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Harry’s Last Stand: How the world my generation built is falling down, and what we can do to save it

by Harry Leslie Smith

â??As one of the last remaining survivors of the Great Depression and the Second World War, I will not go gently into that good night. I want to tell you what the world looks like through my eyes, so that you can help change itâ?¦’

In November 2013, 91-year-old Yorkshireman, RAF veteran and ex-carpet salesman Harry Leslie Smith’s Guardian article – â??This year, I will wear a poppy for the last time’ – was shared over 80,000 times on Facebook and started a huge debate about the state of society.

Now he brings his unique perspective to bear on NHS cutbacks, benefits policy, political corruption, food poverty, the cost of education – and much more. From the deprivation of 1930s Barnsley and the terror of war to the creation of our welfare state, Harry has experienced how a great civilisation can rise from the rubble. But at the end of his life, he fears how easily it is being eroded.

Harry’s Last Stand is a lyrical, searing modern invective that shows what the past can teach us, and how the future is ours for the taking.

Chris Watts: Secret Sex Life, Texts, Mistress Photos, Male Lover, Debts, Marriage Woes, Murderer Fans – Whyâ??d He Kill Shanann Watts, Kids?

by Brooke Bard

Go inside the private text messages, mistress photos, and lives of Chris Watts and Shanann Watts. Learn about the stress that led to the heinous murders of Shanann, Bella, Celeste, and Nico. See photos of Chris’ mistresses, including Nichol Kessinger – and pics of the women who sent him prison fan mail.


Introduction: Sex Addiction, Money, Murder, Mayhem, Emotional Abuse, and Toxic Femininity
Shanann Watts: Chris and I had sex 3 times per day – What changed?
Chris withholds sex from Shanann
Chris Slept in a Separate Bed – Claimed Shanann Previously Rejected Sex
Shanann and Chris sometimes went two months without having sex together
Chris Sent Mistress Nichol Kessinger Dick Pics, Said Shanann Told Him, “Shut Up, You Don’t Know Anything”
+ September 1, 2017: Kessinger searched the internet for the name, “Shanann Watts”
+ July 18, 2018: For the first time Watts transferred assorted images of Kessinger, some semi-nude, into the Secret Calculator application. Certain images were taken by Watts, as evidenced by his reflection in a mirror in the background
Chris’ Tinder Mistress: Amanda McMahon Said “Fast and Furious” Sex With Chris Featured Him Trying to “stick it in her butt.”
Chris was “fixated” on his mistress, Nichol Kessinger
Chris Told FBI Agent that He Fell Out of Love With Shanann and Fell in Love with Nichol
“CHRIS’ family believed that there was something about SHANANN that was bad, and CHRIS had finally seen what his family had been seeing: She was very shady and had a dark past, such as sleeping with her old boss even when she was with CHRIS, and having money issues with her old boss.”
“Gay dudes from Grinder or something to start hitting me up: I’m not gay I’ve never stuck my dick in a guy’s butt.”
I met Chris last summer.
Chris Watts’ Dad Calls Shanann “Controlling, Narcissistic and Possibly Bipolar”
Money Problems: Shanann’s credit card was declined, mortgage was 3 months late, and she took a $10,000 loan from Chris’ 401(k)
Shanann took Chris’ paycheck when they worked at Longmont Road – She continued to control the money as they created debt, living above their means
Shanann, shady past, embezzlement woes, worries and rumors
All About Chris and Nichol – Watts Told his Mistress that Shanann was “Bossy”
Nichol “Grossed Out” and Hurt by Chris, Deletes Their Text Messages
Chris Claimed Shanann Spent Most of the Money and He Was Frustrated
Chris Lied and Said Baby Nico Lee Watts Wasn’t His Then Admitted the Truth
Chris Wondered How Much Money He Could Get for Pawning Shanann’s Wedding Ring
Chris Was “Always More Into” Nichol Than She Was Into Him
Overkill on Facebook – Shanann’s avid posting
Shanann’s friend didn’t believe she had all the health problems she claimed she had
Chris throws away brand-new marriage-saving book that Shanann sent from Amazon
Chris Loses 65 Pounds: Goes from 245 Pounds to 180 Pounds With Thrive, Denies Cheating on Wife At First
A Psychic Gets it Right
Marriage, Separation, and In-Law Troubles
Shanann told Chris she didn’t feel safe with him after he admitted not wanting Nico Lee
Shanann’s upline Le-Vel boss thought she made $100,000 from Thrive, but even she said she couldn’t be sure: Likely made $65 to $70K
Shanann realized in Arizona that she needed to be less controlling mere hours before her murder – but it was too late
The Horrible Details of How Shanann and Nico Lee’s Bodies Were Buried – Girls Put in Tanks
Bella’s Violent Death: The Beautiful Girl Fought Her Dad, Inside of Mouth Was Ripped
Shanann’s coffin birth for Nico Lee
Bella had “large hole” in her frenulum – the little skin area on the upper inside of the mouth beneath her nose
“Dr. BURSON indicated BELLA’s death was violent as it appeared she struggled to get away.”

Love Among the Ruins: A memoir of life and love in Hamburg, 1945

by Harry Leslie Smith

At 22, the war is over for RAF serviceman Harry Leslie Smith – the now 92-year-old activist and author of the acclaimed Harry’s Last Stand – but the battle for love and hope rages on.

