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SAP S/4 HANA Business Partner: Customer: Beginners and Business End User Learning for Practical Usage

by Syed Rizvi

Improve SAP GUI Skills -Why this Book?If you would you like to learn what are efficient and proven way of training in Business Partner, then this book is for you. For many years as a problem solver I have been observing and working in SAP projects to solve and understand key pain points of projects, business and end-users. From many years of experience, I have learned that users succeed on particular way to learn and excel in SAP. I have learned what are the common pain point are often too similar from industry to industry and project to project. To make project successful companies spend millions. Proper end user training is one of key to investment toward increase of productivity and happiness index in users. In SAP application, end users have lots of screens, tabs and fields to learn from. SAP has number of options available in master and transactional data. Not all companies use every tabs, screens and fields for master data. By understanding basics user can improve productivity. how we implement successful training for end users? In my extensive experience I came across many projects and learn firsthand that project fail due to many reasons. Companies spent millions on project implementation but focuses little on real issues. This book covers essential foundation for a user to gain knowledge about SAP S/4 HANA customer business partner. Ultimately all of the SAP GUI training, tips and tricks from this book comes down to one thing: How to be proficient in SAP S/4 HANA business partner Customer master. Picture speaks thousand words, book features with SAP screenshots and mind maps throughout the book to make learning simple, fast and easy. -Chapter 1 Introduction to SAP First chapter covers introduction to SAP S/4 HANA with SAP foundation learning topics, where user can learn about different type icons, errors, massages, business partner related topics. Learn simple business and SAP relevant terms. Also, this chapter includes some business terms relevant for learning about customer master. Many topics covered with illustrations, screenshots and mind maps. -Chapter 2 SAP Navigation End user’s productivity increase as they efficiently learn SAP GUI. In this chapter learn about SAP ERP GUI essential basics. This chapter cover brief information about SAP GUI and basics how to use some basics features. End-users love to learn with instruction with screenshots. -Chapter 3 Business Partner Customer MasterThird chapter covers business partner functionality, including business partner roles, view of BP roles, how to create BP master, different views of BP roles. Learn customer master general and detail overview. This chapter cover information about most used fields in customer master. Learn how to create, change and view customer. In this chapter most of training is based on SAP standard views and fields, many companies most likely have same view but possibly with some variations. -Chapter 4 BP Credit SegmentForth chapter covers credit management functionality. Credit process used for defining customer credit limit. Learn how to setup credit segment view. Learn about credit control area and how it reflects in customer master. -Chapter 5 Customer Hierarchy In this learn about customer hierarchy, how to view and create customer hierarchy. -Chapter 6 Tips and Tricks Sixth chapter cover tips and tricks with bonus materials, including business partner report, business partner search etc.Who is this book for? Who can use this Book?-End Users -Consultants -Business Analysts-Managers-Anyone who want to Learn SAP Customer Master-SAP ABAPER (Programmer).

Python Programming: A Step By Step Guide From Beginner To Advance (second edition)

by Leonard Eddison

Python Programming: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners SECOND EDITION

Chances are, if you are viewing this page, you are brand new to Python.
You might even be new to Programming altogether.
Either way, you have come to the right place and chosen the right language.

Python is a very beginners friendly Programming Language perfect for people who are new to the Programming world due to its straightforward approach and syntax.

This book has been written keeping the beginner user in mind.
Through the reading of this guide you will be led into the Programming world with a very easy Step-by-Step process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this book for beginners? If yes, can I find also some materials for the intermediate user?
A: This book is though for a beginner user, it starts from “how to download and install Python on your PC” to “how to create your first string of code”. It contains also chapters (in the second part of the book) intermediate friendly due to the fact that it contains a deepening on “modules, strings, dictionaries” and so on…

Q: I have seen that this is the second edition, should I buy the first one instead?
A: No, it’s not a series, this is an updated version with more codes and an easy step-by-step guide on how to start Programming in Python 3.

Q: Can I loan this ebook?
A: Yes for sure, you can lend this ebook for a duration of 14 days.

Q: Will I be able to program with Python after reading this book?
A: Yes, this book is perfect for the user that wants to start coding with Python. Unfortunately, as soon as you will get more experienced you won’t need to read books but more advanced materials such as courses and exercises, a lot of exercises…

Q: Does this book contains codes examples?
A: Yes, a lot of them

Please note that this book will focus a lot on exercises and codes allowing the reader to learn Python as fast as possible in a practical manner.

here some points covered by this book:

-How to install Python (Windows, Mac, Linux…)


-Types of data (tuple, lists, sets and so on…)

-Python Syntax

and much more inside the guide

Machine Learning with Python: A Step-By-Step Guide to Learn and Master Python Machine Learning

by Hein Smith

Are you stuck in getting started with machine learning with python? A Step-By-Step Guide to Learn and Master Python Machine Learning walks you through steps for getting started with Machine Learning with Python. Python is a popular and open-source programming language. In addition, it is one of the most applied languages in artificial intelligence and other scientific fields. On the other hand, machine learning is a branch of AI that applied algorithms to learn from data and create predictions. Machine learning is important in predicting the world around us. 

All the way from self-driving cars to predictions in the stock market, there is no place where machine learning cannot be utilized. Today, it is a top skill in high demand in the job market. For that reason, why not grab a Step-By-Step Guide to Learn and Master Python Machine Learning? 

You’ll discover the steps required to develop a successful machine-learning application using Python and Scikit-learn library. As a discipline, ML tries to design and understand computer programs for purpose of prediction. With a Step-By-Step Guide to Learn and Master Python Machine Learning, you’ll learn: 

  •  The important concepts and real-world application of machine learning. 
  •  Pros and cons of most popular machine learning algorithms 
  •  The basics of Python 
  •  Learn about data preprocessing, analysis, and visualization 
  • Preprocessing techniques to use in data 
  •  Regression methods 
  •  Clustering 
  •  Recommendation engines 
  •  And many more 

If you are serious about machine learning with Python and don’t know how to get started, A Step-By-Step Guide to Learn and Master Python Machine Learning is your best tool to use.

