Free literary fiction Kindle books for 30 Nov 18

Universaliter Acceptos: Book 1

by Jeff Bertolucci

McCracken, a former Army Ranger, is haunted by a personal tragedy from his pastâ??one that destroyed both his marriage and family. His grief leads him to a shadowy organization fronted by a charismatic university professor and a brilliant geneticist, both of whom convince him to participate in a bizarre effort to save humanity from an untimely demise. A cynical computer hacker and a disgruntled truck driver join the cause, neither of whom is fully aware of the program’s true goal. When McCracken falls in love with a woman hired to be his girlfriend, events unfold that threaten not only the lives of everyone involved, but also the very fabric of human civilization. Darkly humorous and often disturbing, Universaliter Acceptos is a dystopian thrill ride.

Spanish Lavender: Love in a time of war

by Joan Fallon

Elizabeth is visiting her parents in Málaga when the Spanish Civil War breaks out. All foreigners are told they must evacuate – the Nationalist soldiers are coming and no-one is safe. But Elizabeth’s ambition is to be a photo-journalist and she decides she will stay, despite her parents’ objections.
Alone in the devastated city of Málaga, she begins to regret her hasty decision until she meets two young men, Juan, an idealistic Spaniard and Alex, a pragmatic Englishman. Amongst the death and carnage she falls in love with Juan, but as they try to make their escape along the Carretera del Muerte, the highway of death, they become separated.
Not knowing if her lover is alive or dead she must choose between staying and risking death at the hands of the Nationalists or fleeing back to England with Alex.

‘Tragic, uplifting and beautiful, Spanish Lavender doesn’t shy away from the horrors of war, but neither does it concentrate on them. It is vital to remember that Spanish Lavender is a story of love. A riveting read.’

Were Inc Aftermath: Aoife File (Were IncThe Aftermath Book 1)

by Marcus Breathnach

Aoife and Alex lived together for many years in secret with Alex being a human and Aoife a lycanthropous they had to hide their love from the Eiru council after seeing what happened to Aisling and Micheal when they flaunted their relationship. When Alex revived news her mother was deathly ill she left Eiru to be at her mothers side. Aoife had planned on asking Alex to marry her when she returned she never thought her live could be turned upside down upon the return of her would be wife now she would have to come out of retirement as an enforcer and fight once more.

Frozen Highway

by Michael S. Nuckols

An intimate portrait of a family in crisis – and a madman in the making. From acclaimed writer Michael S. Nuckols comes a new thriller set in the frozen wilds of Alaska.

Kate Hendricks returns from Iraq physically and emotionally broken only to see her family fall apart. Murderer Sherman Croft flees to Alaska to find a new start â?? and instead finds a following. They meet on a frozen highway miles from the nearest building or phone.

Kate Hendricks is a combat medic who is injured in an explosion in Iraq. After she is discharged from the Army, the young veteran and her family try to find a new start in an idyllic Alaskan town only to discover a dark underbelly. Unbeknownst to Kate, local militia leader Sherman Croft is leaving a trail of bodies – while planting the seeds of a revolution. After Kate witnesses Croft murder an innocent man, Kate finds renewed strength as she fights first for her life – and then for her family.

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