Free history Kindle books for 30 Nov 18

Christmas Pastimes

by Lorayne Miller

This book is what Christmas was like in the real old days!

Advent by the Numbers: Exploring the advent season through numbers and prayers

by Steve Blundell

Let’s all be honest for a moment, shall we? Christmas can be manic. All the pressures of family, school, church, and work can soon mount up. Do you wonder if there was a different way to approach Christmas? If so, Advent by the Numbers is the answer.

Advent by the Numbers has been developed and refined over many years using Steve Blundell’s experience as a pastor and leader. With over fifteen years of Bible study, discipleship training and development coming through the pages, this book will help you grow in your faith as you prepare for Christmas. 

Each day is filled with expert Bible knowledge and commentary that you can rely on. Steve Blundell gives insights, tips and questions to help you grow in your faith mixed with a great sense of humor that will keep you sane as the Christmas Holiday approaches. 

If you love Tom Wright’s â??for Everyone’ series then you will love Steve Blundell’s writing and theological devotional approach to Advent. 

In Advent by the Numbers you will discover:

  • 25 days of faith building devotions for Advent
  • Additional resources to help you grow in faith, hope and love
  • Amazing insights into some of the well know and less well known characters from the Nativity narrative
  • A peace-filled way to approach Christmas
  • And much much more

Pick up a copy today and start to look at Christmas in a whole new way. 

Julfa and New Julfa Armenians: Depopulation Exodus Destruction Sanctuary

by Michael Boyajian

From the depopulation of Julfa to the birth of New Julfa these Armenians experienced destruction, exodus and sanctuary. Shah Abbas force marches the Armenians out of old Julfa into Persia. They suffer greatly on the journey but the Shah builds them a new city, New Julfa, where they experience great wealth and peace. But then oppression returns…

Seven Years of Liz: Real Magic Short Stories

by E.C. Stever

They say that every seven years, you die. After seven years, all your cells regenerate, and you become a new person. It’s not supposed to be magic, but…

But what if a younger version of yourself came back? What if they wanted answers? What if they wanted to take over your life, and live like you always dreamed? Would you let them?

Or would you fight?

This collection includes “Seven Years of Liz” as well as five additional stories of magical realism and fantasy.

“The Death of Sir Duke” – An arthurian hero must atone for the monsters he didn’t slay.
“We Painted Red” – A misuse of PaleoIndian magic leads to a murder.
“If Anika Fell” – An enchanted bicycle protects a girl from German bombs in WWII Holland. But at what price?
“Seven Years of Liz” – What if the old you, wants to be the new you?
… and two additional stories.

Magic is real: Impossible depends on where you live.

Ancient Greece: A History From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece was the birthplace of advances in government, art, philosophy, science, and architectureâ??all of which continue to influence the world today. Warriors and diplomats, scientists, artists, and the first comedians; the achievements of this ancient society have formed a strong foundation to be built upon by later cultures.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Mount Olympus
â?? Polis
â?? Athens and Sparta
â?? Literature
â?? Philosophy
â?? Art and Architecture
â?? Science
And much more!

From the ancient origins of the Olympic Games through to art, architecture, language, and even the very way we view and investigate the world around us, the legacy of the culture and civilization of ancient Greece still burns brightly in the modern world.

Arizona erleben: 33 Geschichten aus dem Land des Grand Canyon (German Edition)

by Gunhild Hexamer

Wo Amerika am schönsten ist: Arizona, das Land der Wüsten und Canyons

Was für ein Land! Das Farbenwunder des gigantischen Grand Canyon, majestätische Saguaro-Kakteen vor blauem Wüstenhimmel, rote Berge, die Geheimnisse flüstern – Arizona, der groÃ?e Bundesstaat im Südwesten der Vereinigten Staaten, bietet mit seinen Bergen, Canyons und Wüsten grandiose, atemberaubend schöne Landschaften.

In Arizona ganz lebendig: der Wilde Westen

Dazu eine spannende Historie, die von stolzen Indianervölkern erzählt, von mutigen Pionieren, von Goldgräbern, Glücksrittern und Banditen und all den eigenwilligen Persönlichkeiten, die das Land zu dem gemacht haben, was es heute ist.

