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Get Witch Quick (Wicked Society Book 1)

by Daisy Prescott

After falling for tall, dark and brooding Andrew Wildes, Madison Bradbury’s life goes from boring college parties to fighting off curses and dark magic with the help of Salem’s most powerful witches and a pair of ghosts.

When she and Andrew accept summer internships at the Wicked Society, she imagines long days spent learning magic and researching New England’s oldest families, followed by romantic nights strolling around Boston with her new love.
What she doesn’t plan on is getting kidnapped.

If Madison is going to outsmart her enemies, she’ll need to master her magic as quickly as possible.

Get Witch Quick is the first book in the Wicked Society series of lighthearted paranormal romances with a cozy mystery twist.

Running From Salem: A YA Historical Dark Fantasy

by Cj Evans

Magic. Death. Love.

Sixteen year old Ann Maven is your typical witch. She has a pet familiar, friends, and a boyfriend, but with one small problem. Ann is in the middle of the Salem Witch Trials. Her coven wants her to leave with them, but when her boyfriend is accused of being a witch, she has to make a choice that could lead her to hurting those she loves most.

Teachings of a Shaman: A Story of Deliverance & Redemption

by Corey Stultz

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New Releases 2018 Kindle Books

Teachings of a Shaman is a heartwarming story about a troubled youth who’s taken in and nurtured back to health by an elderly Navajo medicine-man; it’s a coming-of-age story chock-full of humor, adventure, and magical realism.

When Dwayne Rader gets caught stealing to support his heroin habit, a judge mandates he complete a drug treatment program in Arizona, but on his second day there, he’s accidentally knocked unconscious and abandoned by his group in the middle of the desert!

When he comes to, sheer terror floods through his body! He has no food, no water, and no idea where he is. Although his demise seems inevitable, he’s rescued in the nick of time by a Navajo shaman named Rising Water. But when Rising Water asks what his name is, he doesn’t know; he can’t remember!

Sympathetic of Dwayne’s dilemma, Rising Water insists he live with him until his memory returns. The pair of them bond almost immediately, and soon, a father-son relationship develops. In his new role, Rising Water proudly mentors Dwayne, and Dwayne absorbs his teachings like a sponge!

Ultimately, he proves to be such an amazing prodigy that Rising Water makes him a shaman, and bestows upon him the unfathomable powers that accompany the all-important title — powers that he must master very quickly! For there’s no way anyone could’ve anticipated the life-or-death situation that’s awaiting him just around the corner! Scroll up and BUY TEACHINGS OF A SHAMAN TODAY!

Secrets at the Keep (Kingdom of Denall Book 2)

by Eric Buffington

The powerful Baron Omer has been secretly maintaining a slave village under the nose of the king for years. The wealth and political clout he has built for himself have made his sprawling castle complex, known simply as The Keep, the most formidable power center on Denall outside the capitol city. Omer has also been searching for the Stones of Power, using any means necessary to track them down – even striking a deal with the evil sorcerer Mordyar and his stone seekers. Now the stones are coming to him, but not in a way that will bring him any pleasure. Wielding the Sight and Hearing Stones, Kaz Kinsley and the beautiful but mysterious Pentra are on their way to free the slaves and bring Omer down. With the other Stones on the move, Omer’s secrets will not remain hidden for long.

Ruby and the Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Novel

by Ditter Kellen

After the sudden death of her father, Ruby Atwood is forced to drop out of college to care for her younger brother. Deep in debt and on the verge of desolation, Ruby resorts to some shady dealings on the streets of New Orleans, in order to put food on the table for her small family. Until one night in a dark alley, she discovers a hideous beast she could never have imagined in her darkest nightmares.

Cloaked in darkness, the Beast prowls the back alleys of New Orleans, lonely, savage and bereft of hope, his demon clawing at him. With the man responsible for his curse now dead, the Beast seeks out the only other person who can satisfy the demon withinâ??the man’s daughter, Ruby Atwood.

