can’t wait to start making money! Highly recommend.”

Get your copy of Affiliate Marketing today and start making commissions!

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Auto Pilot Income: How To Automatically Make More Time And Money

by Bart Kohler

In this book you will learn the secrets that I have perfected to earn a passive multi six figure income every year.

For nearly two decades, I have earned money while I slept, went on vacation, or played video games with my son. While others traded time for money by punching time clocks and commuting in horrendous traffic jams, I stayed in the luxury of my home, comfortably earning a multiple six figure income.

This can be done by simply following the guidance of my book and applying the talents that you already possess.

Subscription Marketing: How to Build a Cash Flow Empire with Recurring Revenue

by David Lecky

Forget the old concept of the traditional retail model, get in on the new early wave of membership marketing that will turn your business into a cashflow machine

Whether your goal is to escape your 9-5 job or create a side hustle income that runs on its own this book will show you step-by-step how to market subscription based business to maximize all your profits. Once you learn how to generate a few customers that pay you periodically for your products or services the scalability of this model is remarkably high.

Inside this book, you’ll discoverâ?¦

  • How to properly implement the â??freemium’ strategy in your business
  • Preparing a funnel that creates upsell possibilities
  • The psychology of selling a subscription
  • How to scale your membership business
  • Much, much more…

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Hacking Kindle Categories for fun and profit: How to find secret Amazon niches to boost your book sales

by Alex Taylor

If your book does not make to the front page of a best seller list, it is as good as dead.

There are 10 000 categories on Amazon. Your goal as a self-published writer is to find the most profitable and least competitive Kindle categories to boost your sales.
Amazon keyword research, profitable categories, topic competition,â?¦ We go through real life examples of how to look-up these metrics, and help your book achieve the best seller status in a golden niche Kindle category!

This book is short, to the point and contains factual data and numbers based on the raw intelligence derived from Kindle Ranker, a free tool that routinely scans 200 000 Amazon best sellers.

More information on

Part-Time University: Make Money on the Side Through Etsy, Affiliate Websites or AirBnB (3 Book Bundle)

by Stephen Johnson

Here’s a 3 Book Bundle on How You Can Start Your Own “Freedom Lifestyle” Online Business

Work from Home, Work Anywhere You Want!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

– The entire process of making money on Etsy for beginners… even without investing in product inventory
– The basics of ETSY and why you should learn it
– How to find the best niches and categories that are hot right now
– The 3 things that every product should have…
– The formula for finding a product that is more likely to sell on Etsy
– Where to outsource your products
– How to create a product listing that turns visitors into buyers
– How to get more traffic to your store through SEO

– How to find the best products to promote
– The best niches to target so you can easily sell affiliate products
– How to find keywords to target
– How to create a FREE website in 10 minutes or less
– How to structure your blog content
– How to write a product review that converts website views into product buys!
– How to do SEO… absolutely FREE!
– The best paid alternative SEO to apply in your website

– How to get started with your new passive income business
– How to create a profile that builds trust an authority
– How to properly price your listings
– How to create a listing that makes your potential renters into guaranteed “booked customer”
– How to navigate some legal issues so you don’t get sued!
– Top tips for running a part-time AirBnB empire
– All the resources you need to get more traffic to your listing

If you want to create a business that you can be proud of then this is for you.

If you want a business that can give you time and financial freedom, then this is for you.

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How To Be Rich Guaranteed

by Helen Creole

Are you tired of being poor and not having enough money to take care of yourself and your family? Wealth is a state of mind and a series of habits, not an accident. In this book you will learn:

-How to budget
-The four pillars of wealth
-How to create revenue streams
-How to manage your money
-What is the true secret of being rich

Be prepared to make a lot of money with little effort and quit your boring job so you can live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to live. Order this book now!

“Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally”

Intentional Networking: Your Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing Greatness

by Joseph Novara

Many business owners and sales professionals want to build their business by referral and know that Word of Mouth is the best, most cost effective way to do that. However, they’re not 100% sure on how to fill in the gaps between their day-to-day actions – networking, email, social media – and the referral end result they’re looking for.

In his new book, “Intentional Networking”, Joe Novara shares several funny and motivating stories from his own career in sales. He also shares many of the techniques he has learned and developed over many years to give you a blueprint for developing a Word of Mouth business.

Soul Experience: The 4th Level of Identity

by Al Killeen

Being human is challenging; it’s hard work. The payoff is a life well-lived. But what, exactly, does that mean to you?

Almost all humans, at some point in their existence, have questionsâ??big questionsâ??about life, career, relationships, God, morality, and where do they fit in the grand scheme? Are humans merely lucky (or unlucky) animals who were cursed with advanced rational abilities inviting questions that have no easy answers?

Author and conscious-living Personal and Professional Mastery Trainer Al Killeen guides his audiences along a path to life’s deepest meaning. In this book, he shares thoughts and methods to help readers find their own way to what Killeen calls the “Fourth Level of Identity.” His clarity, vision, and attention to detail make it easy to see where you’ve been and where you are in the present, which empowers you to set the pace for where you can go in life and beyond.

Killeen makes this promise to readers: If you read this book carefully, if you practice what is in this book conscientiously, you will find the answers to life’s questions that have evaded you so far.

