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Gunfighter’s Revenge: Duel In The Long Shadow: A Western Adventure From The Author of Timber: United States Marshal Chronicles

by Fred Staff

Sam Bradford had served fourteen years as a Texas Ranger in East Texas. He had faced more than his share of bad men and had put more than one a year in a place where they would never again cause problems. He knew his time had come to hang up his gun, when the wounds he had received caused his right hand to shake.

The lawmen of the area all held him in high regard and hated to see such a fine lawman leave, but he had made up his mind to go back to Henry, the man who had raised him, after his father and mother had been killed and his older brother had kidnaped by Comanches.

While the wounds that he carried from law enforcement hindered him, the fact that his father had saved his life by securing him under floor of the house when the Comanches had attacked left him with a fear of the dark and tight places.
His new life showed great promise. He had finally found Mary, a lady that just seemed to fit what he needed. One of the things that brought them together was the fact that she had lost her husband to the Comanches in a similar situation that he had survived.

Their lives were filled with possibilities, until the Mexican bandits kidnapped Mary and Sam had to use all of his skills and determination to rescue her.

In the process he found his long lost brother Joe, who had been raised by the Comanche and his wife and child had also be kidnapped by the bandits.

The twist and turns of what happened to the brothers weaves a story of, sadness, determination and revenge.

Cidadão de Jerusalém : Parte II (Portuguese Edition)

by Jacob El-mokdisi

Adulto, Yahoub retorna para sua terra ainda sem ter encontrado a mãe e descobre que a irmã também está desaparecida. Antes de encontrá-las, deve impedir uma guerra civil em seu país.

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