Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 30 Nov 18

Hots von Bollywood Indien: sexy (German Edition)

by hot trendings

HeiÃ?e Sammlung von Bollywood-Schauspielerin in Indien Kino

Learn The Basics To Choose Your Style: How To Dance Like A Rockstar

by Ruth McGarrity

Dance has been a part of human culture since time immemorial. It is true to say that man has danced or moved to the rhythms of nature before formal language existed. It promotes social binding and stimulates our senses. It can be magical and transforming, breathing new life into a tired soul or unleashing hidden creativity. On a more physical level, dancing gives a great mind-body workout. It quickens our breath and increases our heart rate. It improves circulation and prevents oxygen starvation to the brain, thus helping to slow mental decline while enhancing brain power.

As you learn to glide elegantly across the dance floor, you are improving your poise and grace while improving flexibility, coordination, balancing and muscle strength. Over here in this summary book, we lay out some popular options (for beginners) from the variety of available in the market for you to consider and learn more about before you sign up for any classes or seek out your potential dance partners to start this new hobby that would not only keep you healthy but in the most fun and engaging manner you can possibly get out of an “exercise” or “workout”!

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – What Shall We Dance?

Chapter 2 – Benefits of Social Dancing

Chapter 3 – How Dancing Increases Your Confidence

Chapter 4 – Discover the Health Benefits of Dancing

Chapter 5 – 5 Different Ways to Make You Dance

Chapter 6 – What Is Considered Proper Dance Etiquette, You Ask?

Chapter 7 – More Secrets To Help You Learn How To Dance Better

Kunstwerke und Gedanken von Da Vinci (German Edition)

by Guilherme Freitas

Bereichern Sie Ihre Weisheit mit den Gedanken und Lehren von Da Vinci und bewundern Sie die wunderschönen Kunstwerke, die er geschaffen hat.



Alfredo Cernuda escribió Leonor de Aquitania, tras leer una novela histórica centrada en la vida de este personaje. Leonor era una mujer que luchaba por ser igual al rey, ya que ella era la reina, que lo trataba en igualdad de condiciones. Sin querer, fue una precursora de la igualdad entre el hombre y la mujer. La obra tuvo un gran éxito de crítica y público.

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