Free parenting and families Kindle books for 30 Nov 18

Life With Ben

by Christine Meyers

A family’s journey from the birth of their special needs child through his adult years. How he overcomes the odds against him and how he provides comfort and joy to his family and other people in his community. A non-verbal person as seen in the eyes of his mother and her story on how he manages to get through life’s trials and tribulations.

In Our Storms We Have God: Arlessa R. Douglass

by Michelle Carter-Douglass

Although these current times of the world are pained ~ we have our Almighty God. A mother and her daughter with very little resources to offer the people of the world ~ offer their heart and prayers to God. Rather you are facing the storms from bullying, depression, isolation, or abuse ~ you have God Almighty. Remember, you have a purpose in life and you are designed by our Heavenly Father.

Finding Home: The Life of Jamie Oâ??Sullivan

by JB May

Jamie O’Sullivan’s coping mechanisms are self-destructive. His dad is desperate to help him but he constantly pushes away. Will he let his dad in before it is too late?

Last book in the series (for now). Sequel to ‘On The Street’, ‘Road to Recovery’ and ‘Trying To Fit In’.



The book hopes to raise awareness of bipolar disorder and the devastating effect it can have on the family.

It describes the the catalogue of events that occured following their daughter Melanie’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder at aged seventeen after experiencing her first manic episode.

It tells the story from her family’s perspective and how they tried to support and care for her as best they could. How they dealt with the rollercoaster of emotions, the chaos and crisis that occured during her life and how they survived the often destructive effect on their relationship with her.

It calls for more funding within mental health care services and offers hope that with awareness and good support it is possible to live well with bipolar disorder.

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