Free philosophy Kindle books for 30 Nov 18

Cognition Switch #2

by Martin Rees

Cognition Switch: An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas

Issue #2: January 2019
Featuring Ideas by: 
Michael Shermer, Peter Staudenmaier, Sabine Hossenfelder, Kate Raworth, Benjamin G Martin, Noah Charney, David Wengrow, Kimberley Brownlee, Tali Sharot, Robert Simpson, Thea Bechshoft, Martin Rees, Jon Butterworth, Bill Nye, Huw Price, and Henry Cowles

Liberals Versus Marx: A Liberal’s Critique of Marxist Theory

by Thomas Winterbottom

There is talk in the Western world about a new relevance of Marxist theory. In this book, I show how Marxism can never be an adequate replacement for the admittedly flawed capitalist economic system.

Development and Evolution

by Michinori Kobayashi

The evolutionary epistemology sees knowledge in light of action and generation. The so-called “problem of knowledge” is a problem that has long been debated from ancient times in philosophy. This paper attempts to explore a new approach to epistemology by focusing on how animals perceive things in the world, whilst considering problems associated with development and evolution, tools and technologies, in terms of behavior.

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