Trapped, with nowhere to run, Ruby quickly realizes she must use her wits to stay alive or face certain death at the hands of a monster. But the more she tries to escape, the more she is drawn to the Beast. Desire and fear clash, creating an unforgettable story of hope, trust and a love found only in fairy tales…

Allan and the Holy Flower

by H. Rider Haggard

Brother John, who has been living in Africa for many years, gives Allan Quatermain the largest orchid he has ever seen. Later, in England, he has a meeting with Mr. Somers, an orchid collector who is prepaired to finance an expedition to search for the plant. Join Allan as he sets out to find this rare orchid … and finds something more.

The Lost Diary of Juliette Rosa Ramirez (The Grimm Chronicles Box Set)

by Ken Brosky

Publisher’s note: This “lost diary” is intended to be read after episode 10 of The Grimm Chronicles.

A murderer hunts children in the night. But the only people afraid are the Corrupted, for the murderer is a hero, one who for the first time has made it her mission to hunt down the children of fairy tales. Armed with daggers and a keen eye, this hero will stop at nothing to destroy the Corrupted, even if it means sacrificing innocents along the way. This hero will not hesitate. She will not provide mercy. She knows her place and accepts it. And at night, asleep, she dreams of another hero. One who has the potential to change the world. But only with a little help.

Juliette Rosa Ramirez was the last hero before Alice Goodenough. When Alice found her skeleton in Edward’s basement, she couldn’t imagine what the previous hero had gone through. Now, finally, we will know.

McALISTER’S WAY – Free Serialisation Vol. 01

by Richard Marman

Zach McAlister’s mother is sick and due to go into hospital for an operation. To “get him out the way” his father puts him on a flight to Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia where he is met by his Grandfather Danny McAlister.

Out on his Grandfather’s ranch, or what’s left of it, it didn’t take Zach long to become bored silly. Hunting around for things to do, he finds a box of old photos and a strip of six medals hidden away. The photos were mostly dog-eared and ragged at the edges. Mostly they were of young blokes hanging around tanks and military stuff, and there were lots of choppers. You know, those beat up ones you see in all the war movies. When he looked closer he realised that most of the guys in the photos didn’t look much older than Zach himself! And then there were the letters from a woman named Angela.
He takes the box to his Grandfather and asks him about the medals and the photos, and that’s where our story starts, well kind off.

KEYWORDS/TAGS: McAlister’s Way, action, adventure, Zach, Danny, military, helicopters, choppers, soldiers, airmen, boarding school, priests, child abuse, attack, New South Wales, Australia, Sydney, Merimbula, plane, flight, fly, Young Adult, YA, explore, discover, New Guinea, CMF, enlist, Kodoka Track, MIA, Missing In Action, Japanese surrender, WWII, war, WW2, Tropic of Capricorn, Rockhampton,

Clock’s Watch

by Michael Reyes

Clock the Chaos Mage. A stranger out of time, hidden in the folds of shadow. He is the guardian of Coney Island’s supernatural borderlands, and the only thing standing between our reality and the demons that thirst to destroy it.

Tales of dark pulp fantasy and horror.

Clock’s Watch:
Chaos creatures attempting to breach our world possess the body of a young mother! Can a strange observer stop the threat from beyond, or will it spill out into Coney Island to devour all that’s in its path?!

The Black Balloon:
Spending his final days near Coney Island, Stefano Murphy has been noticing a mysterious character: Clock! Will Murphy’s past finally catch up with him, or will a demon Clock is hunting get to him first?!

In his past as guardian of Narrioch, Clock has foiled the plans of powerful entities… The defeat of Mudiret has bought only a brief respite, and Clock soon finds himself the target of its master’s wrath!

The Indigo Mushroom:
Extra-dimensional entities have tampered with our universe, an alien mineral intelligence has arrived on Earth, and Clock’s buddy Sal has lost his job! Can Clock stop the vanguard of a mechanical invasion?!

The Cut Worm Forgives the Plough:
A lover’s tiff between Danny and his girlfriend reaches the next level when Maria is possessed by a demon! Can Clock reconcile the couple or are the blood and bodies strewn on the dance floor just too much!?