Amazon Echo Dot 2018: Does Alexa Spy On You? A Guide With All The Answers About Your Amazon Echo Dot: (3rd Generation, Amazon Echo, Dot, Echo Dot, Amazon Echo User Manual, Echo Dot ebook, Amazon Dot)

by Adam Strong

Amazon Echo Dot 2018:

Does Alexa Spy On You? A Guide With All The Answers About Your Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot may already be your best friend. It is certainly a very useful tool. Some of the features are fun and can even be considered to encourage laziness but many of them make a practical addition to your current hectic lifestyle.

As always products don’t stay the same. The 3rd generation of Echo Dot has now been released. It’s time to take a look at what this version has to offer; specifically how it is better than the previous Echo Dot.

But, there is a more serious and concerning side to the Echo Dot and other smart speakers. These devices are effectively always on, listening for the wake word.

However, recent events have shown that the audio recordings these devices make can be used in legal processes. This has led many to wonder abut what information is being collected and by whom.

Is Amazon telling you everything they are collecting? Do the government have access to your data and can others simply hack their way into your Echo Dot and your home?

We’ll take a look at the facts, the incidents that have happened and discover whether Alexa really is spying on you and what steps you shoud be taken to reduce any risk.

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Internet Selling Machine: Learning to Sell Products Through Internet Marketing Business Ideas Made Easyâ?¦ Perfect for Beginners. (3 Book Bundle)

by Stephen Johnson

Here’s a 3 Book Bundle on How You Can Start Your Own “Freedom Lifestyle” Online Business

Work from Home, Work Anywhere You Want!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

– How to look for products that will sell online
– The best price range to target for beginners
– Why your product choice should have this “one” quality in it
– How to create a shopify website from start to finish
– A list of keywords that you should input in the moderation page of your Facebook store’s page
– How to set up the settings of your store
– How to write a product listing that converts into actual sales
– How to run your first Facebook ad
– How to evaluate the results of your campaigns
– When to expand and when to stop your Facebook ads

-The step by step process on how to make money via cookbook and recipe publishing
– How to choose a category that will make money
– How to guarantee sale even before you publish your book (The secret is in the pre-publishing!)
– How to create your book for FREE
– How to have a published book without writing it yourself
– The list of website and facebook pages for your initial promo
– The MAGIC 7 keyword and why it’ll increase your sales 2x
– How to sell your book and market it long term

– How to find the best topic to target for your ebook
– How to confirm the profitability of your niche
– How to set your self up for successful writing
– The exact opt in templates to use for building your list
– How to run a simple Facebook Ad and easily know if it’ll be effective or not!
– How to outline your book from start to finish!
– How to create a salespage for your book
– How to build an audience that loves you and buys from you

If you want to create a business that you can be proud of then this is for you.

If you want a business that can give you time and financial freedom, then this is for you.

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SQL: Easy guide for easy start

by Nicholas Brown

This book is an excellent guide for you on how to use SQL (Structured Query Language) in relational databases. The author has explored everything related to SQL, making this the best book for those in need of learning SQL for both academic and commercial purposes. The various data types supported by SQL have been discussed. The author takes you through the process of creating new databases and new tables with SQL. The process of viewing table data has been discussed. The various SQL operations that can be used to control the data under retrieval have been discussed. Examples include unions, intersections, limits, ordering, comparisons etc. You have been guided on how to create and impose constraints on the table columns to restrict the kind of data that can be stored. The author uses a practical approach, giving you the SQL statements you can use for various tasks, which have been accompanied by thorough explanations. Images have been added to ease understanding, especially for SQL beginners.

What You will learn:

  • SQL Data Types
  • Creating a Database
  • Creating Tables
  • Inserting Data
  • Viewing Table Data
  • Conjunctive Operators
  • Modifying Records
  • Deleting Records
  • LIKE Clause
  • LIMIT, TOP and ROWNUM Clauses
  • ORDER BY Clause
  • GROUP BY Clause
  • The DISTINCT Keyword
  • SQL Constraints
  • ALTER TABLE Command
  • SQL Joins
  • INTERSECT Clause
  • Date and Time

Keywords: sql books, sql queries, query languages, sql, databases with sql, sql database programming, ms access, ms access 2016 book, mysql, sybase, oracle sql, postgres sql, informix, sql server, sql for dummies, programming basics, programming for the absolute beginner, programming for beginners, sql data types, sql for dummies, sql optimization, sql problems, sql server performance, sql for beginners.

Search Engine Optimization Hacks for 2014: (Over Three Hundred 300+ SEO Secrets,Hacks, and Tips for 2014 & Beyond): Over Three Hundred SEO Secrets,Hacks, and Tips for 2014 & Beyond

by Gloria Carter

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Search Engine Optimization .

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

This is my personal list of over 9 years of Professional Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing experience packed in 301 tips, Hacks and gems that can magnify the results of any digital marketing campaign.

This is a must have for any and every post penguin and post panda Search Engine Marketeer, especially if they have been effected by the ever changing SERP landscape. I have purchased many SEO books and trainings over my 9+ years… but none of them present information in a easy to follow and even easier to apply format for busy SEM Managers.

I’m willing to bet that one tip applied per day equates to a 1% increase in overall effectiveness and results of a SEO Campaign. So I challenge all of my customers whom buy this book to Actively track the ROI % on each tip applied, I’m pretty the $9.99 Kindle price pays for itself 100X’s over.

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