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Prelude to the Shards: A Shards of the Coven Anthology

by Michael Timmins

Three exciting tales set in the world of Ismia. A world ruled by the Witches of the Coven. A world of forbidden magics and dark plots. Welcome, to Ismia.


Quint is accused of murdering his love.

Innocent, and on the run, his only hope to seek the counsel of the Witch of Time, whose ability to delve a person’s timeline is the only way to prove his innocence.

With the help of his unique companion, Wren, he must travel to Covenhome, the seat of power for the Coven. Hunted by a man for his own dark purposes, Quint must elude capture and avoid becoming a pawn in a much larger game.

“Race of the Witchguard”

Who will be chosen to become a Witchguard?
For generations, the Race has been an important event on the isle of Hail. Men and women compete to be chosen for the Witchguard, the protectors of the Coven.

For Sojin and Lyyra this year’s Race was to be like all of the Races of the past, but a mysterious stranger is about to change everything they thought they knew and believed.
“A Town Called Ghost”

Ghost isn’t like other towns.

Once it was a thriving port on a vast lake. When the lake mysteriously dried up, so did the town. Once rich and prosperous, it became a town for the lost and forgotten.

A place where, for a price, anything can be had. A place ruled by gangs and thieves.

Whisp isn’t like other thieves.

Barely into her teens, her skill far exceeds her age. That’s because Whisp has a secret- she wields Essence magic, one of the magics forbidden by the Coven.

Now, the Shen, the magic hunters, have come for her, but they have made a mistake. They came to Ghost, and this is her town.

The Soul’s Alliance (The Agents Series Book 2)

by Wendy Knight

Konstanz is pretty sure her best friend is a demon hunter. A demon hunter with a broken heart.
That’s a very dangerous thing indeed.
Being the good friend that she is, Konstanz will protect Navi from any more heartache, even if it means putting up with Bryson, the guy determined to make Navi forget she ever hurt in the first place. Never mind that Konstanz can’t stand him and he likes her even less.
Until he doesn’t. Feelings change, people change, and Navi’s dangerous secrets put them all in danger. In the shadows of monsters, Konstanz loses her heart only to find that Bryson has dangerous secrets of his own.
Secrets that threaten everything they’ve fought for.

Draco Family Duet

by Lexi James

Melt Me, Draco Family Duet: Book One

After hundreds of years on his own, billionaire bachelor Blaise Draco had given up on finding his mate and turned his attention to growing the computer side of the security business. When he arrived at the Silicon Valley Expo, Blaise already expected to fight off unwanted female attention, but meeting the one woman who was immune to his charms had him intrigued. Luckily, she needed his help and he had his in.

Ever since her mother’s death, Maggie Wallace had cared for her father, keeping him focused and fed. The whole of her plans revolved around helping her father negotiate a sale for his software program. Instead, some arrogant rich guy came along and dashed their last hope.

He was living the fairy tale. She had given up her dreams. Together they might just build a future.

Shield Me, Draco Family Duet: Book Two

One reluctant witch. One lonely dragon. One man intent on settling a thousand year old vendetta.

As the head of Draco Security, Mishal was used to working for important clients. This time he’s sent to an event in Asheville, to meet Peri, who he hasn’t seen since she was a child. Now she’s all grown up and needs his help.

While working for Draco Investments, Peri discovered the dragons were being killed off. Before she could find the murderer, she was implicated in a crime and battling feelings for Mishal. He’d love to claim her, but first he must shield her from harm and finish a fight started long before any of them were born.

Fanged and Confused (Briarberry Estate Book 1)

by Carrie Humphrey

To humans, the Brairberry Estate is nothing more than Folklore. It’s a legend of a place that existed, then suddenly, didn’t exist any longer. To the paranormal community, the Briarberry Estate is as real as they are and promises hope and sanctuary. It’s a place for new beginnings or abrupt endings, but that outcome depended solely on the person making the choice.

Kedah never knew the Estate existed until her life became something more than a merely human. Fangs and confusion clouded her life and when she fell into the Brairberry Estate doors, her entire world seemed to flip. Doran, a resident of the Estate and immortal of some kind, added to the confusing mess, causing Kedah to question just about everything of her new life.

When Kedah’s sire suddenly makes a surprise reappearance, complicating her already complicated life, she finds herself quickly drowning in a sea of bad decisions and mistakes. With the uninvited, but much needed, help of Doran and a few volunteers of the Briarberry estate, Kedah makes her grand entrance into the world of the paranormal where she’ll either survive with the help of a whole lot of luck and wits, or die, for good this time.

