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El poder de la motivación: o como la tortuga venció a la liebre (Spanish Edition)

by Guillermo Seyahian

La vida en todas sus facetas nos presenta desafíos. Habitamos un mundo V.I.C.A., Vertiginoso, Incierto, Confuso y Ambiguo. Los cambios producto de la tecnología, las comunicaciones, la inteligencia artificial, la robótica, la web 2.0, las redes sociales, generan contextos disruptivos para los que nuestra capacidad adaptativa se hace cuesta arriba en muchas ocasiones. Los retos son cada día más complejos y difíciles de superar.
Alcanzar nuestros objetivos y metas requiere de una energía extraordinaria, que genere comportamientos, actitudes, maneras de pensar y hacer, para vencer los obstáculos y dificultades que se interponen en el camino a nuestros sueños.

DIY Wind Chimes

by Lorayne Miller

This book is all about wind chimes. Wind chimes have been around since the dawn of time. The sound of chimes blowing in the wind is exquisite. Making wind chimes yourself is not as hard as you might think. There are many different ways to make wind chimes. At the end of this book will show you how to make your own wind chimes in twenty easy steps!

Ultimate Guide To Unlocking Happiness Within: How To Eat Your Elephant

by Xavier Lepage

Ultimate Guide To Unlocking Happiness Within: How To Eat An Elephant?

This book shares 20 secret tips to help you find Happiness in life. If you are undergoing hardships and trying to find your compass and sanity in life, this book is definitely for you. From an author who has faced countless dangers and pressures in life, he is now sharing some Eastern wisdom which he has acquired in his travels and life’s journey.

In this book, you will learn

* Who are your buddies to unhappiness

* The 5 key factors affecting your happiness

* How to eat your elephant

There is a bonus chapter with 3 key training techniques for finding happiness. The bonus training covers:-

* . How to tame the ultimate master of your happiness

* . How to get a daily dose of happiness

* . How to find your inner peace

Buy this book now to find your happiness and stop being overwhelmed by life’s events.

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Some Little Motivational Words: Start the day with a smile : )

by The Secret Libraries

Some Little Motivational Words. A fun book with motivational and inspirational words joyfully presented. Great to pick up every morning, little wise words to start the day with a smile.

Contains a collection of 100 illustrative pages and a few selected quotations by:

– Albert Einstein
– Mark Twain
– Mahatma Gandhi
– Theodore Roosevelt
– Thomas Edison
– Walt Whitman
– Titus Maccius Plautus
– George Eliot
– Hans Christian Andersen
– William Hazlitt

– Confucius

Thank you for your purchase. We spent a long time building this book. We hope you enjoy it 🙂
Some Little Motivational Words – Start the day with a Smile. (Quote Book)
New 2nd EDITION by The SECRET Libraries

100 Slow Cooker Recipes for you : Cookbook how to Cook healthy meals for Weight Loss: Complete Guide with Pictures, Tips end Tricks, New Release (Lose weight easy, tasty and without starving 1)

by Helena Smith

Do you own a slow cooker?

Are you tired of doing the same things in it, every week?

Are you looking for a way to get the most out of it with exciting new low-fat and low-sugar recipes to try?

You can, with 100 Slow Cooker Recipes for You: How to Cook Healthy Meals for Weight Loss, a great new cookbook from Helena Smith which will enhance your meal times with real, tasty food.

Just imagine. Instead of the same tired stew on a Wednesday, your family sits down to something different, bursting with taste from a tantalizing selection of flavor-enhancing spices and fresh ingredients.

Inside you will find 100 truly individual recipes which will:

ï?? Reinvigorate breakfast time

ï?? Made a meal out of quick lunches

ï?? Prepare succulent dinners

ï?? Indulge your friends and family

ï?? Give you a range of healthy meals which will help to promote weight loss

ï?? And moreâ?¦

Cooking with a Slow Cooker has never been easier and with 100 Slow Cooker Recipes you will get beautiful meals, all made without using any tinned ingredients and which are low in fat and low in sugar.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now! A kitchen revolution is closer than you think.

