Free horror Kindle books for 29 Nov 18

Become and Arise (Xuroborous Book 1)

by Jeffrey Batchelder

Andy left Massachusetts with the police hot on his tale. Hopping a freight train headed directly into the path of horrors beyond his comprehension. Lost in the frigid winter of Maine, he thought the cold was his worst enemy until he met his first family of vampires.

Andy had no idea about vampires, and he didn’t know about hunters, paranormal experiences or covens. He was another adult who believed horror was something you watched on TV. Xuroborous was the oldest vampire, he had sired many monsters, and he had Andy in his sites as his newest general. Xuroborous needed an army to fight the feral vampires, and Andy was his choice. 

Massacre Cave – (Book one in the Crow Mountain series)

by Colby Van Wagoner

Massacre Cave is Colby Van Wagoner’s first book in the Crow Mountain series. Set in the southwestern territories, of the unsettled region, the Spanish fight to colonize the natives of the region. In Del Muerto Canyon, hundreds of Spanish soldiers slaughter unarmed woman, children, and elders of the Near The Mountain, and Bitter Water People Clans. Istakah, a mysterious, dark medicine man, and practitioner of the witchery way, forms a clan of Yee Naaldlooshi, and seeks revenge for the slaughter of his people. Antonio Narbona seeks peace for the Navajo people, and begins to seek treaties with the Spanish, and United States governments. The Yee Naaldlooshi attack, and feed on travelers passing through the region. to ensure their survival, and strengthen their power. When one of their own betrays them, and escapes, he frees one of their captives. The Yee Naaldlooshi embarks on a path of revenge, and chaos, changing the lives of two families that make the choice to aid the escaping couple. In the end, the confrontations will leave everlasting imprints on everyone involved.

The Buried Money: Brazilian legend

by Orlando Fernandes

One moonlight night a group of moonlight friends comments on the legend of a treasure buried near the waterfall of the village. Motivated by the drink, they decided to look for the treasure that night, despite the frightening stories about a mysterious knight of the legend, who approached who sought the money.

Astro Walker: The Soul Warrior

by Abhinav Anand

The story begins almost 18 months after the incidents of London. After forging a truce with the Yakuza in Japan Verma consults his otherworldly master Erohim, a Godsoul, and sets out on a journey to find the weapon that will save his planet during the alien invasion, the invasion that he has been having visions of after the events of London. The weapon is an alien ship left behind on earth, a million years ago, by the most advanced civilization in the universe.
This story also traces the roots of Reikon Senshi and about how he came to be, how he discovered his gift of astral projection, how he met his master, why he is called Astro Walker, his training and how he became a Kaisun. The story ends with a discovery for the Astro Walker, a revelation by his master that will shake his beliefs to the core and so that he can prepare and train for what is to come.
An exciting tale of adventure and wonder this is the 2nd in the 3 tales of the soul warrior.

Gwri of Dragonia (The Queens of Dragonia Book 1)

by Earl Brigham

As the first volume in the trilogy The Queens of Dragonia, Gwri of Dragonia is a cross between high fantasy and horror.  Gwri is about the end of the dominion of dragons, and recounts the horrors and terrors that it takes to nearly end the era of dragons. It is the telling of a violent story that spawns a trilogy about the queens of Dragonia, and follows the dragon and their dragonkin into the Victorian era in the Clankingsmith books.

Gwri of Dragonia is also the rousing tale of a kingwhose wife is murdered by a dragon. A dragon steals the dead queen’s crown. The king’s search for the murderer and his attempt to find and return the crown leads him to the one true queen, the woman who claims his heart.

The search is fraught with danger and adventure. Demons and evil entities abound as the king battles ever onward against increasingly difficult odds.

This high historical fantasy contains numerous clashes between of a rich diversity of magical creatures. There are dragons, faeries, humans, mermaids, angels, demons, monsters, mythical kings and a host of other beings. The creatures and entities that are out to slay dragons are not kind and gentle folk, and the dragons’ responses to their brutal attackers is quite serious.

The novel draws on ancient historical traditions and lesser-known myths, primarily from the Celtic world and the early Viking age. These stories were often changed into something else by those who wrote them down.

The historical accuracy preserves some of the horrors and violence of traditional tales woven throughout the story. The remains of many locations included in the story yet exist in the world today.

This is a tale of not only the fears and horrors of antiquity, but also of love, valor, struggle and hope.

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