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Deathcreator Book Three: Ambient Decay

by John Domus Cruo

John deals with his new role as chief while uncovering mysteries that have long plagued him while unaware of a bigger foe that plots in the shadows. He learns of the crusade that’s rallied against him and makes plans to gain some dangerous allies.

This book is told almost entirely through John’s perspective as he experiences new revelations first hand.

Experience it as he does, no behind the scenes peaks, no foreshadowing, just the jarring realities of a harsh world.

This book has dark themes, extreme cruelty, sexual themes and harem as well as some Litrpg elements.

Old Letters and New Demons: Where History Meets Mystery

by Richard Devall

This is a novel of the combined genres, historic and speculative, for an adult audience.
In 1929 Harry Crosby shot his girlfriend and two hours later he killed himself. They were
found fully clothed with their shoes off and their toe nails painted red. After this incident,
Harry’s wife Caresse, moved to an estate in Bowling Green Virginia, where she wrote
pornography for Henry Miller and Anis Nin in the 1940’s. She is a very strong female
In 1983 John and Julia Gavis dug up their father, who was killed by their younger
brother, along with their mother and brother in 1978. This was in Spotsylvania, a few
miles from Hampton Manor, an estate, where Caresse Crosby lived. When charged with
disinterment of a human body, John and Julia were wearing multiple layers of bread
wrappers on their feet and hands and said it was to keep the demons away.
I linked these two tales together because they made a great template for a novel. I
weaved the two stories back to Egypt, beginning in the 1920’s, and ended the tale in the
summer of 2016.
This novel is brimming with humor, sarcasm, wit and a fist full of ancient energy. The
characters in this novel don’t blow themselves up in the first chapter, their demise is an
artfully crafted train wreck whose tracks are built out of history, mystery and words that
add up to chapters, and nail down the rails over time.
Caresse Crosby is Constance in this novel and her compelling life story is told every
other chapter in letter form. It’s in these letters the reader is allowed an intimate glimpse
into a real history of the 1920’s, which until now, has been locked away.

The male protagonist is stalked throughout the novel by a demonic energy. He slips in
and out of reality as this force reveals itself and he relives the lives of those who have
fallen before him. This gives the reader a researched view of ancient Egypt, Greece and
early Rome, ending in romantic betrayal, bewilderment and death.
This is a two for one book. There’s the story of Albert and Constance, aka Harry and
Carasse, but also Greg Singleton, who in 2016 purchases a home in Bowling Green
and finds a talisman in a box that changes his personality and goals.

Kept Haunted

by George Strasburg

A collection of tales to chill your bones from George Strasburg, a modern master of short horror fiction. In his decade long career, his short stories have graced numerous publications where he has terrified, disgusted, and shocked many readers. This collection brings 16 of his short horror fiction in one spot. A variety few have matched, as he tackles creepy houses, zombie outbreaks, end of the world scenarios and the afterlife.

The Effacing 1.5: Valley’s End

by T. Anwar Clark

All hell breaks loose when a marauding group of rogue soldiers invade the city.

It has been four days since the outbreak begun. The city is crumbling, local authorities have vanished, and the numbers of surviving residents are on the decline. The night brings a new terror, and the sun is fading fast.

Jim and Girder are childhood friends on the run. Escaping their present danger, they head for a section of the city they suspect will be safe from their antagonists. But there is another problem. The place chosen as a hideout has been hit hard by enemy fire. And getting in was the easy part.

For a small group of surviving women and children – and a few untrained guys with guns – safety is a top priority. With imminent danger ahead of them, Rebekah, the organizer of this group, breaks off, accompanied by Ann and Trivo, in search of a safe passage through the city, and any survivors that may be hiding from the marauders. As they enter a war-struck neighborhood, a van, the word, necropolis, written across its sliding door, exhibits an ever-present clue that no one survived. And soon after, they discover the horrible truth, and what happened to the residents of Valley’s End.


