Free poetry Kindle books for 30 Nov 18

My Name is Giorna Alzavola

by Giorna Alzavola

Autistic trans-girl poetry for neoconservative fucks to fap over.Illustrated by the raw talent of Red Focks.

Ser silencio (Spanish Edition)

by Ignacio Díaz

Las poesías, una vez que salen del ámbito privado del autor e ingresan en los sentidos del lector, reencarnan en otros ojos, pues cada uno tiene su razón de ser, e imagina el mundo según sus experiencias de vida, transformando las letras en propias. Ser silencio. No es rendirse. Ni siquiera resignarse. Siendo silencio. Vimos pasar una estación de la vida. Caen las hojas, vuelven a crecer. Jamás somos el mismo árbol. Porque caímos. Ser silencio: un libro de poesías de guerra con mil años de historia en el barro de las trincheras.

Epiphaneia (Spanish Edition)

by Pablo Gabriel Tillet

Epiphaneia es un grito mudo del alma, las manifestaciones o revelaciones de un hombre que concibe al mundo a través del dolor la ira y la mismísima redención.

The Lotus: The Emergence of Beauty From the Mud

by Amirah Morris

The Lotus is a collection of poetry and stories that follow the authors journey through life, love, heartbreak and healing. Finding peace in the mist of chaos that love sometimes causes, Amirah explains how after years of falling in love with others, she fell in love with herself.

From Inspirational Thoughts to Difficult Reality: Poetry

by Katrina A Taylor

This book of poetry contains various types of poems, all written by Katrina A Taylor. Life is an adventure, but at times the experience becomes difficult with twists and turns of unexpected events.

There are many poems which relate to various aspects of life. Each poem tells a beautiful story that every person can relate to at some point in life, whether it is happiness, dreams, death, dying, illness, depression, or an inspiring moment, there is a needed poem.

Reading poetry helps one cope, writing poetry cleanses the soul. – Katrina A Taylor

Afterglow (Ten Poems for under a Buck Book 1)

by Guy Conner

“Pain leads to art; happiness leads to a good night’s sleep.” Guy Conner

Afterglow is a small book of ten poems; each poem is about a different aspect of personal relationships. You can read these poems aloud, and enjoy their particular music, or you can contemplate them in silence, and think about your own relationships. Either way, it’ll cost you less than a buck…

From the Aurhor:
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a fool about relationships. I create an imaginary scenario about someone I’m interested in, and then am crushed when it doesn’t work out in reality. I sense a bit of a spark with someone, and assume it’s going to burst into flame. I’m devastated every time I’m shot down, and I never think about the times I’ve been equally unconsciously cruel to someone else.

Come to think of it, I also make the opposite kind of mistake. When someone shows an obvious interest in me, I do my best to make sure nothing comes of it. And I have had more than one long-term friendship, where I was blind to other possibilities. In short, I have many years of experience of putting barriers in the way of my own happiness.

These poems are my reflections on some of those experiences, and those of others whom I’ve observed. They tend to be downbeat or sad because they reflect the kinds of pain we encounter in our daily lives, and it is pain that leads to art. Happiness leads to a good night’s sleep.

Broken Mirrors and Mended Wounds: My Savior Restoreth My Soul

by Michelle Carter-Douglass

Our souls can be emotionally broken, but our spirits are forever mended by our Heavenly Father. I used to think I was being punished by all my hardships in life. Then I realized, by the grace of God, I was being seasoned. We are broken by the action’s of the adversary and man, but we are mended and restored by Almighty God.

Greeting Card Verse General Topics

by Alan Wichall

A real assortment of greeting card verse. Covering Anniversary, birthday, get well soon, Thank you and others.

Dark reflections on humanity: Anthology of poems

by Jaco Human

A collection of poems that asks the reader to think and interpret for themselves, as these poems explore humanity with a darker lens.

The Power Of Saying Yes: A Short Story-Poem

by Michael Richey

This short story is about the consequences of saying yes and all of its pros and cons. Hope you enjoy the poem. It’ll teach you a lot about life, commitment, and the true power of saying yes to everything you say and do.

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