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Demon Slayers

by Krystal Cornish

Sam is a 16 year old girl. Born with a secret. As her world changes and she struggles to balance her new normal. Overcoming love, loss, and demons. Will she be able and strong enough to fight for humanity? Or will she lose all faith in herself to the demons around her…

Rubiks Cube Solution Book Complete Collection: How to Solve the Rubiks Cube for Kids + Speedsolving the Rubiks Cube for Beginners (Rubiks Cube Solution Book For Kids 3)

by David Goldman

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This book is value-packed with 2 manuscripts inside:

  • Rubiks Cube Solution Book For Kids
  • Speedsolving the Rubiks Cube Solution Book For Kids

Save over 20% when purchasing the Complete Collection compared to purchasing both books individually.

The first manuscript, “Rubiks Cube Solution Book For Kids” has been written for kids and beginners, and therefore, the content is easy to understand and full of images to make everything clear. The goal is to help kids and beginners learn the 6 simple stages that you have to go through to solve a jumbled Rubik’s Cube. Every stage of the solution has illustrations that will help you understand exactly how to move from one step to the next and ultimately, solve the Rubik’s Cube.

What you will learn:

  • What exactly a Rubiks Cube is
  • History of the Rubiks Cube
  • Health benefits of solving the Rubiks Cube
  • The 6 different Rubiks Cube face movements
  • The 3 different types of cubies
  • The 6 different stages to solve the Rubiks Cube
  • Detailed and easy to understand explanations
  • Plenty of illustrations and images to help guide you

The second manuscript, “Speedsolving the Rubiks Cube Solution Book For Kids” is about shaving those minutes into seconds! In order to progress to faster solving times, you will need to learn new methods that effectively shortcut your way to solving the Rubik’s Cube.

You will not be overwhelmed with many different types of speed solving methods like other books do. We will only be to focusing on 1 speed solving method which happens to be the best method to learn for beginners as it is the fastest and easiest to understand. Most of the fastest speed cubers in the world use this method or have used this method as the building blocks to there own intuitive method.

What you will learn:

  • An Introduction to Speed Solving the Rubiks Cube
  • History of the Speed solving Method
  • The single best Speed solving method for beginners
  • The 4 stages to Speed solving the Rubiks Cube
  • Broken down, easy to understand explanations for each stage
  • Wonderfully explained images to help guide you through the process

The Complete Collection is perfect for anyone who wants to put themselves on the fast track to becoming a Rubiks Cube master. This will also make a great christmas gift.

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Ice Cream Kitty (The Bennett Farm Series Book 2)

by Nerina DiBenedetto

When the back door is accidentally left open, little Tommy ventures outdoors. He wanders away from home and gets lost. He is rescued by Dan, the Ice Cream Man.Will Tommy ever be reunited with his family or will he stay with Dan? Find out what happens in this delightful children’s storybook.

Kids Kindle Books: I Dropped My Epad, Lessons of a Cracked Tablet: Funny kids books | moral kids books | wisdom books | kindle kids books | kids books | kindle kids books free | free kids books

by Kristy Sabic

I Dropped My Epad, Lessons of a Cracked Tablet is a funny and engaging picture story book that reminds kids of the value of play in an “electronics” age. Told in rhyme, this book sparks the imagination. Come along with Steve on a journey through his neighborhood as he rediscover’s the joy of playing outside with his friends.

Sandy, un Unicornio entre dos mundos (Spanish Edition)

by Juan José Díaz Téllez

Sandy es el Ã?ltimo de los Unicornios, el problema es que él no lo sabe. Acorralado en el Cuadrante por las fuerzas del perverso Darkender, su única posibilidad de sobrevivir es atravesar el portal que se ha abierto durante unos segundos en dirección a la Tierra. Para evitar que Darkender pueda rastrear su magia, debe olvidar que es un Unicornio. Cuando Nico -un niño obsesionado por los libros de fantasía-, encuentra al caballo abandonado en la playa, decide hacerse cargo de él. De inmediato, una complicidad extraordinaria surge entre ambos, hasta el punto de debilitar el disfraz y dejar escapar unas briznas de magia. Una magia que puede ser rastreada por Darkender…

Hockey Wars

by Sam Lawrence

When hockey and friendship collide!

An old friendship is pushed to its limits as Millie and Cameron face off against each other in a grudge match to finally see who’s got the best hockey team in Dakota.

Millie and Cameron grew up as close as any two friends could be, playing together on the same hockey team and hanging out together after school.  However, when the hockey team was split between boys and girls, their friendship began to change, and not for the better.

Now, Millie and Cameron are rivals, playing against each other to finally settle who has the best hockey team, boys or girls?

Constellation Chronicles: The Lost Civilization of Aries (Part 5 of 5)

by Vincent Lowry

(Note: This book is part 5 of 5 of The Lost Civilization of Aries, the first installment to the Constellation Chronicles sci-fi series. The upcoming second book in the series is The Raging Bull of Taurus.)

A blinding fireball rips across the night sky and slams into a field in the remote town of Rigel, New Mexico. Glenn Sawyer, a
broke and disillusioned 18-year-old, witnesses and investigates the crash, finding a surreal craft and an even stranger monkey-like creature named Paako, who secretly follows him home and stirs trouble. As Glenn captures Paako and attempts to return her to the crash site, he discovers unexpected company, and learns that his remarkable journey–filled with adventure, evil, and a cast of captivating characters–has only just begun.

The Christmas Book

by Eleonora Seymour

Eleonora Seymour was born in England, in the suburb of Shrewsbury. She is the mother of three charming children. The rhymes that you’re about to read were composed by Eleonora’s grandmother Elizabeth Seymour more than fifty years ago. The Seymour family is very proud of the warmth coming from these lines, and now Mrs. Seymour wants to share her little family heirloom with you, so that you could read the rhymes to your children, just as Eleonora’s grandmother did many years ago. These rhymes have gone through the layers of time to bring you Christmas joy again.

The Kitten Sisters

by Ashley Lyons

Meet the Kitten Sisters – May and Luna. They take care of each other. This is the first book by 8-year old author and illustrator, Ashley Lyons.

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