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Lest Your Heart Faint: My journey with Jesus through the fires of bipolar and sexual trauma

by Dawn D’Espoire

If you long to walk arm and arm with God. If you seek freedom from the fires of bipolarâ?¦
If you are devastated by sexual trauma
then come and drink from the cool waters of peace and the feel the embrace of a loving and empathetic Savior. I have scrambled and scraped to follow my Jesus. Let me guide you and your loved ones with my story of hope and healing.
The book includes:
– How I was almost drowned in 8 symptoms of bipolar depression and 8 symptoms of mania
-My intense struggle with suicide and the secret to fighting it off continually
-An inside look into my actual psychiatric hospital visits from the strip search to the final release back into the wild
–A look into the PG-rated description of the trauma of my assaults by predatory lesbiansâ??their sexual grooming patterns and seduction attempts
–How my marriage suffered and almost fell apart because of my mental illness
–My compassionate exploration of homosexuality in the light of the Bible and my relationship with God
–6 ways I tackle temptation and 4 ways I charge my spiritual power sourceâ??Jesus Ninja style
–3 therapies that WORKED for me and their report card grade
–3 types of doctors that CHANGED MY LIFE and brought me back to health and their report card grade

Jericho Unmasked: An Entrapped Lesbian’s Journey to Freedom

by Cari Gintz

Abused as a child, traumatized by legalistic religion as a young adult, and embraced by the gay community after her divorce, author Cari Gintz traces her journey into the light of God’s miraculous love. This dramatic memoir showcases the redemptive power of the God who never let her go and offers encouragement to family members and friends of those struggling with sexual identity issues.

L.E.O.: The True Stories of Lt. Wayne Cotes

by Wayne Cotes

27 years in the making, this is a humorous look at life on the streets of one of America’s most dangerous cities. Some of his tales will seem far fetched, unless you’re a cop and then you know that anything can happen – and just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone will surprise you.




Mouthpiece is a brutally told biographical sketch of an incarcerated pimp, in prison for human trafficking. Raw boasts and brazen inner-city tales litter the story’s violent, unrepentant landscape.

Like a marked man, Mouthpiece keeps after the reader with a cold perspective.  Money is the aim and young women are the product.

Bullets fly, tears drop, and children watch, Mouthpiece communicates the pride and prejudices of a warrior-pimp seizing 
plunder, camaraderie, and a demigod sense of self, through violence, street credentials, and psychological manipulation.

Serial Killer Casefiles : Jeffrey Dahmer

by Richard D. Burts

Known as the Milwaukee Monster and the Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most well-known and prolific serial killers in history. Dahmer terrorized the Wisconsin city for thirteen years murdering seventeen known victims from 1978 until his capture in 1991. The name Jeffrey Dahmer is synonymous with the phrase serial killer and stands out due to his victim profile, M.O., and the excessively violent and bloody nature of his crimes. The homosexual Dahmer was different in the sense that all of his victims were men compared to the vast majority of male serial killers who tend to be heterosexual with female victims. Dahmer is also different as he showed some remorse for his crimes after his apprehension. Still, Jeffrey Dahmer is considered a real-life boogey man; a monster with the labels or rapist, cannibal, murderer, and necrophile. Over twenty years after his own murder in prison, the grisly story of Dahmer still equally fascinates and sickens those brave enough to look inside it. There is no doubt that Jeffrey Dahmer committed some of the most gruesome, violent, and horrific murders of all time but although Dahmer is put into the same category as similar infamous killers such as Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy, his show of remorse and overall non-threatening personality and lack of outward charm make Dahmer different. These aspects of his personality and his shy nature counteract the often true stereotype of the charming and manipulative psychopathic serial killer. Dahmer’s selective victim profile also set him apart from other prominent killers as does his sexuality, but those aspects didn’t make him any less terrifying, especially to those in the marginalized population that Dahmer was preying on. Had Dahmer been alive in a different time where the things he struggled with: alcohol addiction, his homosexuality, and mental illness were less stigmatized; seventeen young men might still be alive today.

The True Story of Saint Nicholas of Myra, Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea

by Julie McDonald

Is Saint Nicholas, aka, Santa Claus, Kris Kringle and a host of other names, a myth, a legend, a fairy tale or was he a real person? In this short story, about a 10-15 minute read, you will learn about the life of a man who was so absolutely amazing that his legacy lives on 1,600 years after his death. You will see why so many of our Christmas traditions have their roots in a man beloved during his life time, and loved to this day.

Fight with Faith – Kindle Exclusive Edition

by Courtenay Good

What distinguishes us, what sets us apart? How do we know we are good enough? We are told we are worthy, loved beyond all measures. Why do we strive to be loved, only to feel unloved? We strive to feel together, only to feel broken. Maybe it is faith that sets us apart, that defines us, that creates life. Five simple letters, yet one great meaning. The force that keeps us together, that makes us feel loved, that gives us life. Faith. Daring our souls to go beyond what our eyes see. To believe in the unknown and hope for things anew. Faith that shines through when the rain is pouring down. When puddles collect at our feet in a dirty mess, faith wipes us clean. It heals our wounds and brings a smile to the brokenhearted.

I Awake: By an Elephant in The Room

by Gregory Hoey

The old out-back town of Kalgoorlie has never before been as richly, strangely or so poignantly transcribed by way of prose as it undoubtedly deserves to be, and indeed has been done in this wonderful memoir of a childhood once lived!

63 Things I’ve Learned: A Journey of Self-Discovery (What I’ve Learned)

by JEFFREY P. Restuccio

I will be sixty-three this yearâ??thus the title. This exercise is both a bucket-list event and an exploration of personal discovery. I write it for several reasons. First, I would like to encourage you, the reader, to create your own list and Kindle book. What have you learned? There is no investmentâ??other than your time, and it’s a great exercise in self-discovery.

If I get hit by a truck while riding my bicycle tomorrow, if my grandchildren ask, “what was grandpa like? What did he believe?” then all they have to do is read this short and concise book. I wanted to let my friends, family, and the world know what I feel I’ve learned in 63 years. It’s not an autobiography but a concise and brief collection of observations I’ve made through the years. It’s also an opinion piece so it’s not a debate.

The second part is that spending time on this is a valuable exercise in self-reflection. You will find yourself asking “Who am I? What have I done with my life? What have I learned? What will I do with my remaining years?”

I want to encourage everyone to create and publish their list. Spending time reflecting and creating your list is worth thousands in therapy. And, at the end you might find yourself revisiting old hobbies, old friends, or deciding to exercise, diet, learn a musical instrument or make other changes in your life. If you decide to join me in the “Things I’ve learned” series, here are some general guidelines.

1.First create a sorted list of observations and rank them. I used a spreadsheet, but a set of index cards would also work well.
2.Keep the observations as short and succinct as possible.
3.Strive for new or unique insights. Make it personal. Rambling on that your children are best thing that ever happened to you or that love makes the world go around is fine but add something that is unique to you. Make it a story.
4.I made the number of observations equal to my age. I actually had over 140 but cut it down to the 63 number.

Enjoy the book!

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