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by J. Lee Carruthers

Everyone has lost someone at some point in their lives. Whether friends or family. The poems contained on these pages are meant to honor individuals in my life that I have lost as well as the loved ones that miss them. Please read them as they were intended — with amare et revereri.

I Love You: Mimicking Without Inspection

by Stacy Hale

How many words have I learned to mimic from birth without inspecting the depth of their meaning? How many people have I hurt with this little member (my tongue) boasting such great matters like I love you? This poem came one day when I caught a tiny glimpse of the definition of TRUE LOVE and while the poem comes to the conclusion that my love will always be broken and a lie, please rest assured that I am without excuse for the fullness of it to come to pass. Is this little member (my tongue) worse than any natural disaster or war I have ever heard of? Maybe this little member is a part of the foundation of every evil thing? Many thoughts came to pass as I caught a tiny glimpse of such UNSPEAKABLE LOVE. I even had thoughts that I was never going to mimic “I love you” again due to the fact that it was such a lie, such hypocrisy and deceit, but then by the Grace of GOD I was released of that chastisement and yet live with the taste of its loving memory. Hence this poem titled I Love You.

The Cotswold Calendar: A joyful journey in verse through the landscape and seasons of Cotswold folk

by Tony Stowell

The seasons roll across the ancient landscape of the Cotswolds, running from Broadway to Bath, Tetbury to Cirencester and many places between.
Beautiful, characterful and often witty, the patterns of the passing months and local traditions are captured here in a joyful celebration in verse of this truly unforgettable region of England.
With photographs, watercolour sketches and maps of each location, join Gloucestershire poet Tony Stowell on his deeply personal tour of the Cotswolds.

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