Free historical fiction Kindle books for 01 Dec 18

The Journey of Sweet Tea Caroline

by Peggy McGee

The Journey of Sweet Tea Caroline is a 1920s era book about a small town southern pastor’s daughter who has big dreams of expanding her horizons with her writing talents. Being top of her class, she won a scholarship to Charleston College, however, her hopes of attending were dashed after her mother died. To relieve the tedious requirements of assisting with pastoral office work, she applied her aptitudes by clandestinely writing stories. Unfortunately, one of her sensual stories was discovered, causing all kinds of issues for the family. Join Caroline in her independent travels in this heartwarming novel during her attempts to seek a meaningful career, publish her books, and to discover her extended family and true love while eluding those who attempt to undermine and harm her.

In For A Pound: The Dawn of South Africa II

by Hester Beukes

When Ellie finds records documenting the life and happenings of the Buyzen family, her family, she knows she may just have the proof needed to return home.

In a race against time, she carefully re-constructs the story of six generations of Buyzens and their connection to three farms: Nuutbegin, Digdeep and Nowhere.

The land belongs to them but can she prove it?

In unravelling tales of greed and murder, ego and deceit, Ellie marvels at God’s redemptive power, His individual pursuit of souls, and His divine justice and timing.
IN FOR A POUND, the sequel to IN FOR A PENNY, sees the mustard seed planted in Gey Buyzen’s life grow to be a steady family tree of righteous men pursuing God’s plan for their lives, and for their loved ones.

Set over key historic periods including the diamond and gold mining boom, the Anglo-Boer War and the ever-growing presence of British interests, IN FOR A POUND is a thrilling adventure looking behind-the-scenes at the making of modern South Africa.

Will Ellie find sufficient evidence in the story of her family to make a legal claim or will the land be lost to the Buyzen family forever?

Purchase IN FOR A POUND right now and find out!

She Called His Name Samuel

by Tony Christensen

It’s 1890, and Samuel “Pop” Nasby has finally been caught by a bounty hunter. Waiting in custody for trial and the federal marshal, Pop meets whisky-loving Sheriff Hotchkiss and his young deputy Mort Clemons. As word gets out that Pop is in the hoosegow, other forces bear down on the little jailhouse in Wyoming Territory: John Lee, Pop’s ex-partner in crime who bears a grudge, Melody, Pop’s ex-wife, and Hannah, Pop’s mother. There will be plenty of confrontations and there will be one big surprise that will change Pop forever– maybe he’ll even become “Sam” again.

The Close

by Alison Knight

Dark secrets lurk on this seemingly unremarkable street in the northern English town of Broadfield.
From her bedroom window, seven-year-old Valerie observes the furtive nocturnal activities of the man next door. What’s in the bloodstained bag? What – or who? – is buried in Mr Oliver’s garden?
As Valerie pursues her investigations, she discovers that Mr Oliver’s not the only one with something to hide.

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