Die 33 Geschichten dieses Buches nehmen Sie mit auf eine unterhaltsame Entdeckungsreise: durch die legendären alten Zeiten und die lebendige Gegenwart Arizonas.

Dieses Buch führt sie auf eine au�ergewöhnliche Entdeckungsreise durch das Arizona von gestern und heute.

Aus dem Inhalt:

Manche mögen’s heiÃ?: Scharfe Chilischoten – Die Zähmung des Wilden Westens: Arizona wird ein Bundesstaat – Sonnenstrahlen und Kupferstern: Die Flagge Arizonas – Der schönste Abgrund der Welt: Ein Besuch am Grand Canyon – Geheimnis um ein seltsames Schloss: Das Mystery Castle in Phoenix – Der schnellste Vogel des Südwestens: Der Roadrunner – FreizeitspaÃ? in Merry Old England: Die London Bridge am Lake Havasu – Zwischen Himmel und Schrottplatz: Arizonas Luftfahrtindustrie – Top-Ziel für Nukleartouristen: Das Titan Missile Museum – Winnetou und andere Helden: Im Land der Apachen – Schmuck für echte Kerle: Die Cowboykrawatte â??Bola Tie” – Als Missionar in der Wüste: Der reitende Pater Eusebio Kino – Arizonas Westküste: Der Colorado River – The Place No One Knew: Der versunkene Glen Canyon – Macht der Reiter plumps: Rodeo in Prescott – Die Frau, die für Arizona schrieb: Das bewegte Leben der Sharlot Hall – Das Raumschiff in der Wüste: Biosphere 2 – Buddha in den roten Bergen: Der Amitabha Stupa in Sedona – Der verbotene Schatz (I): Das Gold des Don Miguel Peralta – Der verbotene Schatz (II): Das Gold des Lost Dutchman – Mr. Hunts Vorliebe für Ã?gypten: Das Pyramiden-Grabmal in Phoenix – Historie meets Moderne: Die Ruinen von Casa Grande – Von Teddybären und Monstern: Die Sonora-Wüste – Die stolzen Riesen der Wüste: Der Saguaro-Kaktus – Gefängnis in bester Lage: Das Yuma Territorial Prison – Mit Tanz und Flötenspiel: Der Mythos des Kokopelli – Im Geiste des Kokopelli: Der Flötenspieler R. Carlos Nakai – Die Legende lebt: Tombstone, Hochburg des Westernkults – Kleines Dorf ganz groÃ?: Tortilla Flat – Nah- und Fernverkehr am Colorado: Lee’s Ferry und die Navajo Bridge – Lösung eines Transportproblems: Kamele für Amerika – Grenzsituationen: Die Grenze zum Nachbarn Mexiko – Geschichte mit Gruselfaktor: Das tragische Ende der Jennie Bauters

Willkommen in Arizona!

Columbus’ Caribbean in 21st century- A travelogue to Re-discover

by Suvra Biswas

Voyage, Discovery & Pirates: these are three integral parts of Caribbean history. Inspired by a book written by Marco polo who was a great explorer of 12th century, a young admiral named Christopher Columbus set up sails in Atlantic sea in 1492 in search of an unknown world. This voyage made him the greatest explorer of mankind and changed the course of history forever
After reading a couple of paragraphs from Columbus’s published Logbook and searching through the facts of his historical voyages, I got inspired to visit some of those places which he discovered during his explorations. In my trip first I went to Bahama, then to Dominican Republic( Hispaniola) followed by Cuba and Jamaica. I also travelled and stayed in two other pristine Caribbean islands- St Lucia and Grand Cayman which too were discovered by Columbus in his subsequent voyages. In my trips to various islands, I came across an open-air museum ( Columbus Park) in Jamaica as well as an underwater museum for sunken ships in Grand Cayman.
In this book, I have described my personal travel experience to all the tourist attractions and adventure stuff in these island countries and relevant historical facts with Columbus I attempted to inspire my readers to visit Caribbean islands , admire the natural beauty and appreciate Columbus’s contribution into this marvellous world of islands

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