Dark Psychology: What Machiavellian People of Power Know about Persuasion, Mind Control, Manipulation, Negotiation, Deception, Human Behavior, and Psychological Warfare that You Donâ??t

by Steven Turner

If want to discover how people with dark personalities work and understand how you can protect yourself against their deceptive and dangerous strategies, then keep reading…

Have you ever been subjected to the painful and damaging behaviors of people who seem to lack morals?

Have you ever been the victim of negative humor designed to poke at your weaknesses and disempower you?

Would you like to know how to protect yourself against these dark strategies so you can avoid being manipulated or get sucked into their false reality at the expense of your own sanity?

You see, the art of dark psychology has long been researched by scientists to attempt to understand what it is that allows people to ruthlessly chase their dreams at the expense of everyone around them.

In Dark Psychology: What Machiavellian People of Power Know about Persuasion, Mind Control, Manipulation, Negotiation, Deception, Human Behavior, and Psychological Warfare that You Don’t, you are going to discover exactly how these manipulative people suck others into their deceptive ways and win at everything they do – no matter what the cost may be.

This book will also show you how to protect yourself against these dark strategies so you can avoid being manipulated or sucked into their false reality at the expense of your own sanity.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • The eight laws of human behavior and how manipulative people use these behaviors to their advantage
  • The six scientific principles of persuasion and how a manipulator will use these to persuade anyone to agree with them, seemingly on their own terms
  • Mind control techniques that Machiavellian leaders and manipulators use to try and bend your reality and keep you at their mercy
  • Manipulative negotiation tactics people use to get you to take their deal while making it seem like it was your idea
  • 19 manipulation strategies predators use to lure people into their deceptive games
  • The art of deceptive winning and how manipulators will use deception as a carefully selected tool so that they can easily win at anything they do
  • And much, much more!

Please note that this book is in no way intended to endorse manipulative behaviors or encourage dark psychological tools like deception and mind control. Instead, it is meant to educate you so that you can protect yourself against these destructive behaviors.

So if you want to learn more about dark psychology, scroll up and click “add to cart”!

Empath: Your Guide to Understanding Empaths and Their Emotional Abilities to Feel Empathy, Including Tips for Highly Sensitive People, Dealing with Energy Vampires, and Being a Psychic Empath

by Steven Turner

If you’ve ever been told that “you’re too sensitive” but suspect that there might be something more to it, then keep reading…

Are you sick and tired of people saying that you should grow a thick skin?

Do you find it difficult to distinguish someone else’s discomfort from your own?

Do you prefer taking your own car to places so that you can leave when you please?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

You see, empaths often wonder why other people aren’t as emotionally delicate as themselves.

If an empath is missing guidance they could adopt negative coping strategies such as drug abuse and overeating, all in an effort to shut out the turbulent emotions that they go through on a daily basis.

This book is here to help you to embrace your gift and channel your blessings into something beautiful.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • The 11 traits of an empath
  • The different distinct categories empaths fall into and which one you might be
  • How you can take advantage of your special gift
  • Why your condition is a strength and not a weakness
  • Common myths about empaths
  • How to avoid getting your energy drained by energy vampires
  • 9 effective ways to stop absorbing other people’s energy
  • Coping strategies for highly sensitive people
  • 9 ways empaths love differently
  • Why empaths and narcissists are attracted to each other and the stages of their relationship
  • 16 tips for raising empath children
  • Best career choices for empaths
  • 4 signs you’re an intuitive empath – not just an empath
  • How to remain in balance with your emotions
  • And much, much more!

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel once you have a full understanding of your blessings and how your family and friends will react when they see what your gift of depth and compassion can offer the world.

So even if you’ve already adopted negative coping strategies to shut out the turbulent emotions, you can channel your blessings into something beautiful by understanding more about who you are.

If you have a burning desire to understand empaths and feel valued by a world that desperately needs you, then scroll up and click “add to cart”!