Past Darkness

by Ashley Wilson

She kicked back with her foot, the hand let go for a moment. She pulled herself forward. The faint sound of a phone ringing in the house made its way to her through the night air.
â??God help me!’ she sobbed to the phone she could not reach.
The hand made contact with her leg again to be joined by another and another. She held on to the window and the glass. The blood welled up around the hand holding the shard of glass. She saw it break off and she still held tight to the shard as she tumbled off the shelf to the floor. She fell on her back and the shelf she had climbed up fell with her. She was trapped under it looking up as the figure from the doorway stood over her and raised the glowing metal rod. She screamed so loud, putting all her essence into one long sound, as the glowing end of the rod come down. A hot searing agony burst in her face as the red-hot tip of metal pierced through her right eye, exploding it on contact. Her scream was cut short and her legs did a spastic dance, juddering between the floor and the fallen shelf. Her heels sounding like impatient fingers drumming. The metal rod set steam squirting from around the edges as it descended, only stopping when it hit the back of the inside of Sally’s skull. Then pulled out again. Her head fell to one side and blood mixed with a whitish clear fluid ran out her eye socket to pool under her cheek. Her hand still held the shard of glass, six or seven inches standing proud of her cut flesh.
She was pulled roughly until she was almost out from under the shelves, a rusty blade was stuck deep into her abdomen and pulled from hip to hip. Small dead hands covered in dry parchment skin reached into her insides and pulled out coils of grey bowel, dumping them on her chest. The small dried flesh hands glistened in blood and were held up to be examined. The two small parodies of childhood innocence looked at their hands and then at the dead woman, then up into the rotted face of their guardian and started to laugh.

Past Darkness is the story of a house called Imago and of secrets buried in the past that force their way brutally into the present. Leonard Steel is a psychiatrist who thought he had buried his Oedipus complex along with his mother when she committed suicide soon after his fifteenth birthday.

The Witch finder buried his innocent victims in the foundations of Imago over three centuries ago. Imago is also the dream country house Leonard has brought his second wife and their young daughter to live in, but it is still filled with the evil of that time.

Both of these horrors resurface to destroy Leonard and his family. Only one man knows the real truth of what the Steel family is facing at Imago. John Merrick is a mental patient under the care of Leonard at the Maples Mental Asylum. He has waited thirty years for the return of the evil forces to Imago. He managed to save Ellie, his daughter, back in 1969, but lost his twin sons and wife. Both men pay a high price as the body count rises at Imago; both make the wrong decision in thinking they can master the evil forces that dwell there.

Shadows and Demons

by Dominique Mayfair

As Gabrielle writes her journal, it doesn’t bring her peace or comfort; it just reminds her of all that has taken place.
Why does she hear noises that have no right to be there?
Why is she haunted by nightmares that only an insane person could conjure up?

While living happily with her partner Mia, fate has other plans and tragedy strikes, setting Gabrielle on a journey which will ultimately change her life forever.

This, however, is just the beginning of a strange and tumultuous journey intertwining religion, the occult, science, beliefs and memories better left alone.

Charmed Book Of Shadows Replica

by Daemon Drake

A digital replica of the book of shadows used on the tv show charmed

The Sentinel ((Eye of Ra))

by Robin Carstairs

Egypt in 1895, was still a land of mystery. Its secrets undiscovered, even the Great Sphynx lay buried deep in the relentless sands. Only the giant head and front paws visible.

Egyptologist David Richardson is charged with clearing the rest of the sands from the huge statue. Traveling with his wife Isis, the beautiful daughter of a British officer and an Egyptian mother, he returns to the land of mystery. Excited to be leading this first dig on his own.

Things were proceeding as expected, the work understandably slow. The living conditions on the Giza Plateau, less than desirable. But the two were delighted with their progress. Isis working alongside her husband. Enjoying being back in her homeland. Born just across the Nile in Cairo, she was a child of Egypt. Its ancient blood flowing through her veins.

Their work interrupted as the workmen uncover a shaft. A shaft that had no historical reference. One found where none should be, in the back of the Great Sphynx. Descending into the depths of the giant statue. Deep into the solid bedrock. But, where did it leadâ?¦

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