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The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook For Beginners and Advanced: For Effortless Cooking en Sous Vide (Sous Vide recipes 1)

by Sophia Hayes

What happens when science and love for food and cooking come together? Are you ready to find out the answer?

Create many extraordinary moments and sharer them with your loved ones!

Cooking with Sous Vide is a perfect example of a scientific cooking method and you will become a kitchen hero in no time with this Sous Vide cookbook.

In this Sous Vide cookbook you will find a lot of varied ingenious recipes starting from breakfast through lunch and dessert to dinner. Let yourself discover a new world of dishes and turn your kitchen into a home restaurant.

This Sous Vide book consists of the following categories which will introduce you to the Sous Vide lifestyle forever:

  • Tender & Juicy Beef and Poultry Sous Vide recipes
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Weight loss Sous Vide recipes
  • Appetizers & Snacks
  • Delicious Sous Vide Desserts

On the top of that you will find an instruction how to use your Sous Vide device properly along with a vast cooking chart encompassing the majority of common ingredients, the time it takes to prepare and the exact temperature to cook at.

Eating has always been a foundation of cultivating human relations regardless of the epoch and culture. It has never been solely an act of fulfilling a bodily need but a deeply integrating process. Can you imagine the ones you really love joining you at the table celebrating each other’s company with a meal being a pure delight and a benefit for your body?

Actuallyâ?¦ you don’t have to imagine it, this Sous Vide cookbook will do it for you!

Let’s Blog! Blogging Basics

by Ilana D. Weissz

Do you have a blog or considering starting one soon? Curious to find out how and what you can do to have an amazing success in the first 12 months? Interested to find out the best social media tools that will increase your audience? This book is for you!
Designed as a handbook for the beginner blogger, the book is an introduction in the world of blogging. Regardless of your domain of activity and your writing experience, you will find enough tips and suggestions to start a healthy and successful blogging life. With so many suggestions and resources, you can focus on your writing!
Good luck and let’s blog together!

Microsoft Power BI from the very beginning: Simple guide for novices in examples

by Dan N.

This book is a guide on how to use the Power BI tool for data analysis and generation of reports. The author begins by explaining to you what Power BI is. The various features as tools offered have been discussed. The process of installing Power BI has been discussed in a step-by-step manner. With Power BI, you can get data from various sources. The various data sources supported by the tool have been discussed. You will be also guided on how to import Excel workbooks into the Power BI. Other than getting data from external sources, Power BI allows you to enter data into your workspace. In this case, you are required to create a datable then data into it. The author helps you to know how to do this. Power BI also has a feature known as DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). With this feature, you can write formulas to work on your data. This feature has been discussed in details. The tool also comes with built-in functions that you can call to get various statistical calculations on your data. The author helps you to know how to use these. Power BI is a good tool for generation reports. These reports can feature can include various features. The author helps you to know how to generate these reports from your data and include various features like slicers, buttons and bookmarks in your reports.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Data Sources
  • Data Modelling
  • Creating Reports
  • Slicers
  • Creating Buttons
  • Bookmarks

YouTube Promotions: Use YouTube to Make Money with Clickbank Selling & Video Game Recordings Publishing

by Ryan McAllen

Create Success in Your Entrepreneur’s Journey This Year!

Learn Some Money Making Opportunities with Little to No Capital Required




What you’ll discover in this bundle:

– A skill that is an absolute requirement if you want to make money through affiliate marketing
– How to find a product to promote on YouTube
– The best categories to target for Clickbank YouTube promotions
– The 4 criteria to follow if you want a better chance of choosing a product that will sell
– Why YouTube competition is your key to the perfect product
– The absolute must have for choosing a product to promote as an affiliate
– The tools that you need in order to create a video review
– How to create a product review from start to finish
– 4 ways to optimize your video for YouTube rankings
– How to hire someone to rank your video for you for as low as $10

– the step by step instruction on how to take advantage of this secret, crazy and passionate market
– One of the most profitable niches today
– How to optimize your youtube videos for maximum SEO effectivity
– What to use to monetize your videos
– How to record your videos
– One simple traffic source that will double your income


You can “trial and error” your way to internet business success.

Or you can learn it the smart way, which is learning from other people’s mistakes.

I urge you to choose the second method!

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Agile Product Management: (Boxset) Scrum Master: 21 sprint problems, impediments and solutions & Sprint Retrospective: 29 tips for continuous improvement … development, agile software development)

by Paul VII

Agile Product Management Just Got Easier


Thank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Scrum Master: 21 Sprint Problems, Impediments and Solutions”.
In this class, you will be given a multitude of proven solutions that you can use to effectively solve common, problems, blockers or impediments and improve the productivity of your agile scrum teams.
Delivering complex projects is never a straight line. Therefore, I know you will get value from this class as it gives you a brief introduction to the concept of the sprint. I then talk you one by one through each common (and uncommon) project problem and suggested solutions. Along the way, as usual, I will give you plenty of examples and enlightening insight for how to remove obstacles and increase productivity within an agile scrum team. In this class, you will learn:

â??A brief recap of agile and scrum principles

â??What is a sprint and why it is often challenging to complete projects on time, even using sprints

â??Key principles to use when solving impediments

â??Concise tips for solving common and uncommon impediments within scrum

So let’s get started and let me teach you how to solve impediments in your sprints using agile scrum.


I want to thank you and congratulate you for taking this class, “Sprint Retrospectives: 29 tips for continuous improvement with Scrum”.
This class contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your sprint retrospective as part of an agile scrum team.
I know you will get value from this as it gives you a full introduction to agile scrum retrospectives and walks you step by step through carrying out and improving retrospectives in your team or business from the ground up. It also gives you plenty of examples. It tells you EXACTLY how I have carried out retrospectives in practice and guides you through some common best practices based on extensive research. In this class you will learn:

-A brief recap of agile and scrum principles

-Why the retrospective is so powerful for continuous improvement

-How to carry out retrospectives in your team or business like the pros

-Concise tips and options for improving your retrospectives and taking them to the next level

So are you ready to learn, improve and master agile scrum retrospectives?
Well let’s get into the next chapter and all will be revealed.

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