Free historical fiction Kindle books for 29 Nov 18

The Foreign Desk

by Alexander Clifford

Fact? Fiction? It doesn’t matter. Bumbling journalist Henry Henderson is on his next assignment. This time to the sleepy skiing town of Creleon, Spain. Dispatched by his paranoid boss, Henderson goes on a quest for a weather altering machine that could change the world as we know it. Jolly japes ensue, although a storm seems to be brewing that could be his last on the foreign desk.

Expect to be charmed as you are transported to a time of chummy old-school journalists, clacking typewriters and daring adventure. Inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel and Stefan Zweig, this novella is an amusing, blustering and heartwarming romp through the mountains.

No Room for Regret: Exiled: to nowhere, with no-one, with nothing (Cullen / Bartlett Dynasty Book 1)

by Janeen Ann O’Connell

Award winning read – Chill with a Book – May 2018 (Pauline Barclay Founder of Chill with a Book Awards – UK)
“Historical fiction at its best.”
“I feel like I’ve made new friends, been on a ship, been forced to the other side of the world and much much more!!
I love the characters, love how it moves between their stories and is written so eloquently. I especially love the smells!!!
If I had more time on my hands I would’ve finished it in one weekend.. it’s amazing!!
The touches of history, distances, images, newspaper cuttings really bring the story to life and make you invest even more.” (Ashleigh Hutton)

“The author gives her characters permission to recount their own convict beginnings, the details of each adding depth to their actions and relationships, so significant to the plot lines that gradually unfold. The inspirational stories of these souls, transported to another world, are revealed in lives truly lived.”

Part of the refuse of Georgian England, dumped on the other side of the world. Is survival conducive to living?

Before Tomorrow Comes

by Barbara Baldwin

Five women with tender hearts. Can they find the love they deserve before tomorrow comes and their secrets and pasts are exposed?

Christmas loves the holiday she is named after but loves her childhood sweetheart even more. Can she convince him to come backâ??to the town where he belongs and to her?

Molly buys an old mansion to renovate; and to get as far away from her ex-husband as she can. Is it possible to also restore her broken heart and will the mysterious man she meets on location be the one to do it?

Richelle loses her brother and father in the war and is being forced to marry another. Will the man she truly loves be able to save her before it is too late?

Meredith leaves a comfortable, if unhappy, life behind but finds herself out on the street in the cold. When she saves a man from being robbed, he tries to show her his gratitude by offering her a place to stay. Does she want to return to her street life when he offers her more than a roof over her head?

Emma is racing away from trouble when her car slides into a snowy ditch. Can she trust the man who rescues her; with her life and her heart?

Pendulum: Remember The Notes

by John Carpenter

Music can take you to places where no man can walk, nor bird can fly. For Arnold that place is the distant past.

Arnold has never had a family. Still, he’s always had music to guide him through life. Whilst hiding from his pushy foster parents, he finds a shoddy old piano and some simple sheet music with the words: â??Remember The Notes’ scrawled on the top. He plays the song and gets transported back to when the song was first playedâ?¦ Venice, Italy, 1698.

Here he meets Barty; the eccentric inventor of the piano. An elderly man who feels his invention was just one big waste of the little time he has left. He feels his invention has failed and the people of the era are quick to dismiss it as he struggles to play anything of worth to the patrons. In a night of rage, he destroys the piano, sickened at how it wasted so many years of his life.

This leaves Arnold with no method to return to the modern age and so he must convince Barty that the recreation of the piano is for the good of humanity. However, time is quickly running out as Barty is rapidly descending into the unreturnable grasp of Dementia.

Brother Sid: A Novel of Sidney Lanier

by May Lamar

Brother Sid is a fictional account of the bright, abbreviated life of iconic southern poet Sidney Lanier. From college he is sent to war, and from war to prison. Afterward, neither reconstruction nor broken romance derails him for long. Lanier juggles ill health, poverty and great promise by balancing on his friends and the remarkable gifts God gave him. Decades later, a woman in her finals days sees Sidney Lanier as a man worth remembering for his steadfast pursuit of improbable dreams, some of which even came true.

Bolthar, der Wikingerfürst Band 6: Krieg der Berserker (German Edition)

by Tomos Forrest

Bolthar, der Wikingerfürst Band 6: Krieg der Berserker

Es ist ein unglaublich raues, geradezu grausames Kriegervolk, dem sich Bolthars Männer stellen müssen. �ber den kräftigen Oberkörpern tragen sie Wolfsfelle. Sie scheinen keinen Schmerz zu kennen und wehren sich selbst noch mit schwersten Verwundungen bis zum letzten Atemzug. Von einem Zauberkundigen erfährt der Jarle, dass es sich um berserkir (Berserker) handelt, nahezu unbesiegbare Krieger. Auch Fringa gerät bei ihrer Suche nach ihrem Gefährten Garpur an diese mächtigen Krieger, deren Anführer, Andvardi, etwas ganz Besonderes ist �

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