Free fantasy Kindle books for 29 Nov 18

The Brimshire Collection Books 1-10 (The Lands of Lucentria)

by R.R. Bisso

The Lands of Lucentria: The Brimshire Collection contains all ten volumes of Lucentria plus additional, never before read material only available in this collection. Discover breathtaking views and envelop yourself in a world of political intrigue as the Dark War nears the six nations of the lands. Ten Years. Ten Volumes. The lands are waiting. What will be their fate?

Dragon Force 1: Invisible Born

by Lucia Ashta

Hunted and forced to hide from her own people.

Anira was born a twin, a fact that would have led to her death if she hadn’t also been born invisible.

Every day of her life, she’s forced to hide to protect the secret of who she is while her twin gets to lead the life she can’t. She has no purpose beyond her own survival.

Then Anira discovers that their chieftain is a sorcerer who’s draining the tribe’s power and keeping it for himself. He intends to drain the magic from the dragons next. Protecting the dragons is her people’s most sacred calling.

The chieftain has everyone enchanted into believing he’s their savior. But not Anira. He can’t bewitch her when he doesn’t realize she exists.

For the first time, Anira has a purpose. She vows to stop the chieftain and save her tribe and the dragons. She’s the only one who can.

For if she fails, there will be no one left to prevent the chieftain from claiming the dragons’ magic. It’s what he’s counting on.

But he doesn’t expect Anira. No one ever does.

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Miss LeBlanc’s Blunder (The Painted Ladies of Turnberry Circle Book 1)


Victoria LeBlanc is a witch that has difficulty controlling her magic. It wasn’t unusual to see a gaggle of geese running across her lawn or sunflowers popping up along her fence during the dead of winter. Luckily, they were all little mishaps that gradually faded away, all except one little blunder that left her in a terrible fix. To make matters worse, she discovers her friend is missing, and someone with magical powers has taken her. Will she be able to help find her friend or suffer the same fate?

Our Last Hope (The Demon Slayer Book 1)

by Michael Arches

I’m Lucien Lesauvage, convicted murderer and all-around great guy.

My main claim to fame these days is that I’m the only convict ever sent to Supermax who considered it a blessing.

Why? It’s complicated, but here’s a big clue–the toughest prison in the country to break out of is also the toughest to break into.

I was living the good life, happy in solitary at the Big House, until Tiffany Thompson, President of the United States, dragged me to DC.

Not because she feels sorry for me. No, the demon bitch wants me to do a job–the kind of job that’s already killed a half-dozen better magical fighters.

Rule number one from the mean streets of Chicago–never take on a fight you can’t win.

Unfortunately, our Lord High Demon Tiffy won’t take “screw you” for answer. I said it anyway. Now she’s telling me how much she loves my family and friends. It’d be a darned shame if …

Agghhh! Rule number two from the mean streets of Chicago–family and friends count for everything.

Our Last Hope is the first book in a new, action-packed, Dark Fantasy series. It’s priced at only $.99, and there’s a bonus for no extra charge. You’ll learn what to do when you walk around a corner and run smack-dab into a full grown cave troll. That might come in real handy someday.

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Here is a full listing of the books in The Demon Slayer series:

Book one–Our Last Hope–is available now–Amazon ID B07HVS57R5
Book two–Inside the Storm–is available now–Amazon ID B07HVCS379
Book three–Blood in the Seine–will be published on November 30th.

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Chicago 1871

by James E. Merl

John Kirk is a California firefighter who travels back in time after battling a blaze that goes dangerously awry. History comes alive before him as he begins working for the Chicago Fire Department armed with the knowledge of the future and with the certainty of the impending Great Chicago Fire. Kirk immerses himself completely in his new life but feels compelled to share what he knows about the future despite the disbelief he faces whenever he reveals a shocking detail from 2018. The tension escalates as the days move closer and closer to the historic fire of 1871, and Kirk must decide how much of the future he is willing to alter. A must read for veteran firefighters and history buffs. Based on true events of September and October of 1871.

“Brimming with excitement and featuring compelling history, James E.
Merl’s Chicago 1871 is a tour-de-force of fiction writing that combines time travel with an intriguing premise.” â?? Pacific Book Reviews

“This is so much more than science fiction. It’s also a drama; it’s a book about people and their lives. This is a book about the life of John Kirk and how he learns to fit in in 1871. This is a book about the people he meets – his fellow firefighters, there’s even romance thrown in for good measure. The characters are so well drawn that you will swear you know them. You’ll be sad that you are no longer part of their lives when the book ends. I give this story 4 out of 4 stars. “â?? OnLineBookClub Review

What people are saying

“I finished your book last night and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the read and how nicely you portrayed Nicholas DuBach (my Great Grandfather) and all those Chicago firefighters. My Dad, Nicholas’ grandson, told me many stories about what he knew of Nicholas’ history. Now you have put all those Nicholas memories into your book. You portrayed him just as I remember my dad telling me. And how brave the Chicago firefighters were battling that horrific fire.” â??Jim DuBach

About the Author
James spent sixteen years as a firefighter/medic in California before suffering a career-ending injury. As a firefighter, he moved through the ranks of engineer, captain, and training officer. After leaving the department, James moved his family to Northeastern Washington state.
“I’ve always liked telling stories from as far back as I can remember. My influences are Rod Serling, Alfred Hitchcock, and Pen Densham. There’s nothing more exciting than creating characters, places, and taking the reader to a whole new world.

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