Twin Shadows

by Dalton Sides

Scraping by for survival on the remote island of Kernos, a drifting alchemist, Yorick, crafted potions and spells to ward off foul beasts looming over his shoulder. It’d been two years since he first awoke on a deserted beach with no memory of his life before that moment. But with the help of Ozgrin, a powerful elemental spirit, he found his footing in the forgotten land. In that time, he’d learned of the hungering addiction that swelled deep within the confines of his mind. A dark force compelled him to consume the essence of dead creatures. It was the only thing that sated his body, and reinvigorated him to press onward to new discoveries. But that persistent dark force had a name. The vile corruption plaguing his mind was Varus, the black wraith that awaited him in the Shadow Isle, forever taunting him. Varus beckoned him towards death, but Yorick was determined to find a cure for the demon he’d been cursed to carry. And new visitors landing on the shore could help unearth the answers to freeing himself.

The Dark Jin (Diner Tales Book 1)

by Andy Bunch

This lighthearted tale is the first of ten that will ultimately be compiled into an anthology titled “Denny’s Tales.” This tale, and a few others, will be available individually, through Kindle Direct Publishing.

The Wyvern in the Wilderlands: Planeswalking Monster Hunters for Hire (Sci-fi Multiverse Adventure Survival / Weird Fantasy) (Monster Hunting for Fun and … Hunters and Mythical Monsters) Book 1)

by Eddie Patin

Explore other Universes.
Hunt Deadly Monsters.
Make a Profit.

Jason always loved dinosaurs as a kid. He never thought that one day he’d be trapped on a dinosaur world struggling to stay alive.

This is the story of Jason Leaper of Earth, universe 934. In the mind-bending expanse of parallel universes and higher dimensions, the unexpected death of an alternate Jason Leaper launches our hero’s boring life into a wild adventure of survival, fantastic creatures, and bizarre other worlds!

All Jason Leapers across the infinite multiverses have the ability to rift–to open portals through other dimensions to shift between alternate realities. And when the last survivors of the Reality Rifters–an interdimensional Monster Hunter crew–come looking for Jason 934, the directionless man suddenly finds his latent powers awakened and his life is changed forever. When he is unexpectedly teleported to the Wilderlands, a vicious and primordial alternate Earth overrun with dinosaurs, primitive savages, and epic wilderness, Jason is cast into a visceral struggle for basic survival and needs to figure out his rifting powers in a hurry if he expects to get home. And when the monster hunting planeswalkers finally catch up to him, will Jason Leaper 934 slay the apex predator in the region and take his place in the Reality Rifters?

The Wyvern in the Wilderlands is a fast-paced survival story and is the first book in the “Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit” series about Jason Leaper 934 and his planeswalking Reality Rifters, Monster Hunters for hire. If you love books about guns, survival, vicious and terrible mythical monsters, cosmic horror, time travel, DINOSAURS, and exploring strange new worlds … read this today!

Reading Order for this series:
– Book 1 – The Wyvern in the Wilderlands
– Book 2 – The Minotaurs of Maze World
– Book 3 – The Heart of a Necromancer
– Book 4 – The Giants of Shattered Swamp
– Book 5 – The Manticores of Pristalline Paradise
– Book 6 – (Coming Soon)

Background Stories Related to the series:
– Free Novella – A Bond Between Man and Monster (available on website)
– Short Story – Goran the Slayer
– Short Story – The Helion Depths

Protect the Guilty

by Pablo Omar Zaragoza

Sam Westmore killed several people before committing suicide. That, in and of itself, makes for an interesting read, but Protect the Guilty becomes a compelling story when it portrays Sam as a ghost, reliving and relating the events of his life that led to his acts of violence, hoping against the bitter realities of life to clear himself as a mindless, out-of-control human.

From his invisible vantage, Sam first observes the crime scene while learning how to navigate his new form, learning from the inside out what makes people think – and tick. To relate his pre-suicide life, he spends time with two law enforcement investigators as they play a thumb drive they had retrieved from Sam’s cold fist to learn the truth behind the multiple deaths.

When Sam is not reliving his life, he wanders about the city, observing people and doing good deeds mysteriously. Every night, he sees the same homeless man sleeping near a historic monument. But is this an ordinary homeless man or someone far more special? What message will he eventually give Sam to make his after-life mission meaningful?

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