Stationed in occupied Hamburg, a city physically and emotionally ripped apart by Allied bombing, and determined to escape the grinding poverty of his Yorkshire youth, Harry unexpectedly finds a reason to stay: a young German woman by the name of Friede.

As their love develops, they must face both German suspicion and British disapproval of relations with â??the enemy’.

Harry’s ardent, straight-from-the-heart memoir brings to life a city reduced to rubble, populated with refugees, black marketeers, corrupt businessmen and cynical soldiers. It’s a unique snapshot of a terrible period in Europe’s history, and a passionate love letter to a city, to a woman, and to life itself.

Radio Blows

by Gary Garver

Gary Garver is a radio veteran of over 25 years, 18 of which were spent working at 97.1 KLSX in Los Angeles as a rock disc jockey, producer, and talk show host. Gary worked with the Howard Stern show for 16 years and spent over ten years as Howard Stern’s Celebrity reporter in Hollywood. Garver’s popular talk show, “The Single Life” aired on KLSX for five years.
After he left KLSX, Garver ventured out to do a new kind of show, where he could express himself freely, without the backlash of the radio establishment. Gary’s talk show, “Controlled Chaos’ airs on KCAA 1050AM-106.5FM and 102.3FM, along with his podcast on iHeart Radio
Garver’s talk show is hip, cool and unpredictable. “Controlled Chaos” has a unique, truthful take on life and the world today, which is innovative and sure to make you laugh. He invites the famous and infamous on the show, and you never know who will be there or what will happen.
Gary likes to think of his show as the new wave of terrestrial radio. Garver states, “Radio has been killed by the corporate suits that have run the radio industry into the ground in the last decade with the same personnel and same song playlists. â??Controlled Chaos’ will be the resurrection of radio and the wave of the future for all broadcasters, who will be able to feel free of the media machine and speak their minds.”
Gary has now written a tell-all book about how the radio business works from the inner workings of the Howard Stern show to the corporate bullshit that has ruined the radio business. ‘Radio Blows’ is a must read for anyone who is in the entertainment business or who aspires to be.
As Garver likes to say, ‘It’s the truth, the whole and nothing but the truth, so help me God.’

Summer of the Phoenix: A True Story of Nature, Personal Transformation, and Modern-day Pioneering in the Other Colorado

by PJ Paulson

How do you bounce back when your life falls apart? Where do you go to recuperate? What do you do to heal? You can’t afford a move to Tuscany. A Spiritual Journey to Tibet is out of the question. Where do you go to awaken your True Soulâ?¦find a relief from pain (mental and/or physical)â?¦make sense of the chaosâ?¦find the good in peopleâ?¦and just get by from day-to-day?


-you’ve just lost your job,
-your romance has ended,
-you’ve broken a leg, and
-your personal space has been violated

Yes, it IS possible to heal and bounce back without traveling abroad! The author did it.

Unexpected unemployment, lost romance, a quirky painful medical condition, and repeated burglaries prompted an unconventional choice by the author to forego her city apartment, and embrace a simple, stripped-down, country life absent amenities such as plumbing, electricity, and central heat. Calling upon her pioneering spirit, she drew both serenity and strength from Mother Nature to savor life off the grid. During her retreat, she created a sanctuary in which she contemplated her own philosophies and life direction, ultimately transforming her outlook in the face of what appeared to have become a world gone mad.

How do you rise from the ashes of your previous life? What was the secret ingredient that grounded the author and helped her discover a fresh outlook? Without realizing it at the time, a central theme helped restore her when her old life fell apart. It can work for you, too! Check it out!

Rambles and Rants

by Keith Haughton

“Hold fast to hope. Your story is not over yet.”

Part memoir, part engaging dialogue, Rambles and Rants is unlike any book you have ever read. Intensely personal, yet immediately relevant, it is the story of one man’s struggle to survive in a world that feels increasingly unstable, disorienting and dangerous. It is, above all else, an inspirational journey of hope and healing, even in the midst of fear, confusion, and suffering.

From the author’s introduction: “The word ramble is often taken to mean ‘talking or writing in an aimless way.’ I sincerely hope that will not be your final verdict of my rambles. At any rate, I prefer this alternate definition: ‘to take a course with many turns or windings, as a stream or path.’ This seems a more fitting description of my life, and, perhaps, it is a realistic assessment of life itself. Certainly, the road behind us is marked with many unexpected twists, turns, obstacles, detours and dangers, as is the road we now walk, and the road that stretches ahead. And, in this way, we ramble together.

These snapshots of my life will be followed by rants, where I reflect on the previous chapter, offering thoughts from the present day on the lessons I have learned from the past. Sometimes these writings will be ‘angry and emotionally charged,’ as one dictionary defines the term rant. During these more impassioned reflections, I am not trying to be confrontive or combative simply for the sake of arguing or angering people. I am only writing from the perspective of who I am, and sometimes I am angry about things. I think there are many things worth being angry about, but I also know that if all we do is shout, protest, and deconstruct it all, we will end up ranting to no avail.

So, I hope that my words stir up thoughtful conversation, encourage self-reflection, inspire change where it is needed, and help us learn to listen to one another in better ways—respectfully, humbly, openly, honestly, lovingly. No matter how disparate our political, spiritual, ethical, and social perspectives might be, we have more in common than we know. Discovering that commonality is the great aim of the human endeavor. May we ramble and rant together in pursuit of it.”

nisyatakuitu (Japanese Edition)

by tawara ichirou


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