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Betty’s Thanksgiving Kiss: Holiday Romance Short Stories

by Mercy Levy

When Becky Mandrift arrives in a small Montana town in search for her brother, the last thing she expects is to be caught in a snowstorm of violence and fear. She learns that her brother killed a man and was now wanted dead by a very powerful and cruel businessman.

Already being a woman who lives in fear, Becky hungers to run away from the danger. But when a kind woman and a gentle but brave and handsome stranger step into the picture, she learns that love can overcome fear.

The storm grows worse when Becky’s brother shows up and the hired mob gathers at the local salon to begin planning how to kill him. Becky quickly joins forces with the handsome stranger and the kind woman, who decide to stand for truth.

Together they all take shelter in a hotel and wait for bullets to begin flying at them through the storm. As they wait, the handsome stranger confesses his love for Becky.

Will Becky’s final act of courage be her last, or will she live through a horrible storm and see a fresh new morning dripping with joy and peace?

Longsword (III): Holy Warrior

by David Pilling

“Deus Vult – God wills it!”

1271 AD. The civil wars in England are over, and the Lord Edward has sailed to the Holy Land to save what remains of the crusader states. Abandoned by his allies, Edward insists on pushing on to Acre, one of the few cities still in Christian hands. On the way his fleet is almost destroyed by a storm, and he arrives to find Acre threatened by the host of Baibars, the all-conquering Mamluk sultan of Egypt, known as the Father of Conquest.

Among Edward’s followers is Hugh Longsword. With Acre surrounded by the Mamluks, Hugh is sent on a vital mission across hundreds of miles of enemy territory. His task is to deliver a message to the Tartars, the only power on earth that can defeat Baibars. The journey is long and dangerous, and Hugh must survive battle, treachery and the lethal agents of the Qussad, Baibars’ spy network.

LONGSWORD (III) HOLY WARRIOR is the third of the adventures of Hugh Longsword, swordsman, spy and assassin in the turbulent, war-torn 13th century.


by William J. Ryan

A riveting drama about an historical Lord King fighting to reacquire their stolen artifacts from his religion by the Catholic Spanish.
The Lord King is a reincarnated God of the Inca, who fights to get back what once belonged to his people. Jan is a nurse who was once a tortured and abused child. She finds peace from her past in an ancient ritual of freedom, and also finds love. She is taken on a journey to a place she never believed she could be and finds herself.

Finding Peace: Rebecca, Wife of Enos (Ancient Matriarchs Book 3)

by Angelique Conger

They stole her food, her freedom, and her children. Is there peace for Rebecca?

For Rebecca, life in drought stricken Shulon becomes more complicated when ancient feuds explode. Struggling to survive, she is further stricken when raiders take her brother’s life and steal her two young children.

Confronting continued brutality and loss, can she overcome hatred and discover the strength to endure continued confrontation and loss?

Ancient Matriarchs Book Three, Finding Peace: Rebecca, Wife of Enoch is a fascinating historical fiction with a compelling feminine perspective and an engaging story of a determined woman encountering overwhelming loss.

Purchase Finding Peace today to experience this engaging story of a mother facing crushing personal trials.

The Madness of Mr. Darcy

by Alexa Adams

The year is 1832 and regrets beleaguer Fitzwilliam Darcy. All he ever cared for has been taken from him: his pride, his sister, and his true love, Elizabeth Bennet. Now, having nearly murdered a man in a fit of rage, he might lose Pemberley, too. More than just his home, his very identity is at stake. In desperation, he seeks the help of Dr. Frederick Wilson, owner and proprietor of Ramsey House, a madhouse for fine ladies and gentlemen. Is Darcy’s confinement the inevitable end to his tortured descent, or will he rediscover what he lost in the most unlikely of places?

Ryder: a boy alone (Madeleine Book 6)

by Sadie Conall

This is a short story of Ryder Benedict, one of the main characters in the Madeleine series. The story begins in 1778, Ryder is only eight years old and living on the Corrigan ranch. And for all those readers familiar with the Madeleine series, you’ll know this was a time in his life when he was desperately unhappy. He’s surrounded by change and opportunities, but all he longs for is to be home, to be back with the ones he loves. Except he has been betrayed by a man he loved like a father.

Chasing Christmas: Book Four and a Half in The Fairies Saga

by Dani Haviland

Only LOVE could be sweeter than freedom.

Early winter 1783, remote North Carolina: Rejuvenated time traveler Evie and her family have little in life but each other, but they’re content. When her husband rescues an abused young Native American woman and brings her home, she’s welcomed. Unexpected births, deaths, and a marriage change the dynamics of this unique family in this stand-alone novella featuring many of the characters from the popular time travel series The Fairies Saga.

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