The Nonfiction Book Proposal Demystified: An Easy-Schmeasy Guide to Writing a Business Plan for Your Book

by Nina Amir

Your nonfiction book proposal convinces agents and publishers that your idea is marketable and that you will make a good business partner for your book. It’s a business plan you’ll need if you want to convince publishing professionals your book will sell and you can help it do so. If business and business plans are not your forté, and you’ve read all the full-length books on how to write a book proposalâ??or you don’t have time to read themâ??but still don’t know where to start, this ebook provides you with a quick, easy-schmeasy guide to writing your plan.

Each section of a nonfiction book proposal is briefly described so you understand what content to include and how to write it effectively. In just a page or two, you will discover all the information necessary to research and compose the material for each of the 12 primary sections in a nonfiction book proposal. Plus, you’ll receive tips on how to write a proposal that stands out above all the other submissions, how to get your query or proposal accepted, how to write a query letter, what to do when a publisher wants to see your proposal, and moreâ??all from the experience of a bestselling author, developmental editor, proposal consultant, and nonfiction expert who has numerous agent and acquisitions editor contacts.

The information in this ebook can also be used as a template for a fiction proposal, since today more and more fiction publishers require proposals quite similar to nonfiction proposals, or as a simple business plan for making a self-published book a success.

Side-Hustle Lifestyle: Create a Side Income Source Through Shopify Store Selling & Affiliate Marketing

by Angelo Benham

Here are some Business Ideas That Any Newbie Entrepreneur Can Implement

You don’t need any technical and marketing skills.

You don’t even need huge capital or any experience at all.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn in this book bundle:

– How to choose a product to sell
– How to never handle inventory… ever!
– How to get started without spending a single cent on product inventory
– How to sell other people’s product online
– How to create your own Shopify store in 60 minutes or less
– How to set up your product listing and payment process
– Ways to evaluate the results of your ad… so you’ll know whether to keep running your ad or not
– How to create an ad image that customers respond to
– How to create cheap advertising that turns $5 into $50 sales

– How to find the best products to promote
– The best niches to target so you can easily sell affiliate products
– How to find keywords to target
– How to create a FREE website in 10 minutes or less
– How to structure your blog content
– How to write a product review that converts website views into product buys!
– How to do SEO… absolutely FREE!
– The best paid alternative SEO to apply in your website

And many more!

You can either learn all these by yourself, or you’ll take the shortcut and get this book bundle today

The choice is up to you and you alone.

If you’re an action taker and you want to make money as fast as possible, then scroll up and download your copy today!

The Entrepreneur Matrix: Success is predictable

by Sascha Wlaschek

The Entrepreneur Matrix – Success is Predictable
The Entrepreneur Matrix is the ultimate workbook for all business start-ups, lean entrepreneurs, freelancers, and service agencies. It is a practical guide book with creative, functional processes on how to grow a business from start to finish without losing focus.
The Entrepreneur Matrix emphasizes that success in business is a guaranteed outcome when specific guided, tested and proven strategies are implemented methodically.
It provides a robust framework for different product and service industries to achieve their goals and objectives in the shortest possible time using a well-documented approach.
The unique features of the Entrepreneur Matrix are listed below:

The Entrepreneur Matrix presents users with a highly effective and result-oriented approach using business management tools to achieve entrepreneurial success in the shortest time possible regardless of the type of business involved.

The Entrepreneur Matrix defines the process in every entrepreneurial business set-up as having 9 steps, represented by 9 different symbols. These 9 symbols represent the 9 Matrix field comprising an entrepreneur’s business. It forms the basis of the Entrepreneur Matrix as a practical guide.

The 9 symbols representing the 9 Matrix fields are as follows:
-The Light Bulb, it represents the business idea when it first comes to mind. It is also the product or service that the entrepreneur plans to deliver to the market. It is the first step in the 9 Matrix fields of the Entrepreneur Matrix.
-The Pen, it represents the business plan that must be put in place to run the operation. Without the business plan, the idea could be considered dead on arrival.
-The Dollar, it represents the costing and budgeting of the product or service. It covers everything relating to cost, expenses and subsequently, income. This is where the financial plan of the idea is drawn up and analyzed.
-The Legal Symbol, every business whether small, medium or big must have a legal framework backing it. It covers all aspects of legality in the business.
-The Container, this also known as the platform. For a product or service to be delivered to those who need it, there must be a platform on which it operates on. This platform could be physical or virtual as in the case of online business models.
-The Megaphone, it represents advertising in business. Every business needs promotions to get across to the people who need it. If a business must grow in sales, it needs good advertising.
-The Human Heart, this represents the human workforce on one side and the target customers on the other side. Both parties play a major role in the success of a business
-The Checkered Flag, this represents the target, goals, objectives of the business. Without this in place, it’s easy for a business to lose focus and get derailed.
-The Star, it represents quality, innovation, and achievement in the business enterprise.

Each of the 9 Matrix fields is further divided into 8 sub-fields made up of the remaining 8 matrix fields to improve the attainment of each one.

The Entrepreneur Matrix shows in practical steps how success is predictable when processes measured are put in place using different illustration models.

Implementing the steps in The Entrepreneur Matrix workbook that combines theory flawlessly with practicality is the surest path to predictable business success.
The Entrepreneur Matrix remains one of the best books on the subject out there!

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