Free history Kindle books for 29 Nov 18

Damas con antifaz. Mujeres en la radio 1920-1960 (Spanish Edition)

by Rita Abreu

La fascinante historia que hay detrás del antifaz que llevan las voces femeninas que escuchó el país a través del radio revela el rostro de damas que desde diferentes profesiones fueron abriéndose paso en un medio dominado por la masculinidad y una moralidad estricta. Un verdadero homenaje a la radio y a sus mujeres.

Ancient States and Empires

by John Lord

The history of this world begins, according to the chronology of Archbishop Ussher, which is generally received as convenient rather than probable, in the year 4004 before Christ. In six days God created light and darkness, day and night, the firmament and the continents in the midst of the waters, fruits, grain, and herbs, moon and stars, fowl and fish, living creatures upon the face of the earth, and finally man…

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