Clock hoped to have put the past behind him, his memories hidden as a perk of his job… But when the Indigo Mushroom calls out to him, Clock must confront a demon from his past or be destroyed by it!

Clock’s Watch. An anthology of heroic dark fantasy and terror. Illustrations by Sean Bova, Jay Campbell and MV.

Reviews for Book 1:

I really liked the stories themselves. The various demons and monsters were interesting and
creative. The stories were also wrapped up in a good manner with each one self-contained.
-Sci-fi & Scary

I think if you like Weird Occult pulp, this sort of thing would be right up your alleyâ??I think one
thing that is strongly to Clock’s benefit is that rather than being a throwback in time, setting
stories in the pulp era, Reyes takes the classic weird occult format and places it in the modern
day. So rather than pastiche or homage, Clock feels more like a contemporary, new weird* (but
not New Weird) occult adventure series.

Reyes’ riotous creativity is almost overwhelming. So much weirdness goes on that, even though
most of it’s explained, it’s difficult to really understand. Oftentimes, that sort of writing just
irritates me, but here it’s incredibly valuable at creating the sense of a deep and dangerous
world that lurks below the boardwalk and inside dirty motel rooms along the Brooklyn shore.
-Fletcher Vredenburgh, Black Gate Magazine

I enjoy this book, it gives me hope that there is someone looking out for us. Maybe there are not
enemies of ours from other worlds or dimensions, but there is evil and enemies around the
country, world, and who knows what else. I think that is the base of this story. We all want
someone who can protect us, we all want someone who can shine a light when it’s dark. There
are times, however, that we can’t be who we need to be for those we care about, for those we
love, so why not have an invisible being who can help us in our time of need.
-Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews

One of the things I liked most about these stories is the prose itself. It has such a lovely rhythm
to it and made for a great reading experience. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed these stories. Honestly, this isn’t really something I normally would have expected myself to like as much as I did. I would recommend
Clock’s Watch to lovers of dark fantasy, or folks that maybe want something a little different.
-Way Too Fantasy

The Wayfarer’s Mulligan: A Fairway Fable

by Axel V. Adams

“What did she call this? â??A Mulligan?’ Dare he think it? Had he now fallen backward in his own chronology? â??Say it: Time travel. That’s what this is! â?? Panic. Shouldn’t I be panicking? â?¦Yes, I should.’ And so, he began to do just that.”

It’s the game’s singular cheat. Synonymous with the “do-over,” its use is forbidden yet so renowned that even those who’ve never taken up a club comprehend the phrase. It is “the Mulligan.” Yet there is one more Mulligan, this which offers a “do-over” of a more seismic dimensionâ??the more fruitful of the two, it is accordingly the more treacherousâ?¦.

Meet Wayfarer #1, Ed Eisenhower: Financial Advisor, Neglected Husband, and Time Traveler. With his life in a cat box and marriage hooking into the rough, this hobbyist golfer “takes a Mulligan” of the supernatural kind, wishing himself back in time to replay one of his greatest mistakes. Once returned from the Past, Ed must somehow overcome tremendous hurdles in order to remain in his new path – but will they destroy everything he cherishes in the end?

Now, he’s not the firstâ?¦ and this is the problem. Who created the Wayfarer’s Mulligan, a pint-size statuette with enormous powers over Time and its user? Mysteries abound yet are cloaked in the phenomenon, for each new Mulligan overwrites the last, and anyone who used it can no longer recall having done so. Yet, when each Mulligan unravels the previous, can anyone be sure whom he or she will finally become?

Set in the golfer’s paradise of Naples, Florida, The Wayfarer’s Mulligan is the pitch-perfect mix of humor, adventure, suspense, and wonder. As the story follows several Mulligan-takers, the fates spiral as danger lurks ever too near. Is it a cure or a curse? You won’t know unless you tempt fate. Just, ahem, don’t forget to pack your time-leaping caddy.

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