Take Back Your Back: Creating a Pain Management System to Your Low Back Pain

by Mercedes Diaz

Before you dive into this, let me tell you why I’m writing this book. For the last six years, I have done over 6,000 hours of hands-on sports and medical massage with young people who are increasingly having more and more low back pain and dysfunction. It’s disturbing to me that people are experiencing so much low back pain (at a young age) and muscular discomfort on a frequent basis with very little guidance on how to deal with it. In fact, so many of my clients don’t end up getting “real” help for their low back pain until they’re seriously injured. To make matters more complicated, we now have a culture of what I like to call, “beast mode fitness” that is injuring the masses of novice gym rats and ultimately causing people to drop out of fitness and health altogether. All of this, because we just don’t have a clear guide on how to handle chronic low back pain, postural dysfunctions, and stress. In this book, you will discover the elements that may be causing your low back pain and how to address them.

Mastering Hypnotic Language – Further Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

by The Rogue Hypnotist

Mastering hypnotic language!
The Rogue Hypnotist taught you the basics, now he’s back to teach you the true secrets of hypnotic language. For his own reasons he still remains anonymous, the hypnotic self-help elite must be ruffled! They don’t want this stuff getting out!
The Rogue Hypnotist is a top UK clinical hypnotherapist and Advanced NLP expert. He has a very good success rate indeed with his client’s and he wants to share the tricks that work with you! He helps his client’s in 1 session only at a very reasonable rate. They leave with a big smile on their faces. Police officers, multimillionaire’s even TV celebs have sought his help; now he wants to help YOU!
The sequel to â??How to hypnotise anyone,’ the number 1 best seller on hypnosis on and is here! â??Mastering hypnotic language,’ awaits you!!! You can now take your hypnotic mastery up to the next level!
In book 1 you learnt how to hypnotise anyone using words alone. Now you will learn how to use words with such precision that your total hypnotic power is assured! The Rogue Hypnotist is giving away almost for free all the â??language patterns’ that work as opposed to all the junk being sold out that that won’t do anything to anyone. Learning hypnosis should be easy and fun!
The hypnosis bag of magic tricks that you can expect to effortlessly learn and put into practise areâ?¦
1. The specific language that will induce trance and hypnosis in anyone.
2. Why words beginning in RE are hypnotic!
3. Why you SHOULD use PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) with a script showing just how to do so.
4. How to dissociate the conscious and unconscious minds. Script provided!
5. What â??colour feelings’ are and how to use them in hypnosis.
6. The secrets of â??hidden code’ hypnosis.
7. How to use â??hypnotic negations’ properly and why they work.
8. The amazing expose of how the unconscious reveals the truth through â??reverse speech.’
9. A powerful and much more advanced â??hypnotic mind model,’ that will give you far greater understanding of how the mind works than 99% of mental health care professionals, helping you hypnotise anyone with flair.
10. What the best â??temporal and spatial’ language predicates to use in hypnosis are.
11. Exactly how to use language to dig out specifics, to find the missing pieces and stop yourself being influenced against your will.
12. How to use hypnotic assumptions and nominalisations and which ones work best.
13. How to specifically and expertly use artfully vague hypnotic language.
14. What hyperbolic words and hypnotic poetry is.
15. The specifics of â??hypnotic languaging.’
16. A knowledge of associational networks and artful ambiguity.
17. The 100% fail proof formula to create your own hypnotic deepeners! It’s easier than you think! And you get a free bonus – â??The Silly Deepener!’
18. An embedded commands induction PLUS the specific â??embeds’ that induce trance in any conversation. You will learn TRUE conversational hypnosis that works including how to describe a state to elicit it!
19. A step by step description of the precise way to create a â??symbolic deepener’ with full script provided.
20. Your special BONUS – â??The Unicorn Deepener’ and much, much more!
The Rogue Hypnotist is practically giving this away so that YOU will have by end of the book more hypnotic ability than 99% of so-called hypnotists out there! That’s my promise to you. This knowledge has been spread around, taught badly and never before brought together in one place so that YOU can have â??professional level hypnotic mastery’ without taking a diploma or 6 week, £ and $ robbing course. He wants EVERYONE to know this stuff at minimal cost. You can use your new knowledge to help others, create your own hypnosis recordings and once again – hypnotise anyone! If after reading this book you can’t hypnotise someone – they ain’t human! â??Mastering hypnotic language,’ will teach you how to hypnotise people so they go through the floorboards!

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