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Rook Security: Complete 5-Part Series

by Camilla Blake

Elena Vasquez thought she would never be safe again, not after she nearly got blown to pieces by a car bomb. Rook Security then comes in, spiriting her away to shield her from the ruthless criminals seeking to kill her and her campaign against ivory smuggling. That’s when she meets him againâ??the charmingly awkward jock who never gave her the time of day. She knows he’s just being paid to protect her, just doing a job that any meathead with a gun can doâ?¦ so why is it that he makes her feel that everything’s going to be alright?

Sequence Bone is the ice man of Rook Securityâ??cool, calm, and collected as he watches everything from his high-tech perch. Then she came bumbling and bubbling into his life. His job is to be her eyes and ears, to provide overwatch as she cuts off her ties to one of the most dangerous men in New York. And yet he just couldn’t keep up the frosty mask that he normally wears, couldn’t stop caring about her more than he should.

Atlas Bone knows what it’s like to suffer, to take all the pain and abuse without being able to do a thing. His laughter, his bantering and blusteringâ??all a façade he learned to build up over the years. That’s why he recognized the signs when he first lays his eyes upon the little waif of a woman: eyes deep with despair, flesh sunken from chronic hunger, and bruises in all the right spots. He wanted to give her a small gesture of kindness, help make her life a little easier while soothing over his long-forgotten wounds of the heart.But the past has a way of catching up with everyone…

Moreau Davy may smile for the cameras, pose for the fans, and dazzle the paparazzi. Deep inside, however, he pines away for a woman he knows hates him. Better to keep her at arm’s length, play the role of stupid celebrity, than to risk losing her altogether by confessing his feelings for her. And then someone decides to kill himâ?¦ or at least tries to.

Savannah Georgia hates the spoiled, egotistical clients of Rook Securityâ??especially this one self-important Hollywood hotshot. He brings in the money on the regular though so she grits her teeth and plays the part of bodyguard. One failed assassination attempt later, and she finds out that the man called Moreau Davy isn’t as invincibleâ??or as intolerableâ??as she once thought him to be.

Javier Rook gave her all the space she neededâ??even if meant signing the divorce papers. He ignored the screams of his soul, of the love he lost, all for the sake of her happiness. And so he endured, steeling his heart against the pain. If it was for her sake, he would stoically take anything and everything that comes his way.

Someone out there, however, wants to make sure that Javier never finds happiness ever again. And what better way to make a man suffer than to destroy that which he loves most?

Dream of the Wolf

by Bradley McKenzie

Jackson Hole is a playground for new money as vast as the western sky. But when a young socialite is found slain, it threatens to tear the valley apart.

Local cowgirl Lane Brouwer has sworn an oath to protect the Cowboy State from the depravity that plagues big cities, but as more victims turn up dead in the forest, she discovers they belonged to a secret clique of privileged and decadent young women. Brouwer will have to look past her humble ranching roots to understand what lured elite girls to terrifying deaths in the prime of their lives.

Are these young women dying at the hands of their own circle of friends? What could possibly entice them to succumb willingly to strange forest ceremonies? To find out, she will enter a lurid world of fantasy and dread deep in the mountain forest. But just as spruce trees hide Alpine lakes, there is more than meets the eye.

The Path to Otherwhere: or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by T S Paul

The wait is over! Agatha’s vacation is revealed!

Her entire life living with her Grandmother, Agatha was told to never, ever, go into the Garden alone. But there are secrets never discussed and she believes the key is through the garden gate.

Join Agatha and Fergus as they travel to the realm of the Mystical Library and discover who and what they were meant to be.

This long awaited story is a crossover of sorts merging two story lines into one. It takes place between Witness Enchantment (Book 4) and Night of the Unicorn (Book 5).

400 Dollars

by Dr. Kashif Ali Kamboh

Who is Umar? Is he truly a great man? Will anyone ever find him?
This is a story about looking for a man who changed lives. How does an ordinary immigrant become a billionaire? Change is always happening, but sometimes the things that change our lives are not always as they seem to be.

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